Irresistible Angel Wing Tattoos on Back for Guys

Angel wing tattoos on back for guys are quite popular. In fact, this theme works incredibly well for men despite its feminine vibes. If you’re on the lookout for a tattoo to be drawn on your back, this can be an option. You can make it huge to cover your entire back. Of course, the back is not the only placement for this piece of art. You can also put it on the shoulder, leg, arm, or another area that’s still void of tattoos.

Angel Wing Tattoos on Back for Guys 2

Some people use a tattoo to make a big statement for themselves. For example, someone who is a big fan of Michael Jackson will be honored to have a tattoo of him. The same goes for angel wings. Some people relate to these creatures on a spiritual level, so they don’t mind inking their bodies with this particular tattoo. Whatever your reason might be, getting a tattoo especially a big one will be a big deal. Bigger tattoos tend to draw attention more, so be prepared for their questions.

Angel Wing Tattoos on Back for Guys 3

Before you get one, it’s important to know what an angel’s wings look like. These wings are extensively featured on commercial ads and other platforms, so we’re sure you already know what they look like. They’re typically large, strong, and placed on the back. Meanwhile, the position is normally vertical. If you don’t feel like having a large back tattoo, a smaller one can be an alternative. The placement could be on the shoulder. This could help highlight your shoulder blades.

Angel Wing Tattoos on Back for Guys 4

Types of angel wing tattoos on back for guys

Speaking of the design, you can go for a realistic theme or an abstract one. A large tattoo will probably look better with realistic details. Meanwhile, if you decide to downsize, an abstract one will do wonders. What about adding other objects as layers? This would be terrific, too. It doesn’t necessarily end up with a single tattoo. Some people have a couple things they want to pay homage to, so instead of creating several tattoos on different locations, they would just put them together on one place. This can either be awesome or a complete mess, so consult your tattoo artist before getting one.

Angel Wing Tattoos on Back for Guys

Angel wing tattoos on back for guys work well with just about any style from tribal to geometric. Just remember that the wing tattoo should take the center stage because it’s the original one. The others can be added as layers. Next, pick the right colors. There are no rules you must obey when it comes to colors. Just because black is a favorite pick doesn’t mean it should be featured. You can skip it in favor of similar shades like grey just in case you’re aiming for vivid colors. But if you want an ordinary color scheme, a black tattoo is cool, too.

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