Unforgettable Tattoos With Kids Names Designs

The passion and love we have for our kids often make us do things beyond our wildest imagination. For example, you may have never been into tattoos at all, but suddenly want to ink your body with your kid’s name for thinking that it would be a sweet present for him / her. While this sounds lovely, the idea is definitely not new. Moms and dads have tattoos of their kids’ names all the time. For people who often leave their families at home, this is actually a good thing to help us remember our loved.

Tattoos With Kids Names Designs 2

You don’t have to be a tattoo lover to have this kind of tattoo, anyway. There are plenty of tattoos with kids names designs out there, but you can keep it simple with just their initials. When it comes to the placement, a place we can look at easily is probably the best option. What about colors? As said before, there’s no need to add extra embellishments if you don’t want to ruin the main intention. Or you may want to dedicate only a small part of your skin, so it is impossible to add too many details.

Tattoos With Kids Names Designs 3

Gorgeous tattoos with kids names designs

In addition to your kid’s name, you can also draw an object that he likes. It could also be something you’re personally interested in, like a flower, a doll, a toy, or else. His or her portrait would be awesome, too. However, it takes a skillful artist to draw a face perfectly. You would want the portrait to look exactly like your kid, not somebody’s son. There are many other ideas to think of, like a fetus image. This sounds like it could be incredible or a hot mess.

Tattoos With Kids Names Designs 4

There’s nothing strange about a fetus picture. Some people find it uneasy to look at, but all of us look like that when we’re conceived. With that being said, you can go for another theme if this bothers you a lot. A religious symbol can be a substitute. Many people love their children the way they keep faith. They consider them as an inseparable part of their lives. If you have the same thought, you can draw your kid’s initials along with a cross or something you personally relate to.

Tattoos With Kids Names Designs

A heart tattoo will also make a wonderful idea. This tattoo represents love, a message that’s usually tried to be conveyed using a name tattoo. It’s easy to find heart tattoo designs simply because this is one of the most overused designs out there. It’s not bad by any means, just stating a fact.

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