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10 Orchid Tattoos That Are Overwhelmingly Beautiful

Orchid tattoos are very popular with women because these flowers are a symbol of beauty and elegance. For those wanting to embrace girl power, getting an orchid tattoo would be terrific. There is a wide variety of orchids in the world, making them one of the biggest families of flowers. Some look quite similar with each other, but still have unique characteristics.

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Just because how popular they are, you should be more careful with the variety you’re about to pick for a tattoo. In addition to vanilla orchids, the cymbidium is also equally popular. Another thing that sets them apart from other flowers is the value. Some varieties come at exorbitant prices, so getting some will burn a hole in your pocket. Due to their cultural significance, many people love them for tattoos.

At a glance, the flower has a unique shape that reminds us of a sexual part. It’s not surprising given the fact that the name was derived from the Greek word ‘Orxhis’, which means testicle. Some other types look like the opposite sex’s sexual organ. It’s easy to come across orchids as they thrive in nearly all continents across the globe. Whether you’re in America or another hemisphere, there’s a good chance you will be able to find some species.

Orchid tattoos aren’t just for orchid enthusiasts. Anyone who adore the beauty of these flowers and can relate to the meanings can have one. This tattoo would be perfect if you’re a bit adventurous. After all, tattoos are used to show passion and freedom. Despite the sexual connotations, there’s no denying that they look very beautiful. They look as immaculate as roses, cherry blossoms, and other flowers commonly drawn as tattoos. However, your tattoo artist’s skills will still determine the final result. If he’s an amateur, the outcome could be disappointing.

It’s worth-noting that a tattoo is usually permanent. Those who have never had one usually have a hard time making a decision. Do you feel the same way? Don’t worry, it could be removed later, but taking careful consideration is still paramount. Tell the parlor the kind of orchid you want him to draw. Next, decide its size and the location. The latter is more important as it directly affects the size. For example, if you want it to be drawn on the wrist, then it’s not possible to ink a huge orchid tattoo. The back or the chest makes more sense if anything.

As for designs, there are many sources to go, such as Instagram posts. Just type in relevant Hastags on the search bar, the app will come up with plenty of results. You can also Google them up or visit image hosting sites.

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