145 Most Magical Harry Potter Tattoos You’ll Want to See

There are many examples of how the spirit of Harry Potter has been captured in the body of a man and a woman, as a reminder of how important it has been in their journey through the lives of everyone. Harry Potter’s story began in 1997 when the woman behind the magician, JK Rowling, was first published in the first of the seven novels that make up the magical world of Harry.

Harry Potter is a classic witch character who grew up in the book, the film together with the child illusion of magic. One of them is a tattoo, where the theme is a witch and its symbolism. The publication of the book has rocked the bestseller list of all UK and soon the boy wizard waved his wand and the world cheered his name. Success comes right: JK Rowling honored for services to children’s literature, the popularity of the story holds together films and Harry Potter became the brand profitable.

But the cultural impact of Harry Potter novels are not only seen in the sale of books he exaggerated, but fanaticism and admiration that millions of readers confessed witches and creative, and that translates into an event, object games and all kinds of expression that the memory of the magic Harry back.

Here are the best Harry potter tattoos that any Harry fans will recognize:

Deathly Hallows

halloween nightmare before christmas tattoos

mayor of halloweentown nightmare before christmas tattoos

Deathly hallows tattoo 2

Deathly hallows tattoo 1

Deathly hallows tattoo 11

Deathly hallows tattoo 6

Deathly hallows tattoo 7

Deathly hallows tattoo 8

Deathly hallows tattoo 3

Deathly hallows tattoo 4

Deathly hallows tattoo 9

Deathly hallows tattoo 10

Deathly hallows tattoo 5

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