20 Cool Deer Skull Tattoos You’ll Adore

Deer skull tattoos are worn by people for various reasons.

For several, the look in the deer skull can be an interesting mix between a creature tattoos along with a traditional skull.

The deer along with the deer skull have a lot of meanings, which coupled with other pop culture symbolism give people several causes of wanting a tattoo of a deer skull.

These tattoos usually includes: hunting, into your market or transition between life and death, transition between physical bodies into a spiritual body, hardness, and stiffness.

As with every tattoo, people may also assign their unique intending to the image, with its own design.

Even though the deer head tattoo itself is a pretty straightforward design and excessive variation would render it unrecognizable, there are many ways in which the tattoo can be made.

The regular picture of the deer skull is towards you, vertical; with horns begin symmetrically on every side.

This design might be large or small, and can be any size to look at antler rack, with the volume of teeth symbolizes something for the wearer.

Whereas the deer skull can be created in numerous ways, including gray scale, and color, probably the most striking tattoo designs involve the deer skull stated in labor.

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Leaving merely the skin on which the eye area, nostrils plus some seams in the skull, the remainder of the tattoo is filled with solid black, giving it an almost tribal.

Variations include doing merely the antlers in black make use of a minimal design for the skull itself.

Superimpose the style from the deer skull along with a set of angel wings to help symbol in order to bring the tattoo.

The wings can sprout from beneath the horns and steer clear of about as large or long horns dominate them or get lost in other design.

Instead of facing the deer skull directly at the viewer, give it some ‘personality to have drafted in three quarters, however.

This allows the viewer the impression that the deer is focusing aimed and can be to make sense of threat or emotion.

Change the direction of the curve of the boxes to add more detail, interest and an emotional response to the tattoo.

Curved horns down and in toward the skull can give a menacing look in the eye of the skull, while stretching their first corner in creating a friendly deer head tattoo.

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Placing the tattoo

Most deer skull tattoos are symmetrical design that is ideal for a number of areas of the body, including making: upper back and shoulders, lower back, back of the neck, center of the chest, abdomen, and biceps.

Scale to fill the tattoo to the entire cloth on a part of the body will be placed. The horns need space to stretch out and bring the tattoo to life.

A too small skull and antlers may make the tattoo seem dwarfed by its surroundings.

Get a design that speaks to you

Similarly to skull tattoos, deer skulls might be controversial, with numerous people finding them macabre, gruesome or menacing in appearance.

Should your deer skull speaks to you, without any reason; make sure those parts of important within the structure.

This will likely ensure that it’s a tattoo that never loses its hold on tight you.

1. Geometric Deer Skull Tattoos



2. Half Sleeve Deer Skull Tattoos



3. Deer Skull Tattoos on Thigh



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4. Deer Skull Tattoos on Knuckle



5. Small Deer Skull Tattoos

Small Deer Skull Tattoos


6. Deer Skull Tattoos on Back



7. Colorful Deer Skull Tattoos



8. Fine Line Deer Skull Tattoo Design

Fine Line Deer Skull Tattoo Design


9. Womens Deer Skull Tattoos on Back

Womens Deer Skull Tattoos on Back


10. Deer Skull Tattoos with Feathers

Deer Skull Tattoos with Feathers


11. Deer Skull Tattoos with Flowers on Back

Deer Skull Tattoos with Flowers on Back


12. Deer Skull Tattoos with Cherry Blossom

Deer Skull Tattoos with Cherry Blossom


13. Black and Gray Deer Skull Tattoos

Black and Gray Deer Skull Tattoos


14. Flames

Deer Skull Tattoos with Flames


15. Neo Traditional

Neo Traditional Deer Skull Tattoos


16. with Dream Catcher



17. Deer Head Skull Tattoos with Dot Pattern

Deer Head Skull Tattoos with Dot Pattern


18. Deer Skull Tattoos on Stomach



19. Deer Head Skull Tattoos on Rib



20. Stencil Stuff Deer Skull Tattoos

Stencil Stuff Deer Skull Tattoos


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