30 Wonderful Mandala Tattoo Ideas That May Change Your Perspective

Small lotus mandala tattoo on back

old school mandala tattoo

Today, mandala tattoos  made with a range of styles and color for different purposes. These numbers can be done in terms of dimensions. As designs vary, remain common features say for example the center and basic points are found in the circle and arranged with certain symmetry.

mandala tattoo meaning strength

A mandala is used for special purpose such as meditation, focusing on power, balance trouble caused by changes in various factors, and weakening, etc. This kind of action very positive when it comes to balance, soothes, and controls the state of crisis, fear, and difference.

Small mandala tattoo on sleeve

Mandalas have also been rescued by psychology. In this field they represent the totality of being. In fact, the mandala can be a guide to locate the man in his innermost core and thus integrate the different aspects of his life split.

mandala tattoo on the hip

This way you can be of help when it comes to overcome the feeling of decay that so often experienced by man today. The mandala is a circular symbol, which is from the beginning of mankind.

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dot work mandala tattoo design

Different cultures agree that Mandala leads to the road to the unity of being. A mandala is basically a circle, essentially represents the perfect form, so it is becoming the symbol of the cosmos and eternity. Symbolizing various issues as creating the world, God, man, life, etc. You could even run everything in life has circular shapes.

mandala tattoo on shoulder

Since the universe (sun, moon, planets) to the whole scheme of nature follows a line lead- circulate. Everything that surrounds man is shaped circle.

yin yang mandala tattoo

These circles represent both the endless cycles of life. In fact, if the human body can be seen that all forms are rounded, making it not only to remember that man is a system within other systems is observed.

half sleeve mandala tattoo

Mandalas have been used for thousands of years. Using traditions the mandala was adopted in promoting the meaning in different situation. For thousands of years, mandalas were used from the scholars and priests within their meditations and healings.

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mandala tattoo on wrist

These also have been used in complex rituals of many cultures and eastern regions including Hinduism, Buddhism, Tibetan Lamaism, etc.

collar bone mandala tattoo ideas

This natural quest for self-regulation is enhanced when people on the outside do not find answers to the deepest needs be. The geometric design of the mandala is able to convey stability and balance. Thus, it is possible to restore harmony.

black mandala tattoo patterns on wrist

A mandala has three basic parts: the central point, irradiation of that point and the circular outer limit. The style and meaning of each mandala is explained by time and the community that does it, but everybody talks about a circular center with a defined order.

mandala tattoos with feathers

Now Is The Time For You To Know The Truth About Mandala Tattoo Meaning

Mandala tattoos are not simple drawings of colors, All elements are integrated in them have meaning, meet some of the most used:

  • Circle: society, supreme, the actual self.
  • Heart: love, happiness, sense of togetherness.
  • Cross: union of heaven and earth, life and death, the conscious along with the unconscious
  • Square: processes of nature, stability, and balance.
  • Star: spiritual symbol, freedom, and elevation.
  • Pentagon: silhouette of the human body, earth, water, and fire.
  • Spiral: vitality, healing powers, constant seek out wholeness.
  • Hexagon: union of opposites.
  • Labyrinth: necessitates the hunt for the middle itself.
  • Butterfly: self-renewal in the soul, death, and transformation.
  • Rectangle: stability, performance intellect, and mortality.
  • Triangle: water, unconscious (down) vitality, transformation (up) aggression towards self.
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mandala knee tattoo

mandala tattoo sleeve for women

sacred geometry mandala tattoo ideas for couples

mandala flower shoulder tattoo

Minnie mandala tattoos for women

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mandala full sleeve tattoo

mandala flower tattoo on back

Small lotus mandala tattoo on back

mandala tattoo color

mandala tattoo with Om symbol

small mandala tattoo behind ear

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mandala tattoo in colors on back

mandala head tattoo design ideas

mandala blackwork tattoo

mandala bird tattoo

Seven Reasons You Should Fall In Love With Mandala Tattoo Ideas

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