43 Most Popular Anchor Tattoos Designs and Their Meanings

anchor tattoo on head

Every tattoo will have a different meaning to the wearer.

Our vast ocean will never cease to amaze us, and one way to show our gratitude for God’s creation is through tattoos.

What’s the perfect tattoo idea to represent our fascination with the sea?

Well, try an anchor tat.

Many tattoo lovers have been taking inspiration from this design, which used to be popular among sailors.

If you love nautical stuff, getting an anchor tattoo feels appropriate as it has strong ocean vibes.

Getting a matching anchor tattoo with the love of your life?

What’s the harm?

If you and your lover both enjoy the ocean and had many wonderful moments together, getting matching anchor tattoos for couples can be a terrific option.

However, before discussing this tattoo art idea with your preferred Tattoo Artist, do your homework first.

It is always a good idea to understand the meaning behind the anchor symbol and which anchor design or combination you want, rather than show up empty-handed.

Anchor tattoos meaning

You will probably surprise by the anchor symbol.

It turns out that anchor tattoos carry a deeper meaning despite their straightforward design.

Back in the day, Christians use them to keep secrets about their faith.

If you pay close attention to the shape of an anchor, you can tell that it resembles a cross when it’s turned upside down, with the pointy part facing downwards.

Apart from the religious symbolic meaning, it also represents security.

As an anchor is dropped onto the seabed, it secures the ship in place, allowing it to stay out of water current.

With how it digs into the sand, this anchor design can also imply a connection with mother nature.

Anchor tattoos for men


You can put your spin on the tattoo by including elements that you’re fond of.

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Anchors belong with other nautical things like compasses.

They would look good together, just like what the picture above shows.

Another good addition to the tattoo is a rope.

For the record, a rope or a chain is an integral part of a functioning anchor.

Without it connected to the vessel, it won’t be able to secure the ship in place.

As for the placement, these tattoos are quite versatile.

You can create a large one to place it on your back or downsize a bit to fit in a smaller location.

Anchor tattoos for women

forearm tattoo
forearm tattoo for women
image credit: Source

Anchor tattoos don’t gravitate towards a specific group or gender.

Women can love them as much as men do.

That said, girly elements like butterflies and flowers will help elevate the feminine nuance.

Or, if you prefer to keep it neutral, skip them in favor of other objects.

Basically, just add anything that sparks your interest.

The same goes with the color; you can go with black or combine several pigments.

Whatever the case, the tattoo will look stunning either way.

Just make sure it doesn’t disrupt the flow of prior tattoos if you have any.

For example, if there are color tattoos on your arm already, the new one should be in the same vein.

Simple anchor tattoos

anchor tattoo with name
fouled anchor tattoo for girl

An anchor tattoo doesn’t lose its substance just because it’s portrayed in a simple design.

What matters is the intent.

For a simple tattoo, you can add a quote that speaks about your personality.

It can also be an expression of love to someone you care about, like mom, dad, sibling, or a friend.

One of the perks of a simple design is it gives flexibility with placement.

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It’s easy to squeeze it on the wrist or another part that doesn’t typically provide a broad tattooing area.

Another placement you can consider is the ankle.

Much like the wrist, it also doesn’t offer ample space, so a simple design would be more fitting for this area.

Navy anchor tattoos

fouled tattoo
fouled anchor royal navy

The tattoo can also symbolize the navy because this branch of armed services is known for its marine operations.

If you want it to specifically honor the U.S. Navy, then adding the abbreviation ‘USN’ would be terrific.

Or if it’s aimed at navy in general, try the word ‘Navy’ instead.

You can see some examples above.

Regarding placement, it can be anywhere from the shoulder to the lower extremity.

As for the design, it may include a chain, a rope, or none of these.


1. How much do anchor tattoos cost?

Ultimately, the cost of a tattoo will depend heavily on the size and complexity of the design.

However, expect to pay at least $80 for a tiny anchor tattoo as many shops charge a minimum of that amount.

It will rise as the size increases.

The price we just mentioned typically applies for tattoos measuring 2.5 x 3.5 inches.

Add some pigments; it will go up quickly because color tattoos are generally more expensive than black ones.

That’s why sometimes, even a small anchor tattoo could be priced higher than a bigger one.

You should incorporate colors and designs into the equation.

2. Who gets an anchor tattoo?

Anyone can have an anchor tattoo despite their close association with sailors back then.

The anchor itself is a meaningful object, which symbolizes strength, hope, and safety.

If you want to embody the powerful spirit, this tattoo design would be perfect for that.

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Other than that, it can also be a religious symbol, thanks to the hidden cross design.

3. Should I get a black anchor design for my next tattoo?

This is a personal question that none but you can answer.

People don’t usually get a tattoo randomly.

There has to be some consideration before it materializes.

Start with asking why you want to be the wearer.

Is it because tattoos are something you’ve always loved, or do you want to use them to mark an important moment in your life?

We’re sure you’ll get the answer after some time contemplating.

4. What does an anchor tattoo with a heart mean?

It can be perceived in many ways, but there was an inclusion of both symbols in the catacombs and the cross, representing hope, charity, and faith.

These meanings have always been representative of the three objects.

Whenever you decide to incorporate a heart into your anchor design, at least you know what it’s supposed to mean.

5. What does an anchor and compass tattoo mean?

When you wear an anchor and compass tattoo, you represent all the things you’ve been given, places you were born or lived, and things you have learned from the places you grew up.

An anchor and compass tattoo means all those things.

A compass tattoo also reminds you of your own place in the universe.

An anchor and compass tattoo reminds you that where you come from, what you stand for, and what you believe in has something to do with who you are.

You have to know that what you do in life doesn’t affect what comes next and that everything in your life has a story with a beginning, a middle, and an end – All your stories.

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