Behind The Aesthetics of Cherry Blossom Tattoos

cherry blossom tattoo ideas

Cherry blossoms are one of Japan’s key icons. These flowers are famous everywhere because they look white and pure. There are many wonderful flowers with stunning looks, but cherry blossoms are more than that. They also have meanings.

For the Japanese, they’re often associated with wellbeing and happiness. You can see these flowers easily during a local event called Hanami which takes place in April, when the trees are flowering.

People also refer to them as Sakura. What makes them interesting is the fact that the flowering period is very short. It resembles our lives that will never be eternal.

We all go through similar stages in life as these flowers. They are born, grow, and then wither or die. It doesn’t take much effort for the flowers to drop down from the tree. A smooth wind will do that easily.

As with other plants, cherry blossoms come in different varieties. However, they’re not equally popular. The pink-colored five-petaled is the probably the most sought-after one. People love this variety because it looks stunning and gentle.

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Not just purity, cherry blossoms also stand for honesty and faith. For this specific reason, we think you should get one tatted on the skin. They’re closely linked to the Kamikaze in Japan, which represents bravery.

These iconic flowers are put in such a high pedestal. They’re loved and adored by many. Even those who don’t pay close attention to the Japanese culture have heard of this gorgeous work of nature.

Tattoo enthusiasts love talking about these flowers. Whether you want to ink your arm, leg, or another part of the body, this would make a perfect choice.

Although the design originated from the east, it has spread successfully to the west. It’s praised mainly for its elegance and beautiful messages.

Cherry blossom tattoos also don’t favor a certain gender as they look good on everyone. Men and women can have this tattoo without the fear of looking awkward.

Due to its gentle nature, many people think this template is only suitable for women, but it’s not true at all.

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Despite the feminine coloring, the shape itself is pretty neutral.

You don’t have to paint the original color for the tattoo. Just pick any color for the cherry blossom tattoo.

At the end of the day, these flowers carry important messages that we can learn one or two from.

The flowers come from a very strong tree that has incredible strength and sturdiness.

The flowers, on the other hand, are super delicate. They grace us with their beauty for only a few days.

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