Celtic Motherhood Tattoos: Things that You Need to Know

celtic tattoos

Tattoos have existed for thousands of years. They originated from various cultures, thus, resulting in unique and distinctive patterns.

Interestingly, people back then used tattoos as a tool for punishment, too, but they’re not always painted in a bad light.

We’ll be talking about Celtic motherhood tattoos. Just from the looks it’s easy to tell that this symbol has a deep meaning.

Often referred to as the Celtic mother’s knot, the tattoo is made of up two connected hearts. One is above the other. However, there is also another element that makes it different than what you might expect.

Yes, the pattern has another knot, which eventually creates the imagery of a mother and a child. Just pay attention to the dots placed inside the pattern.

You’d see what appears to be a child embraced by a mother. Basically, this tattoo represents an unbreakable relationship between a mother and her child.

Tattoos are still used to this day to express religious beliefs. So if you can relate to this in particular, it doesn’t hurt to dedicate one small area on your skin for a Celtic motherhood tattoo.

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There are many symbols that can be used to express love and care for others. This is one of them because it can show how much the children mean to you and be a reminder of your spiritual journey as a parent.

At a glance, this symbol looks intricate, but it’s actually not. All you have to do is spot the hearts inside the never-ending line. The rest will be easier to figure out.

Of course, you can also add other symbols to make the tattoo more interesting. Carnations, roses, are a few examples that flow well with this theme. You can also play with colors since they’re used for symbolism.

For example, red is traditionally associated with love and passion. This would be great for a Celtic motherhood tattoo. Pink is a gentle version of it, can also be an option if you prefer softer palettes.

Meanwhile, white symbolizes purity, but this will look striking on your skin. All in all, it’s important to take into account everything before you decide to ink your skin.

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Speaking of mother and daughter tattoos, the Celtic symbolism isn’t the only one that comes to mind. Even a simple infinity sign gives a similar impression as it looks like two people hugging each other.

The loop can be viewed as endless love or the uninterrupted cycle of life. Apart from colors, you can also embellish the tattoo with a quote. Cut out a certain part of the loop and replace with words you think inspirational.

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