Check Out These Lovely Heart Tattoos Behind Ear

heart tattoo

What are the precautions to take prior to getting heart tattoos behind ear?

There are some, but you need to know that this specific area is highly sensitive just like the rest of the face. Our skin tends to be smoother and thinner from the face all the way back to the neck.

You’ll have to bear more pain, but it’s not an excuse to cancel because this location is special. If you wonder how hurtful it is, well, everybody has different pain tolerance. Those who have had a tattoo before can probably handle the pain better.

Just talk to the tattoo parlor anytime you feel unbearable pain. There are many ways a tattoo can increase the level of pain.

Firstly, the skin of the ear is thin, which means you’ll feel the needle more intensely as it’s penetrating through it. Secondly, the ear also gathers sounds.

The closest a sound to the ear, the more audible it becomes. It can actually affect the way you sense the pain. It’s likely you’ll feel that the pain intensifies, but in reality, the mind plays tricks on you.

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One thing we can’t deny, there are a lot of nerves around the ear, so describing it as insufferable pain isn’t really a stretch.

Why do people choose this location for a tattoo? It’s probably one of the most secluded areas on the body. There are a number of reasons, one of which is lack of confidence. Not everyone loves to have a tattoo on a visible part of the body, let alone making it big.

Some can appreciate tattoos to the point where they want to have one, but subtle enough that people don’t notice it quickly.

A tattoo tucked behind the ear is the answer to this. You can pick any design, not just a heart. Besides heart tattoos behind ear, you can also pick a flower, a bird, or anything that best represents yourself.

Either way, it will look stunning as long as you pull it off with confidence. Heart tattoos are among the least polarizing designs ever. Some designs have negative connotations, so it takes courage to draw one on the skin.

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The heart, on the other hand, there’s nothing freaky or bad about it. Most of us agree that the heart stands for love, care, something genuinely positive. You can dedicate the tattoo to anybody you care about, like your partner or kids.

As for the theme, it could be a plain heart image or their initials. Your children will definitely appreciate it if you have their initials tatted on your skin because it shows they mean the world to you.

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