How to Get a Custom Tattoo Design?

how to get a custom tattoo design?

Not to downplay the involvement of an artist in the creation of a tattoo design, but you get your own design from another source, like an independent designer.

While it’s true that an artist can help bring your creative ideas to life, you can spare them the burden of handling everything alone.

Creating a design is quite an intricate process as the artist needs to decipher your intent.

And, of course, mistakes and corrections happen, which will further prolong the whole process.

If you want to get inked with a design ready, consider outsourcing a graphics designer or someone particularly interested in tattoos.

How to get a custom tattoo design? Sites like can help.

This is an online platform joined by professional designers who seek money-making opportunities through contests.

There are over 20,000 of them, so we’re sure you’ll find one that shares your vision.

All you have to do is provide detailed information about the dream design and let some members come up with theirs before you pick one aligned with your taste.

On another note, images shown on the website are subject to the copyright of their respective owners.

Visit the site if you’re curious to see the work samples of the artists.


The process of getting a custom tattoo at CreateMyTattoo

A. Start a contest

Running a contest is the most essential part of getting a design on this creative platform.

It invites designers to develop their own designs for you to review.

One of those will be manually picked by you and crowned as the winner.

Throughout the contest, you have the freedom to select any submission and provide feedback if needed.

Don’t forget to set the amount you’ll be willing to pay along with the description.

The higher, the better as people will be more tempted to compete for the prize.

By the way, the site can walk you through the step-by-step guide on starting a contest.

Just pay a visit, and then click on the ‘Start Tattoo Contest’ on top of the page.

You’ll be redirected to an online form to fill out before the contest is up in the listing section.

Here are some details you’d come across on that page:

  • Title: specify a title that best describes the contest.
  • Tattoo description: write anything regarding the tattoo design. Make sure to communicate your ideas clearly, so participants can easily comprehend them. Start with the theme of the tattoo, such as animals, plants, tribal symbols, geometric shapes, Mandala, etc. And then, include all the details you want to be present. For example, if it’s a peacock, tell how the bird should be portrayed, what colors are used to draw the tail, wings, and other parts of its anatomy. Though the peacock is a graceful bird, it can be depicted differently since tattoos are open to interpretation. Another important detail is dimensions. Do you want a square tattoo or one that extends horizontally? An elongated design would be appropriate for a full sleeve and a thigh tattoo.
  • Summary: a brief explanation that sums up the contest.
  • Contest length: this is is also important as it affects how many designs you can collect from these talented artists. Mind you, longer durations often equate to more designs. Participants also have more time to put in their best effort because they’re not in a rush to meet the deadline.
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B. Pick your prize

This is the amount that will be awarded to the winner. It should be paid upfront before the contest officially begins.

Though the pricing is flexible, the site gives guidelines if you feel unsure about setting the right amount.

There’s a minimum fee, however, which is $20. And you can increase it accordingly if you think the winner deserves a bigger incentive.

This doesn’t include a listing fee of $2.99, so add it to the total to get a proper estimate.

C. Receive 10+ tattoo designs

As the contest is underway, you’ll see new designs submitted, which amount to over 10 items per listing.

Don’t forget to give comments on the designs, so they can be revised to suit your preferences.

The description provided at the beginning does help with how people interpret your request, but saying it in person is also important.

You’ll be given the privilege to rate each submission. This is an effective way to achieve the most desirable design.

D. Choose your design

The winner will be announced after the contest ends.

And the duration for how long it goes can be determined while filling out the online form.

The time can be set between 10 and 16 days.

What can you expect from the winner?

You’ll be sent the high-quality version of the design and a stencil for an artist to work on.


The best thing about this platform is you’re in charge of everything going on with the contest.

You decide on the theme, fee, and duration.

To be fair, outsourcing a freelance artist has many benefits.

First, you can discover new ideas because every graphic designer has a different style.

So even if you already have a preconceived notion of your dream design, chances are people’s interpretations may surprise you in ways you never imagined before.

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The site also doesn’t discriminate against its members.

No matter what hemisphere you live in, feel free to sign up for an account. As for the payment, they are a few choices, including Paypal and Mastercard.


What is a tattoo contest?

It’s a competition which brings together a lot of people in an attempt to win the prize.

In a contest held on CreateMyTattoo, you act as the organizer who has a say on the deadline and prize money.

You can set it to close in 10 to 16 days. And during this period, designs will constantly be submitted by participants.

Please stay in touch with them so that they can make the necessary changes.

Remember that your thoughts are critical for the improvement of the designs.

That said, if something doesn’t sit well with you, always be respectful while expressing your opinion.

How much does a custom tattoo design cost?

There’s no fixed price for a design. You’re responsible for how much to pay for it.

The site just facilitates and connects you with all these amazing artists.

Suppose you think that your design is sophisticated with a lot of details.

In that case, it’s sensible to offer a bigger cash prize because more effort is put into the work.

Besides the prize money, there’s a listing fee of $2.99 that also counts the total cost.

This amount is quite negligible compared to the satisfaction you’ll derive from the design.


Can I provide an example image?

Yes, you’re allowed to include up to 12 sample images to help convey your ideas.

Can I request a coverup or addition?

That’s a good question to ask, considering drawing a tattoo on clear skin is slightly different from using it as an overlay.

Assuming you already have a tattoo in a specific location and you want to put another over it.

The new one needs to mesh seamlessly with it.

Knowing which parts to highlight is as critical as knowing the technical details because the depth of the ink injection is crucial in creating a coverup.

The same goes for adding new elements to an existing tattoo.

They must blend in well so as not to look all over the place.

You can snap up to 12 pics of your tattoo and post them as references for participants.

How many designs will I get?

It will easily surpass 10 designs per listing.

And this is corroborated by the statement saying members usually get more than 22 entries for every contest they hold.

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All of which would come from some artists joining the platform.


What if I don’t like the designs?

There’s a money-back guarantee you can utilize to get a refund.

Even after allowing you to choose a design during the contest’s run, you’re still guaranteed a refund if the final product doesn’t meet your expectations.

They’re very generous with that. Just make sure to send your request within 7 days from when the winner is announced.

How long does it take?

On average, a contest takes place over 10 to 16 days, but it can be extended for an additional 16 days if you need more time to make up your mind.

Is it ok if I live outside of the USA?

As addressed earlier, this platform welcomes members from across the globe.

So yes, you can create an account and run a contest regardless of where you live.


Can you design your own tattoo?

If you have an aptitude for drawing, then put the skill to good use.

None will bat an eye if you come to a shop with a design ready. After all, the job of a tattoo artist is to create tattoos.

Whether or not they’re involved in the creative process of making a design, it’s your choice.

Asking an artist to make a design means you should splurge more money because it takes time and effort.

Is it rude to copy tattoos?

Put yourself in the shoes of the person whose work gets copied without permission.

If you think it’s rude, it’s totally justified because that’s an act of copyright infringement.

Never take this aspect of tattooing lightly, as you risk offending someone if the design isn’t unique.

Do tattoo artists do custom designs?

Many of them do. Tattooists are good at drawing complex designs, so we’re sure they can help you create one.

Just ask directly if this is covered in the service and how much you should pay for it.

Final thoughts

How to get a custom tattoo design?

Anyone with expertise in graphics designing can help you with that. But if you don’t know where to start, visit

This is a platform that facilitates members to launch contests in hopes of getting their dream design.

With over 20,000 professionals, it shouldn’t be difficult to acquire a perfect design for your tattoo.

Getting one ready before the inking session will save you time.

Not only that, by hiring an expert, their artistic prowess would manifest itself in work, which means the outcome can be great beyond the realms of your imagination.

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