30 Dreamcatcher Tattoos on Thigh: Inspiring Ideas for 2021

dreamcatcher tattoo designs on the thigh for girls

Need some inspiration for your next thigh tattoo? This post will provide you with some inspiration for dreamcatcher tattoos on the thigh.

A dreamcatcher tattoo is versatile, so it doesn’t really demand a specific location to put it nicely.

It can fit in a small space like the wrist or a broad area like the thigh.

However, to scale down the size, there are some details that probably need to be sacrificed.

But it applies to just about any small tattoo. The thigh is terrific in terms of providing flexibility to include details.

Everything that comprises a dreamcatcher can be included, like the hoop, web, gems, and feathers.

It’s also important to note that every location triggers a different amount of pain due to the difference in concentration of nerve endings.

The more they are packed into a patch of skin, the more sensitive it will be.

But there are other factors that come into play, such as skin thickness and how close it is to the bones.

The meaning of dream catcher tattoo on thigh

The meaning of a dreamcatcher tattoo doesn’t change regardless of where it’s located.

Some people like to get it on their thigh likely because it makes them feel more liberated in expressing admiration for the unique charm.

The dreamcatcher was originally created to protect young ones from bad dreams, but it doesn’t have to be taken literally when converted into a tattoo.

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Instead, it can be perceived as protection against bad influence because it exists all around us.

Placing it in a broad area also allows you to design it with greater complexity.

Starting with the web, you can make the interwoven string meet at 8 points or more.

Figure 8 is representative of the number of legs that a spider has.

For a tattoo, just let your imagination run wild.

The web threading can be as complex as you want to boost its aesthetics knowing that it’s one of the most prominent parts.

The feathers can also be drawn with certain qualities to them.

Simple dreamcatcher tattoo on thigh


Size doesn’t necessarily go hand-in-hand with complexity.

Just because a tattoo is large doesn’t mean you have to cram the heaviest details. It’s in your best interest to decide how it is approached.

A large tattoo can appear simple, too, probably because you want to maintain a sleek appearance.

How do you make it minimalist despite the size?

Focus on the linework.

Shading puts extra weight on a tattoo. Therefore, for a less sophisticated look, taking away some is the way to go.

It doesn’t have to be completely ignored because shading still adds aesthetic value to tattoo work.

It can be present in some parts of the design. For instance, if the round hoop is thick, add more shading.

Likewise, the feathers will also look bedazzling with some nifty shading.

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Wolf dreamcatcher tattoo on thigh


When it comes to decorating a dreamcatcher tattoo, the possibilities are endless.

It can be presented conventionally or tweaked to give it a new twist.

For example, it can be merged with a wolf tattoo.

For a seamless appearance, the wolf can be portrayed with its head replacing the web.

It will look as though the carnivore peeking through the round hoop.

The wolf makes a nice addition because it holds significance to Native American people.

The elusive canine carries many awesome messages, such as loyalty, intelligence, and unity.

They’re strong when in packs and considered to be one of the most efficient hunters on earth.

Dreamcatcher tattoo on the thigh with quote


A dreamcatcher tattoo is highly customizable, not only in size but also in an appearance alongside other tattoos.

One of the best complimentary elements you can consider is a quote.

It is a passage or a statement that means something to a person.

It can blend flawlessly into the tattoo because a quote doesn’t interfere with it that much.

It’s usually added to enrich the meaning.

Now, what quote should you cite for the tattoo?

It could be a line that you find motivational or made up if you have a way with words.

As for the placement, it can be stacked inside or outside the dreamcatcher design.

An outside placement is probably better so that it doesn’t conceal the details of the tattoo.

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Is it ok for women to get dream catcher to leg tattoos?

Why not? First off, this symbol doesn’t cater to a specific gender. It’s unisex and universal, which means everyone can get a tattoo inspired by the charm if they don’t consider it crossing the line.

How much does a small dreamcatcher tattoo on the thigh?

It should be affordable because the thigh isn’t especially difficult to work on like the inner lip. The cost should be less than $100 if the design is small and simple.

Do dream catchers mean good luck?

They are a symbol of protection, not necessarily tied to good luck.

But if you want to see it that way, then it’s not wrong, either.

The meaning of a tattoo comes down to the wearer’s view and belief.

If you think that it may bring good luck due to protective connotation, then none can say otherwise.

Can men get dream catcher tattoos?

Yes, because the message is universal.

Is it disrespectful to get a native American tattoo?

It’s disrespectful to adopt elements from a culture without care about its origins.

Cultural appropriation has become a buzzword in recent years due to the widespread misuse of tribal symbols.

Hence, if you want to get a tattoo based on culture, at least be willing to learn about it before finding an artist to do it.

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