[2021] Video Game Tattoo Designs: Ideas and Inspirations for Gamers

video game tattoo designs

If you’re looking for some inspiration on video game tattoo designs, then this article is for you.

Getting your first tattoo may be an exciting experience because it will be the first time you ink your skin.

Since this tattoo will stay for years, you should carefully choose the design.

Nobody wants to acquire a tattoo that they may later regret.

There are several options, but they may be adapted to a particular taste.

For example, if you enjoy video games, you may design one based on your interests.

Video games are a vast topic that encompasses a wide range of topics.

As a result, you must be more clear about the aspect of the industry you want to utilize as a reference for the tattoo.

You may choose a video game character, system, game, and so forth.

If you’re looking for some inspiration, take a look at the video game tattoo designs below.

Video Game Controller Tattoos

gamer tattoo
tattoo art for gamer
gaming tattoo art
cool tattoo for gamer
video game tattoo idea

Game controllers have been around for as long as we can remember.

They have always been the primary means of input for any console. They have been there since the beginning of video gaming.

However, controllers have seen significant changes in terms of appearance and functionality throughout time.

The days of dealing with basic rectangular controllers are long gone.

Today’s controllers are more polished and developed with ergonomics in mind.

That’s why they’re so easy to grip.

You can choose one controller as a design for your tattoo.

Each console comes with its own controller, which varies in look and functionality.

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You may get a tattoo of an Xbox controller or one from a classic system like the SNES.

It’s also good to go with an abstract design that doesn’t have to portray a specific controller.

Despite their variances, controllers have several physical qualities and how buttons are arranged.

As a result, you may make one without worrying too much about adhering to a specific design.

Video Game Heart Tattoos

retro game tattoo
retro game tattoo idea
tattoo for retro gamer

The heart will always be an important design in tattoos because it represents love.

Even if you’re an avid gamer, you can cue from heart designs to make a tattoo for yourself.

But, how do we make it in a way that screams video games?

You can make it pixelated.

As we know, before games have become sophisticated like they are today, they all started as blurry images with low amounts of pixels.

Retro games are especially notorious for having such graphics.

That’s why when we pixelate pictures or designs, we’re instantly reminded of the retro era.

You can get tatted up with the image of a pixelated heart.

It could imply that you love somebody while at the same time not singling out your gaming hobby.

As for the colors and shape, it’s all up to you.

The heart is synonymous with red, but that doesn’t mean you have to go with the norm.

Some people prefer black tattoos over colored variants.

If you’re in the same boat, then just get a black tattoo. It doesn’t lose substance just because it’s not red-colored.

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Cool Video Game Tattoo Ideas

black tattoo
favorite character
favorite character as tattoo
fan of ninja turtles
tattoo on twitter

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Whether a tattoo is supposed to look cool or badass, it comes down to who sees it.

You can say that a tattoo is cool, but a friend of yours probably has a different perception about it.

That said, any character or design can look cool, depending on how you approach it.

A pixelated tattoo, for instance, can look cool despite the strong old-school vibes.

A Mario tattoo can also look cool though he’s portrayed as a plumber with a cheerful demeanor.

This character really personifies the words fun and goofy. But he doesn’t need to look that way for your tattoo.

You can make him a bit more laidback or even serious.

Another way to reinforce the ‘cool’ look is by having a full-sleeve tattoo.

Regardless of what inspires it, a tattoo never ceases to leave this aura when it covers the whole arm.

You can combine several objects if one isn’t enough.

Creating a full-sleeve tattoo is all about finding the right balance between all the designs.

This is especially important if you provide several ideas to the tattoo parlor and ask your Tattoo Artist to mesh them together.

Video Game Chest Tattoos

zelda tattoo
gaming tattoo on chest
super mario tattoo
super mario bros tattoo
pokemon tattoo

The placement of tattoo matters as it determines how bad it hurts.

Some areas trigger more pain.

Although that doesn’t stop people from getting chest tattoos for personal reasons, the chest is one of them.

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If you want one on the chest, as long as you’re ready to bear the pain, you can consider that.

A chest tattoo can make a bold statement due to how broad the area is.

You can literally create a very big tattoo that starts from the left, going across the sternum to the very right.

Given that it’s a spacious area, you probably need to combine several objects, but it’s good when they blend in well.

You can try a Zelda tattoo.

Zelda is one of the most iconic game franchises.

It’s also known for its unique symbols, like Triforce, Royal Crest, Boss Insignias, and more.

Or if you like another, go make a tattoo inspired by items or characters introduced throughout the installments.

We’re sure you can find a bunch.

Back to the pain issues, please read more articles to know how it feels to have a tattoo on the chest.

The reason it’s unbearable is that the part of the body lacks fat tissue.

The needles will come in contact with the bones, which may intensify the pain.

Final Thoughts on Choosing Video Game Tattoo Design

So, after seeing all the video game tattoo designs, what do you think?Are you interested to get one?

There’s no need to rush into getting a tattoo, especially if it’s your first time inking your skin.

There are other factors to consider, such as positioning, design, colors, and so on.

Discuss your ideas for tattoos with your tattoo artist.

He can certainly recommend anything based on previous work with other clients.

Remember that a tattoo is permanent; therefore, it’s best to decide on a design before beginning the tattooing process.

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