Harry Styles Late Late Tattoo

The honor of Harry Styles was revalidated in front of millions of viewers, and especially to his fans when he fulfilled his word despite the consequences. One Direction musician attended the comedy show The Late Late Show, leading James Corden and “sacrificed” his forearm a new tattoo done.

harry styles late late show tattoo

The member of One Direction, who lost a bet, had to tattoo the arm to stain his honor. Harry Styles, who was with his bandmates in the comedy show The Late Late Show, hosted by James Corden had to “sacrifice” his tattooed forearm for a particular phrase what is it? Nothing more and nothing less than the name of the show itself. Each artist must choose one of the four boxes, one of which contained the word “tattoo”. Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne were spared the challenge.

harry styles new tattoo

Niall Horan jumped out of relief that his partner Harry Styles should be subject to challenge. What tattooed? The lure Harry Styles was left with no other words that immortalize “Late Late”, referring to American television. Did it hurt? See for yourself, and take a look at this video where the popular Harry Styles of One Direction adds to his collection of tattoos the words “late late”.

harry styles late late show
harry styles late late tattoo
Harry Styles Late Late Tattoo, source


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