Keep Your Faith with Rosary Wrist Bracelet Tattoos

rosary wrist bracelet tattoo

Rosary tattoos work for both men and women.

Everyone can pull it off as long as they have the confidence.

One thing to remember, the rosary is a religious symbol, so you have to make sure that it feels right wearing this kind of tattoo.

Even if it’s just a piece of art, it still has a specific meaning that makes it not suitable for all people.

A rosary looks like a necklace made of beads. It’s usually paired with a cross, which further reinforces its religious significance.

For those unaware, the rosary is used to count prayers that we say while praying.

But we also often see it being used as a tool to fight demons.

Yes, it can also be used that way.

There are many rosary wrist bracelet tattoos. Just in case you wonder why the wrist is a common location for these tattoos, it’s because people like to wrap it around this body part.

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It can be worn as a necklace, but also works as a bracelet. However, you must coil it around a few times because it’s bigger than the average bracelet.

Now speaking of designs, aside from a cross, a rosary tattoo can also have a rose as an extra layer.

Both are closely related especially when we learn the meaning of the word.

The rosary comes from the Latin word, rosarium and it means garland of roses.

Therefore, it’s only fair if you include a rose picture in the rosary tattoo.

For the record, roses also carry essential meanings.

In this case, roses are said to be the representation of the Virgin Mary.

The rosary, on the other hand, is a spiritual tool dedicated only for her.

Did you know that before the depiction of the rosary we see today, there was a time when it’s made of rose petals? That’s why it has a close connection to roses.

Who can wear a rosary tattoo? Anyone, but this is used as a way to show Christian belief.

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So unless you’re a devout Christian yourself, you should think twice before getting one.

Remember that every religion has its own symbols.

Identifying yourself using wrong symbols can lead to people having misconceptions about you.

Aside from prayers, the rosary also stands for forgiveness and protection.

As said before, the spiritual tool is used to fend off demons.

There are some famous stories about exorcism where the pastor uses this thing to expel demons from a possessed man.

Interestingly, some people who get a rosary tattoo did that because they felt like having some kind of protection around them.

Well, you can do that you if you share the same faith.

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