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Best Tattoo Kit for Beginners: Reviews and Buying Guide 2022

Every tattoo artist needs to have at least one tattoo kit.

The tattoo industry has been gaining in popularity in recent years. This tempted many manufacturers to create their lines of tattoo supplies.

Although tattoo machines are sold in single pieces, it’s a must to choose a package that includes all the basic supplies for a beginner.

If you’re new to this business, you may feel confused with all the components of a tattoo gun.

It takes time to understand how those individual components work together.

The best tattoo kits for beginners should help anyone who wants to simplify their tattoo work.

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Best Tattoo Kits for Beginners

1. Intro to Tattoo Kit / 1 Tattoo Machine – Power Supply / 2 Ink/Needles/Plus Accessories

This kit is ideal for beginners but can be just as useful for professionals.

There’s one coil machine with 10 wraps in the package.

It’s made of stainless steel that lends its modern appeal. It’s not specifically a shader or a liner, as both tasks could be handled.

For starters, the 2 bottles of ink aren’t that bad. Of course, you can find more in a larger kit, but this isn’t bad by any means.

Don’t let the simple design fool you. The machine is reliable enough for doing day-to-day tattoo work.

Besides, it’s also easy to tune, which is important, especially for those who just learned about tattoo equipment.

Other supplies in the package include a power supply, a foot pedal, tips, properly sterilized needles, and gloves.

2. Solong Complete Tattoo Kit Permanent Rotary Tattoo Pen Machine with Tattoo Ink Mixer Machine Cartridges Needles EM128KITD40J

Choosing the right machine can be time-consuming.

As we know, tattoo machines are more than just the coil type.

There are also rotary and hybrid ones. They all have different uses.

A hybrid machine is a good start because it can perform different tattoo techniques.

This machine looks fairly simple, resembles a pen.

It’s sturdy, thanks to its aluminum alloy construction. The anodized finish adds to its overall appeal.

In terms of functionality, this machine would make your content. It’s everything you’d expect from a quality machine.

It operates silently, stable, but powerful at the same time.

It’s also suitable for long-time working because the advanced technology makes it less susceptible to overheating.

If you’re wondering how complete this kit is.

In that case, it comes with a jack plug adaptor, a foot pedal, a power supply, a pigment mixer, and needle cartridges.

3. Stigma Professional Tattoo Machine Kits 7Inks Foot Pedal 2Pro Coil Machine for Sharder,Liner TK-ST 203

This is for those who want a kit consisting of coil tattoo machines.

There are 2 guns in the package, one for lining and the other one for shading.

Coil machines are pretty much the standard in this industry. People like them because they do a terrific job in their respective areas.

For example, liners do an excellent job of creating outlines, while shaders can make detailed shades.

As with other kits, this also includes a clip cord and a foot pedal.

No matter how high a machine costs, it’s useless without a power supply.

As for coloring, the package includes 7 different colors.

All of them are common colors that people use a lot for tattooing. Other additions to the package include 20pcs needles, o-rings, tips, etc.

4. Redscorpion Tattoo Complete Kit Set 2pcs Coil Tattoo Machine Gun for Starter Tattoo Kits Supply

This kit is quite comprehensive, actually. Even if it just has two machines, other supplies are aplenty.

Let’s start with the main component, namely the machines.

The two units are both coil machines, a liner, and a shader.

Performance-wise, it won’t disappoint because the machines offer good working stability. They are also good for long-time working.

The newest machines have gotten so much better at handling heat production.

You can use either gun for 8 hours non-stop, and it won’t feel scorching hot.

Aside from the guns, there are other essential supplies, such as a clip cord, a power supply, a total of 7 bottles of high-quality color inks, disposable needs, and grips.

With such a long list of supplies, there is no need to upgrade your kit as it also suits professional tattoo work.

However, it’s wiser to buy a kit that corresponds to your needs.

If you just got into the business, a small kit will do the trick.

You can always switch to a larger one next time, one that has masks, apron, fake skin, and many other items in it.

5. Stigma Tattoo Kit Rotary Tattoo Machine Pen 2 Battery 20 pcs Cartridges 2 Tattoo Grip Cohesive Bandage with Case EM125KITPRB20-8-US

Price is a big consideration when it comes to purchasing a product.

This kit has a decent price tag, not cheap, but not too expensive, either.

It fits right in the middle, so whether you’re a professional or a beginner, we think you can get one.

The machine looks ridiculously handsome. It’s coated in a rose gold finish. Meanwhile, the material is space aluminum which ensures its sturdiness.

As for performance, it relies on a Japanese motor.

This tattoo pen sports an ergonomic design that is lightweight and silent during operation.

The package comes with dual batteries, allows continuous working.

You can use one till it runs empty and then recharge it while using the other one.

There is also a total of 20 pcs cartridges. They’re highly safe, thanks to the strict sterilization process.

6. Solong Tattoo Hybrid Tattoo Pen Rotary Tattoo Machine Permanent Makeup Pen Kit+Power Supply+20 Needle Cartridges EK201A (Black)

Some people like tattoo pens over the other types for some reason.

Simplicity is one of them. It can take hours to finish a tattoo.

When a machine is a bit too heavy, it will strain the wrist, making you feel fatigued more easily.

This gun solves the problem with its lightweight design.

On the contrary, the performance is actually good.

It’s powered by a Taiwan motor that delivers exceptional power and produces little to no noise.

It operates at voltage levels between 7 and 12V DC. On top of that, this machine works with power supplies by other manufacturers.

Other than the machine, there are also a foot pedal, a power supply, a clip cord, fake skin for you to practice on, and needle cartridges.

Tips for choosing the best tattoo kit for beginners

1. See what’s included

This is important because every kit has a different number of supplies.

Some kits have just one machine, while others can have more than 4.

Of course, larger packages are more expensive because they contain many supplies. They are not always better, though.

The best way to pick an ideal package is by knowing your needs.

If you just started to learn about tattooing, you can get a small kit. But if you own a tattoo parlor and need to fill your tattoo shop, a larger one can be an option.

Also, pay attention to the additional items.

Please find out what’s included and excluded.

Just because a kit is costly doesn’t mean it has all the supplies you need.

Just read the product page carefully because the list of items is usually displayed there.

2. Buy from well-known brands

Nobody says you can’t buy an affordable tattoo gun kit, but well-known brands are the way to go if the quality is your biggest concern.

Top manufacturers usually have been in the game for a long time.

They have put much time and effort into developing high-quality products.

Since they are experts in this field, they often sell complementary tattoo equipment, such as needles, ink, thermal copiers, power cords, grips, and much more.

Bear in mind that famous brands are used widely by professional tattoo artists.

So when a brand has reached a top-tier level in terms of popularity and recognition, you’ll see many artists recommend its products.

3. Read reviews

What you see on a listing can be deceiving. That’s because the images used for the product have been taken professionally.

If you want to know how people feel about a tattoo kit, you should read reviews by those who have used it first.

Online marketplaces usually reveal this information to their visitors, so it’s not hard to see if a product is worth buying or not.

Even products from the same manufacturer can receive different feedbacks from customers.

Some would rank higher than others, and it’s normal.


How do beginners start tattooing?

The core element of a tattoo is the design. Hence, being a tattoo artist should start by learning how to draw quality sketches.

Some people do have more talent in drawing, but this skill can be improved with practice.

And remember that it goes beyond making awesome sketches because a steady and nimble hand would be helpful when you start working on your first tattoo.

Please use fake skin or fruit to practice with, as you need to get it right before doing the real thing.

Why is it necessary? Tattoos are permanent, so if you mess them up, there’s no way to revise them.

And then implement the right technique per the machine used.

This is especially true for coil machines since each unit is meant for a specific style, such as lining or shading.

What tattoo supplies should a beginner buy?

Knowing what to buy is another important step in becoming a professional tattooist.

There are many items that you need to buy. Tattoo machines are among the most essential ones.

Additionally, you’ll need a foot pedal, a power source, an extension cable, ink, gloves, disinfectants, and other sterilizing tools.

What is the best rotary tattoo gun for beginners?

Rotary machines have always been a terrific option for novices because they’re versatile and possess many other great qualities.

Apart from handling shading and lining at once, they’re also lightweight and don’t generate distracting noise.

By the way, the best rotary gun would be the one a league of its own price-wise, like the Cheyenne Hawn pen or Bishop V6.

But if you need an affordable alternative, Dragonhawk and Solong are some brands worth checking out.

Is rotary tattoo machine better than coil?

Not necessarily. Both have strong suits and weak points. On top of that, both machines work differently.

Coil machines utilize coils that form an electromagnetic field to drive the needle. At the same time, rotary pens have an electric motor built into them to serve the same purpose.

In a nutshell, rotary machines have the advantage of being quieter, more lightweight, and flexible.

On the other hand, coil machines have stronger tapping power and are reliable for creating refined lines.

Do you stretch the skin when tattooing?

Yes, it aims to keep the tattooed skin tight so that the needle can hit more precisely. Skipping this may lead to the lines showing up too weak or bold.

However, it also requires the right amount of pressure as being too forceful runs the risk of promoting scar formation.

Another concern is that the fingers should be placed properly with the thumb and index finger forming a ‘U’ shape and the machine working in between.

Can you tattoo if you can draw?

Being a skilled drawer doesn’t automatically make you a tattooist.

Tattooing is a complex subject that involves making sketches and applying them to the skin.

You need to acquire the skill to use tattoo machines first, which is not easy.

That said, if drawing is your passion, you’re off to a good start.

Wrap Up

Getting the best tattoo kit for beginners is quite challenging, but it shouldn’t discourage you because there’s a lot to learn as you search around.

It’s okay to start out with a small kit.

If you want to have your own tattoo shop, a larger kit would be necessary because you will frequently deal with broken needles and worn-out machines.

A kit should at least include the basic supplies, like a machine, needles, and ink.

These are the most important ones.

As for replacement parts, you can think about them later when the existing ones start to deteriorate.

Don’t hesitate to splurge on a quality kit because it has the quality to make up for the high price.

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