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Best Tattoo Machine Brands: Reviews and Buying Guide 2020

Some of the best tattoo machine brands have been around for a long time.

Why does a brand matter? It is more than just ‘matters’.

It holds the utmost importance because well-known brands have an established image of quality in people’s mind.

If you don’t want to waste your time searching for a quality machine, then just buy it from a reputable supplier. This is an instant way to get a product that has great quality.

Tattoo equipment is a growing market. There are quite a lot of big players in this niche. You won’t have a hard time finding good products and brands. Hare are some of our top picks:

Best Tattoo Machine Brands

1. Dragonhawk

Dragonhawk is one of the leading companies in the tattoo industry. Its products have been acknowledged by professional artists around the world.

Founded in 2001, the company has everything to support your growth as an artist. It has a wide selection of machines, from coils to rotary machines. It also sells plenty of other supplies at competitive prices.

If you browse through Amazon especially the tattoo supplies section, you’ll come across many of Dragonhawk products and they usually earn amazing reviews from buyers.

In choosing a Dragonhawk machine, you should know what you’re looking for because its products are diverse.

If you need a coils machine, then focus on finding the right one. If you want a rotary one, make sure it fits your budget and needs.

2. Stigma

Stigma is another reputable tattoo supplier that produces different types of tattoo machines. The products have excellent quality, but there’s a much bigger appeal of this particular brand.

It proactively promotes the artistry of tattoo. This puts the company ahead of its rivals. Besides, tattoo artists also look up to it for some inspiration.

Stigma has a great lineup of rotary machines. This type has been gaining in popularity thanks to the practicality and versatility. The company offers some of the most powerful rotary machines. It sells products in sets, too.

So if you need a tattoo machine along with its complementary elements like needles and a power supply, then browse through the company’s catalogue. You’ll find quite a lot of tempting choices.

Rotary machines are suitable for beginners since they come with easy operation. They can also perform different tattoo techniques, but in terms of performance, the coil varieties are more reliable.

Whenever you need a machine for practice, just check out all of stigma’s products. One might spark your interest.

3. Solongtattoo

The Solongtattoo is the epitome of quality. Its products have been dominating the market for years thanks to their exemplary quality. It strives to give a good first impression to anyone who just learned about tattoos or has been in the business for long.

Many people don’t want to have a tattoo for thinking that it’s a painful procedure. But one thing to remember, the tattoo business has evolved by leaps and bounds in recent years. There are many products that can help manage the pain that often comes with getting a tattoo.

The company also has products to ensure that the outcome is worth all the suffering. There is a broad range of products that the company sells, such as machines, needles, grips, and other supplies.

Safety is another thing that the company never compromises on. All the products from the machines to needles have been strictly sterilized to high standards of hygiene.

4. Bigwasp

The company prides itself in providing quality tattoo supplies. Here you can find a wide variety of products, such as tattoo machines, traditional needles, cartridge needles, etc.

The machines have interesting designs and possess incomparable strength. These features are among the most essential ones in selecting a machine. Please find out what a machine is made of because each metal has distinct characteristics.

Another important consideration is the number of wraps. More coils mean more tapping power. If you need a machine with high-performance, it should have more wraps in each coil.

Nearly all products by this brand deliver working stability and uniform speed, which are key factors that determine quality.

5. Yilong

This is another brand you’ll come across a lot during your search for a quality machine. The founder of this company was actually a tattoo artist himself. With years of experience in this field, he took the plunge by opening his own tattoo shop in 2003.

It later developed into a much bigger company, which is the one we know of today. Some of the highest-rated products from this company happen to be tattoo kits. You can check the official store on Amazon to confirm this.

It offers a number of quality rotary machines that you can use for lining and shading. Versatility is one reason why rotary machines stand out in the crowd. They are multipurpose devices you can use to do all kinds of tattoo work.

Of all the products, you should check out the pen-styled machines. They give the feel of an actual pen. Meanwhile, the performance is not to be overlooked despite sporting simple and ergonomic designs.

6. Redscorpion

Redscorpion is known for its solid tattoo machines. The company sells rotary and coil tattoo machines with outstanding quality.

Make sure to read the specifications of a product prior to purchasing. You need to know what material the machine is constructed from. Different metals possess different hardness and resistance to wear and tear.

Broadly speaking, tattoo machines by this company are reliable. They offer uniform working speed and high stability. This is important to prevent damage on the skin. They’re also quiet during operation.

However, not all machines provide this convenience. Rotary machines are usually the quieter ones. The coil varieties, on the other hand, tend to produce significant noise outputs because that’s just how they’ve always been.

Their hitting power is stronger, though, which means the noise was there for a reason.

How to determine the best tattoo machine brands

1. Ask your tattoo artist

Someone who has been in this business for long should know brands that many people use and trust. Let’s say you’re working with a tattoo artist and want to have your own machine. Just ask him the machine he uses to create the art.

There are endless choices, but tattoo machines fall into two main categories, rotary and coil types. Both have strengths and weaknesses. Just ask for advice from your artist especially pertaining to aspects of tattoo guns, including the types, materials, uses, etc.

2. Read reviews

Another way to determine a good machine is by looking at the rating. On any marketplace where you’re looking for a product, it’s advised to take advantage of the search feature. Sort products by rating, so that you get the highest-rated ones gathered in one page.

Reputable brands normally have products with excellent ratings. Some may receive lukewarm reception, but it has to do more with the quality of the said products instead of the company as a whole.

3. Product lineup

Some companies specialize in providing certain tattoo supplies, while others are more varied in their offerings. The number of products that a company has can be an indicator of its experience in this business.

It’s normal for a company that has been around for ages to have a wide selection of products because it keeps adding new ones to the lineup. The ongoing innovation is the driving force behind its success.

If you find a brand with an extensive catalogue, chances are it had been founded even before had an interest in tattoos and still continues to advance innovation to meet the growing demand for tattoo supplies.


Buying a tattoo machine is no different from buying any other tattoo equipment. Being realistic will save you from major disappointment. As we know, tattoo machines come in all sizes and prices.

More expensive products usually offer more in terms of performance and overall quality. Meanwhile, affordable guns can still get the job done, but they might not be the most favorable especially if you expect extraordinary quality.

The rule of thumb is, don’t hesitate to spend more on quality because price often goes hand in hand with it. Whether you’re a novice or a professional, knowing the best tattoo machine brands is important as it will lead your way to find the most fitting product.

Companies are vying to increase their brand awareness. And when a company has reached this point, you can rest assured that its products are value for money.

However, it’s also important to know your needs before buying a machine. Even in one company you can find products with different capabilities.

For example, a well-known brand could sell coil machines and rotary machines at the same time. They are apples and oranges. It’s hard to compare the two because they have pros and cons. If you need something to do intricate line work, a coil machine would be more suited for it.

But if you need a machine that doesn’t create a buzzing noise, the other type is the better option since quietness is one of a rotary machine’s selling points.