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4 Plus Size Tattoo Models to Follow

Plus size tattoo models are probably such a rare thing to see in our daily life. In general, television and magazines are always adorned by slim and pretty models. Those talents that are beyond those qualifications are often considered as feasible. However, some models below prove that gaining weight should not be an obstruction to reach their dreams. They are even really confident to show their body along with such artistic tattoos. Who are they?

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This girl always updates her daily activities on her Instagram account. Well, for her photos and videos uploaded, we can just see that Cherry’s life is so damn interesting. One thing that is highlighted from this girl is the red and black tattoo on her chest with letter said ‘Family’. This tattoo may mean everything to her for sure since it can just be definitely concluded that she always her family on her heart. It is just so sweet. Her appearance looks more outstanding with her pink hair. So, who says that plus size women cannot apply something colorful and bright? Cherry has proven that she looks so beautiful with all of them.


Here is one of plus size tattoo models and Instagram celebrities who is well known for her plus size body and of course, tattoos. Jacqueline, her real name, has some stunning personal tattoos throughout her body. It can be particularly seen on her arms, hands, and chest. Of course, she may have some others on the hidden parts. So, it is not exaggerated to say that her body is such a piece of art.

French Fries and Fairy Tales

Well, her Instagram account sounds so feminine, isn’t it? However, you are probably a little bit surprised for the facts that this girl has many tattoos on her body, something which is not feminine at all. The owner of this account is Angelique, a tattoo lover. She proves that her plus size body is not a problem at all for looking cool and elegant. More than that, the tattoos just make her look great. There are unique things about her tattoos. She has a lion tattoo on her left hand. On the other hand, the fingers of her right hand are the faces of Disney Princess. What a good combination.


For you who love bright and colorful tattoo, the idea from Domitila is so good to be tried. Yes, she garnishes her arm with flowery tattoo in beautiful colors. So, are you interested to follow her?

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