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Praying Hands Tattoos for Those with Faith in God

People with strong faith can have praying hands tattoos. A tattoo is supposed to be meaningful. Even if a tattoo looks generic, it still has meaning according to the owner. This unique tattoo is a great way to show your faith to your closest people. There are many tattoos that represent faith and devotion. Apart from cross and rosary tattoos, these are a perfect example. Just in case you want to raise awareness on spirituality, this would make a great choice.

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You may want something that’s not the usual cross tattoo, but still holds the same meaning. A praying hands tattoo is the answer. As the name implies, this tattoo can help define your belief and personality. It is not just for show, but also as a reminder that you worship God. This depiction isn’t exclusive to certain religions. There are many beliefs that show the same hand sign when they say prayers. But when it comes to Christianity, the sign is believed to help send prayers closer to God.

What is the purpose of praying? For some, they can’t get through life without reminding themselves as god’s creation. Some people also find a sense of belonging and comfort by believing in God. There are other unique meanings. Some people believe that this specific sign is for their relatives that are far away. Well, this makes so much sense since you don’t have to feel distant with somebody just because he’s miles apart. You can keep him close to heart with this tattoo. This is not the only design used for that intent. Some people also love initials tattoos for the same exact reason.

Another thing we like about praying hands tattoos is the fact that they’re versatile. They can literally be worn by everyone. Whether you’re a man or a man, there’s nothing about these tattoos that scream exclusivity. Besides, you can put them on any location. The arm is a perfect location as the design itself shows two hands. The shoulder is another alternative. Or if you want to ink it on a broader surface, the chest makes an ideal location.

As for the color combination, grayscale seems to be the safest choice. It’s okay to play safe with this kind of tattoo as it’s already meaningful even without excessive embellishments. But there’s nothing wrong with being creative, either. If you want to embody your spirituality, just express it through colors and layers. There are many ways to make a praying tattoo look more attractive. Just make sure to stay on track and not overdo it.

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