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Best Tattoo Inks: Reviews and Buying Guide 2020

You should use only the best tattoo inks to do your tattoo. Unlike needles or a machine, this tattoo equipment will stay in your body for years. For this reason, you must be picky when it comes to choosing ink.

There are many quality products out there with their unique specifications. There are even vegan options just in case you prefer all natural ingredients. It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the sea of choices especially if you just got into the business recently.

For those inexperienced, please ask for advice from a tattoo professional or someone who’s had an experience in this field. Here are a few inks you can consider buying.

Best Tattoo Inks

1. Solong Tattoo Ink Professional Ink Set 1 OZ 7 Basic Pigment Colors TI302-30-7W

This tattoo set has been FDA certified, so you can use it with confidence. In terms of hygiene, this set is safe since the pigments have been sterilized using gamma rays, one of the standard methods to kill harmful bacteria in a product.

The radiation effectively breaks down bacterial DNA, so they can’t multiply and cause health problems. Hygiene is a big factor to consider when choosing an ink because the pigment is injected into the dermis and remains there for a long time.

As for quality, this set isn’t disappointing. Well, that’s to be expected from one of the most well-known suppliers. The colors are very bright and there’s no need to overuse during application to get that effect.

Just inject the ink accordingly, it will add a bright and vivid color to the tattoo. There are 7 color choices in the set, including light green, black, and yellow. Don’t hesitate to invest in a Solong product because the brand name is a guarantee of quality.

2. Hawink Tattoo Ink Set 0.5 oz (15ml) Tattoo Supply 14 Colors Pigment Kit Viking Ink USA TI203-15-14

Hawink is another brand many professional artists trust in providing quality tattoo supplies. If you need a tattoo ink set with guaranteed quality, this can be an option. As said before, tattoo artists from around the world acknowledge this brand and recommend it to others.

There are many reasons to love this set. First, the pigments have high stability. Second, it doesn’t need a large amount of ink to produce a vivid tattoo because the color is already intensive to begin with. Hence, there’s no need to overuse the ink.

The durability is also amazing. The tattoo won’t easily fade years after the creation. Safety isn’t a concern for a product with this brand name. In fact, the company puts quality before anything else.

Another good thing about the pigments is the easy absorption. Right after the needle injects the ink into the skin, it will quickly seep into the middle layer and be stored there. Furthermore, the set has a positive color combination. You can use those beautiful hues to create amazing tattoos.

3. Tattoo Ink BLACK DYNAMITE 4oz (120ml) VIKING INK USA , Best color and black ink original VEGAN

This product has one ink, which is black. We recommend this because it can be hard to find true blacks. As we know, black is arguably the most important color in the world of tattoo. Conventional tattoos use shades of black. You don’t use any other color to make an interesting tattoo.

So, what’s special about this particular ink?

For starters, the ink is sterile. The color also has so much depth. It’s black in every sense of the word. It doesn’t look like anything other than black.

On top of that, it lasts long after application. The pigment permeates the skin effortlessly, creating a uniform look on the skin. And for those looking for vegan alternatives, this product meets the requirement, too.

4. Hawink Tattoo Ink Set 1/2oz (15ml) Tattoo Supply Viking Ink USA 7 Colors Pigment Kit TI203-15-7

This Hawink pigment kit consists of 7 different colors. Speaking in general terms, the quality of this kit is no different from the previous one because both are manufactured by the same company.

This also has superb quality, incredible durability, and safe for skin application. The assortment is color positive, making it easy to use for different tattoo techniques, such as lining and shading.

What makes the ink safe is because it has been sterilized with gamma rays. It’s one of the industry standards for removing harmful microorganisms that can potentially cause health issues.

5. Element Tattoo Supply Black Tattoo Ink Outline Tattoos Nighthawk (4oz)

This is another awesome black pigment you can use for tribal shading. Choosing quality black is important in creating a good-looking tattoo because both are inseparable. Without a black ink that exhibits depth, your tattoo wouldn’t look as beautiful as it’s supposed to be.

For this reason, take your time to find a black ink as a base for any tattoo you want to make. This one has exceptional quality because it’s black in its purest form. There’s no hint of any other color in this ink. The good news is you can make a few different shades with this pigment.

For example, if you want to create gray, just add some white until you get the desired shade. Choosing a quality black also allows you to create good outlines.

Outlining has always been associated with this color as it looks the most apparent on the skin. It’s also versatile that you can use this dark pigment to create a whole tattoo. By the way, this ink doesn’t contain solvents and acrylic, so it doesn’t dry up easily.

6. 14 Millennium Moms PRIMARY #1 Tattoo Ink 1 oz LOT Mom’s

Who doesn’t know this brand?

Yep, Mom’s is among the most recognizable brands in the world of tattoo. Its products are exceptional as far as quality is concerned. The pigments in this kit all combine a homogenized pigment and carrier, which positively affects the ink flow.

Colors are mesmerizing and vibrant. Another thing that’s typical about a Moms ink is its consistency. The company does its job well in this area. As for durability, it’s hands down one of the best you can find in the industry. The colors are vivid and long-lasting.

How to Choose The Best Tattoo Ink

1. Non-toxic materials

What defines the safety of an ink is the composition. Whatever a pigment is derived from, it shouldn’t contain toxic chemicals like lead and arsenic. Thankfully, tattoo manufacturers become more aware of safety practices. They are willing to put customers’ health above anything else.

This results in increasingly diverse ink choices. If you’re still worried about an ink product, just check on the ingredients. Get to know common harmful chemicals commonly added to ink. Make sure the product is free of these compounds.

However, some companies choose to be secretive about ingredients. They’d rather not share this information with the public. If you find a product with questionable ingredients that is not by a well-known brand, it’s best to just move on. It’s not worth risking your safety over something you’re uncertain about.

Focus on brands that have been selling tattoo supplies for years because they’re usually trustworthy and honest with everything contained in their products. With some research, you can find good ink that’s plant-based and cruelty-free.

2. Powder-based vs pre-dispersed ink

Powder-based is the traditional type of ink in which the powder gets mixed with a liquid carried prior to use. This type of ink is customizable. You can make color palettes as you need. Meanwhile, pre-dispersed ink is more common nowadays.

People like this ink for its outstanding color quality. You don’t need to mix the carrier and pigment. It’s readily usable right out of the packaging.

3. Get a set

Once you decide what brand you’ll get your ink from, we suggest you buy a set. Buying inks separately would cost higher. Besides, the colors are limited although this means you can buy inks as needed.

Another reason to buy a set is to maintain the purity of the ink. When you’ve chosen a brand, every ink should come from the same manufacturer. It’s not advised to mix ink products from different companies because this can lead to negative reactions.

Remember that every product has its own unique ingredients. One would only mix properly when combined with similar products. There’s nothing wrong trying a new brand, but stick to one for everything you use.


Choosing the best tattoo inks is a crucial step in tattooing and there’s a lot to take into account. Even quality ink can cause adverse effect on the skin if you have an allergy. That is why performing a test is important before you apply the pigment on a larger part of the skin.

You must apply a small amount of an ink on the skin and see what happens in the next few hours. If everything is fine, then you can use it for creating a tattoo. Non-adverse reaction indicates that your skin can tolerate the ingredients in the particular product.

It’s also worth-noting that different colors are extracted from different sources. For example, yellow pigments often come from plants of the ginger family. Meanwhile, shades of blue are often derived from copper salts.

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