Sushi Tattoo inspirations

Sushi Tattoo: Perfect for Those Who Love Japanese Food

Japan is not only famous for its culture and technology, but also for its great cuisine. Japanese food has spread to every part of the world. It’s your turn to try it if you haven’t already. There is a vast array of Japanese dishes you can try, but sushi remains the star of the menu. It’s easy to recognize this dish from the placement of sliced fish and rice. You shouldn’t mistake it for other treats, like sashimi. Sushi’s key ingredient is sour rice and the unique taste comes from vinegar.

While sashimi also uses raw fish, it’s not served with rice, let alone vinegared rice. Actually, the word sushi is derived from the combination of Su and Shi, which means fermented rice. The use of vinegar was originally intended to protect the fish from spoiling. We all know that vinegar is a natural preservative, so it works well for dishes since it’s edible.

Now speaking of sushi tattoos, you can choose any design because sushi is presented in a variety of ways. Just remember that it has to contain the key ingredient, rice. Without it, then the tattoo would look more like a sashimi tattoo. Work with a talented tattoo artist. He should be able to create a tattoo based on a sketch you collected from the internet or another source. Sushi is typically served on a plate, so you can draw a tattoo of plated sushi.

Some people like to eat sushi with sauces and condiments. If there’s enough space for the tattoo, you can also add traditional sauces commonly served with this fresh dish, such as soy sauce and wasabi. Soy sauce is not just popular among the Japanese. People from all over Asia love it as well. In fact, it has become a staple in various countries. For your information, fish is not the only option for sushi. It’s also served with other raw toppings, such as shrimp and octopus. Either template would be interesting for a tattoo.

Many people don’t find the idea of eating raw food appealing, but you must remember that chefs are trained to clean and serve raw food properly, so there’s nothing to worry about. Fish tastes so different raw, probably one of the reasons why people can’t get enough of sushi. It will be a different dish if the fish is fully cooked. Not just the aroma, but the texture and flavor will change tremendously. Would you get a sushi tattoo now? Culinary art is just as complex as other types of art. Therefore, it should be considered as a theme for tattoos.

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