$300 Tattoo Designs

300 dollars tattoo designs

A lot goes into creating a tattoo. Besides a budget, you should also prepare a design, but who takes care of it?

If this is your first ever to get tatted up, we can understand your confusion.

To make it short, a tattoo design can come from the client or parlor. If you’re good at making designs, you can put that skill to good use. This way, there’s no need to pay someone to draw up a design.

But if you’re not, there are some options available. The first one is asking your tattoo artist to make one for you. This is not free as it takes effort and time.

The second option is to ask a graphics designer. Going down this route means you have a design ready by the time you’re about to visit the shop for a session.

Just like the first option, this also costs money, but it comes with flexibility since there are many talented people you can work with.

Is it okay to get a tattoo with a design not from the artist, though?

Yes, it’s totally fine. Just tell him upfront, so that he knows whether he needs to assist you with it or not.

And if you have a hard time finding a qualified designer to make a tattoo splash for you, this website can be of any help. It’s a freelancer platform that connects businesses with talented tattoo designers around the world.

There are many cool $300 tattoo designs there. Keep reading for more information.


How to Get an Online $300 Tattoo Designs

There are many freelancer marketplaces that can help you with.

Now if you need one, the first thing to do is create an account on this kind of site. You can click here and find the registration link.

To get the desired art, you can run a contest for freelancers there. They are all reviewed and rated so that you can measure their performance in the marketplace.

As the contest is underway, you’ll be provided with a bunch of designs. Look through them and find one that interests you the most. You’re given a week to make up your mind.

Here are some important points to note if you want to start a contest:

  • Specify in detail the kind of tattoo you want them to make for you. It will give participants an idea of a fitting tattoo design they should submit for you to review. Don’t forget to set the budget. In this case, set the amount to $300. That’s actually the base price of a contest. If you look for more choices and top designers, then up the budget.
  • Wait for participants to work on their designs before sending them to you. You can also give feedback if needed to ensure they stay on the track.
  • After you’ve reviewed the designs, time to pick a winner. A decision has to be made within seven days from the day it was started. You’ll receive all the corresponding files from the winner in the end.

Tattoo Design Online vs Offline

Because a tattoo design is the intellectual property of the person who developed it, you should not casually take a splash from the internet and use it as a tattoo design.

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Unless you are aware that it is free to use, it may present an issue in the future. There are two ways to obtain a design that will not get you in legal (copyright) problems.

First, you might request that your tattoo artist create a bespoke design for you. Second, you may order a tattoo design online via a freelance marketplace or tattoo design service websites.

Getting a Tattoo Design Offline


One of the safest ways to get a tattoo design is by asking the artist.

As you come to a tattoo shop, the artist can show you a catalog of designs he has worked on before. Since he’s the one who created them, he’s recognized as the copyright holder.

Having said that, you can create a tattoo out of any design if he gives permission.

Now for a new design, you take part in the creation, that’s a different story.

If you’re actually involved in the making process, then you are entitled to the work as well. There should be no risks in case you plan on using it again in the future. Not recklessly copying someone’s work is one way to appreciate their effort because it’s not easy to draw up a design.

Imagine you’ve put serious effort into making one and then someone shamelessly copies it. It’s reasonable to be mad in this situation.

To be fair, though, we all have the right to feel violated if someone uses our intellectual property without consent. One can use the argument that the infringement stops them from profiting off the work if they decide to take legal action.

Hence, beware of the design you want to use for a tattoo. Make sure it’s copyright-free. Consulting your artist is a way to go because he knows many things surrounding the issue.

Getting a Tattoo Design Online


The main difference between this and the first option is you don’t have to meet the designer in person. The transaction can be made over the internet. Let’s take 99designs as an example.

To get a design, all you have to do is create an account and then search for a freelancer to work with. Consider running a contest to expand your choices. The best thing about this platform is it has so many talented designers.

It shouldn’t be hard to create one that suits your taste. Please visit the site to know all the packages offered. Each one comes with perks with upper tiers being assigned to more benefits.

Apart from extra designs, you also get to keep only top-level designers in the marketplace. Back to the topic of copyright issues, this can be an option if you’re concerned about the legality of a design before turning it into a tattoo.

It’s okay to be cautious because being sued for copyright infringement is no joke. Nobody wants to get into legal trouble for doing something that can easily be avoided with a little knowledge.

Examples of $300 Tattoo Designs

Here are some examples of tattoo designs worth around 300 dollars. Keep in mind that these are just samples. You’re not supposed to copy any of them for your tattoo because the copyrights belong to their respective owners.

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If you want one, then you should be a member of the platform and launch a contest yourself. Let’s take a look at what contests look like on 99designs so that you know what to expect.

1. Pineapple and Ukulele Love Story

300 dollar tattoo design

The starter of this contest stated that he wanted a tattoo design for his longboard with specifications as follows.

First, he wanted it to include a ukulele because his wife loved playing the musical instrument Other things he wished to include are pineapple and the wife’s name.

2. Romeo and Juliet Tattoo for a Hopeless Romantic


So, this design was sought by Erin. She asked designers on the platform to make her a tattoo design that depicted Romeo and Juliet’s love story.

She planned on inking the tattoo on the back of her left calf. That’s a brief explanation of the design.

As for the sample, you can click the link above to see. Sorry, we can’t include the picture as it’s subject to the copyright of the owner.

3. Unalome/libra Scales Wrist Tattoo


The user keeps his message short for the contest. Basically, he wanted to create a design that featured a Libra scale and an Unalome.

The placement for this tattoo was on the wrist, which explains the rather simple approach.

Well, a simple design like this is very fitting for the wrist because it doesn’t provide much room for a larger tattoo.

4. Traditional Cherry Blossom Back Piece


For those thinking that a back tattoo design is expensive, this proves otherwise. While placement affects how much a tattoo costs, it’s not the only thing that matters.

There are many other important factors, including the complexity of the design. You can get an affordable tattoo splash by keeping details to a minimum like this one.

Now, check out the image through the link if you’re curious!

5. Tortoiseshell tattoo


The starter of this contest asked for a tortoiseshell design with a note that it shouldn’t include the animal. Another important request was to not make it appear cartoonish.

As for the style, the user gave total freedom to the participants, and it should feature the number 475. The one shown on the sample blends in well with the whole design, making it look effortless.

6. Simple Tattoo


This is another $300 tattoo design published on the marketplace. The description is quite short. Basically, the user wanted to create a tattoo that had the word ‘1e9aire’ on it.

That’s it, they let participants decide on the design and font.

7. Family tattoo design


Doesn’t it sound lovely to showing love to your family?

You can do that by getting a tattoo inspired just like what this user did. He ran a contest in which the winner should draw him a tree of life tattoo.

At the same time, he also wanted something more intricate that incorporated an ocean and jungle theme.

The interesting part is he already got a half-sleeve tattoo, so he wanted that the new work would go well with it.

8. Kurt Vonnegut Tattoo Design

This contest urged participants to draw up a Kurt Vonnegut-inspired tattoo. The user would use it as a splash to ink his left forearm around the underside.

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That’s the brief explanation available on the listing page. If you want to see the work, please visit the link above.

9. Bob Ross Biting a Hacker’s Neck Tattoo


A tattoo can be a way to pay homage to an event or somebody. This is what the user intended with the tattoo. He promised to get one if someone managed to find a critical bug.

It seemed to pay off, so decided to get a tattoo with a design depicting Bob Ross biting a hacker’s neck like shown in the picture.

10. Badass roses and skulls tattoo sleeve


A tattoo design can be transferred onto any medium, including fabrics.

The user made it clear that the tattoo design will be printed on their products. And they made clothes for toddlers, which make it even more awesome.

The following are some questions you may have if you are considering getting a tattoo.

How much should a tattoo design cost?

There are no set limits on how much it should cost. The rule of thumb is the more time invested in that, the more it should cost. A longer duration indicates that the design is complex, so you should compensate for that with a higher fee.

Is $300 enough for a tattoo?

Yes, you can get a medium tattoo for the price. Tattoo prices start at around $50, so $300 is way above the threshold. We’re sure you can make it at any shop.

That said, some shops charge a minimum fee. If a shop sets a minimum of $80, then you should pay that much at the very least. They do this to ensure that their artists are well paid.

How much do tattoos cost per letter?

Parlors don’t usually charge on a letter-by-letter basis. The more common methods are an hourly rate and a fixed rate.

If you want to create a quote tattoo, then what matters the most is the size, colors, and the design itself.

Is it rude not to tip your tattoo artist?

Tipping is a nice gesture to thank someone for their service and it’s a common practice in many places around the world. Whether it’s considered rude or not, many people still tip regardless of the service.

If they’re happy, they’ll leave more. Otherwise, they’ll give a smaller amount, like 15% of the pretax total.

Final Thoughts

Coming up with a design isn’t easy especially when it has a lot of details. A simple one probably doesn’t take more than an hour, but an intricate one would take way longer.

There are some designs that don’t typically need much time to finish, such as quote and symbol tattoos. You can save time by taking inspiration from the parlor’s portfolio.

Depending on how long he’s been in the business, he may have a vast catalog of designs to show to you. Another option is to buy it online.

There are many awesome $300 tattoo designs on the internet. Consider visiting some freelancing sites out there, because many talented designers are there waiting for you.

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