How Much Does a Finger Tattoo Cost?

finger tattoo cost

Getting a tattoo shouldn’t be done for the sake of following the trend because it’s quite a big decision.

First, a tattoo lasts long, so wherever the location is, it will stay there for years unless you deliberately try to get rid of it.

Second, a tattoo can cost so much especially a large one. And third, it can turn into an unbearable experience.

There are many favorite placements for tattoos.

Finger tattoos are one of the rising trends, but should you get one?

Please do some research before you give it a go.

Here are some facts you should know about this tattoo.

First, the pain could be more intense because the needles come in direct contact with the bones due to the lack of fat tissue surrounding the area.

small finger tattoo cost

Just take a look at your fingers.

The fewer fat deposits you have there, the more likely it’s going to trigger severe pain.

And then, the colors may fade faster. Keep in mind that we wash our hands more often than other parts of the body.

Constant water contact is one of the reasons colors become dull more quickly.

Besides, we also like to rub hands while washing or applying skincare products, which further accelerate the fading process.

But in case you still want one, at least know all the risks.

How much does a finger tattoo cost?

Let’s find out down below.

Average price for finger tattoos

It’s normal to be curious about the cost because you’d want to prepare enough money for that.

Luckily, the fingers are quite small compared to the rest of the body, which should directly affect the price.

A finger tattoo can cost as low as $50, and that’s for a small design and by a lesser-known artist.

If you want it to be done by a famous artist, don’t be surprised if he charges a lot more.

The minimum cost could increase to $100.

This price includes all the basic necessities for tattooing, such as tubes, needles, and sterilization equipment.

In case you want to keep it low, then it’s a good idea to work with a younger artist.

These people need to build a name for themselves, so to get attention, they offer lower prices.

The size of the tattoo also counts for the cost.

The bigger the tattoo, the more you have to pay as it requires more pigment.

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Want to save on a tattoo?

You can do this if you plan on getting several tattoos on the fingers.

Ask him to create the largest one first.

If there’s some time left towards the end of the session, he may be willing to do it at no additional cost.

The initial fee isn’t the only sum you have to pay, though.

Since these tattoos fade relatively faster, subsequent touch-ups may be necessary, which will also add to the total cost.

Things to Consider Before Getting Finger Tattoos

Getting a finger tattoo is no different from getting another tattoo in the sense that it also needs preparation.

Start by finding a local tattoo artist to work with, selecting a design, and doing all the important steps leading up to the session.

how much does a small finger tattoo cost

Speaking of the design, less is more for this type of tattoo.

As said before, the fingers don’t provide a broad tattooing area, so there isn’t sufficient room for a large design.

Another concern is the longevity of the ink.

Though it looks as sharp as ever at first, it will start losing quality within months.

The constant washing with water contributes to that.

This results in a fuzzy appearance.

By the way, this problem is not exclusive to finger tattoos. It can happen to other tattoos as well.

A. How much does a finger tattoo hurt?

Any area where there isn’t much fat protecting the bones underneath will be painful to get a tattoo on.

And it applies to the fingers as well. You can do a test by poking it with something sharp like a needle.

The pain quickly kicks in as the needle is injected into the skin.

how much does a finger tattoo hurt

That’s not the only reason why this can turn into a highly unpleasant experience.

The fingers actually have a lot of nerve endings, which serve to send sensory feedback to the brain.

The higher the density in one location, the more sensitive it will be.

Add it to the fact that the skin on the fingers is thin, it will only amplify the pain.

B. How long do finger tattoos last?

A finger tattoo can show signs of fading months after it was first done.

The tip-top color clarity averages 6 to 8 months.

After this period, it starts to decline and needs a touch-up to maintain the appearance.

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It can last a bit longer with proper care.

how long do finger tattoos last
Before getting inked, you can always test how it looks like with temporary finger tattoos.

Why do they fade faster?

It’s none other than the fact that we use the fingers a lot on a daily basis.

Now that we’re in the middle of a pandemic, we’re advised to wash our hands more often and apply hand sanitizer.

The constant rubbing and liquid application will speed up the process of it losing quality.

If you can avoid these risk factors altogether, then the tattoo should last longer, but it doesn’t seem feasible as we use our hands to do a lot of things.

C. Can I wash my hands after a finger tattoo?

As pointed out before, water can dissolve ink gradually, so it’s best to avoid any activity that involves water especially when it’s just done.

We know that washing hands can be irresistible especially if the tattoo feels itchy.

can i wash my hands after a finger tattoo

Instead of putting it under running water, you should just apply an Ointment designed to care for new tattoos.

There are many of them in the market.

Not only do they help speed up the healing process, but they can also prevent infection and keep the tattoo moisturized.

D. Is a finger tattoo a bad idea?

All things considered, a finger tattoo isn’t really a bad idea.

Sure, it comes with drawbacks, but it has the cool factor, too.

is a finger tattoo a bad idea

A finger tattoo looks stunning and trendy when done right.

Having said that, there are some things to ponder before getting one.

We’ve mentioned all the negative things that may come with getting a finger tattoo.

For example, the pain could be bad, which is enough to make some people retract from their decision.

The rather demanding maintenance also scares some people away.

Many want to have a tattoo that lasts for years without the need for frequent touch-ups.

Finger tattoos are different because the colors wane much quickly, so more time and money go into maintenance.

E. Average finger tattoo cost in NYC

average finger tattoo cost in NYC

Tattoo costs vary greatly by artist’s level of expertise. Even in NYC, you can find artists or shops that charge more or less than others.

However, a minimum price of $100 sounds about right especially for a place as popular as New York City.

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You can spend more than that if the design is more complex or if it’s a bigger one.

Note that artists charge differently. Some offer a fixed rate, while others offer an hourly rate.

This will affect the amount you have to pay in the end, so take time to find the best deal especially when budget if a constraint.

F. Average finger tattoo cost in UK

how much does finger tattoo cost in UK

The cost of a tattoo in the United Kingdom usually ranges from £60 to £100.

Again, it highly depends on the hourly rate charged by the artist.

The more popular the artist, the higher the rate.

Or if it’s a fixed rate, the asking price will be higher than usual.

The price typically includes everything needed to get the tattoo done, such as ink, sterilization, etc.

Please ask in advance if there are additional fees.

You may need to know if you plan on getting several tattoos on the fingers.

G. Average finger tattoo cost in India

average finger tattoo cost in india

Tattoo artists in India charge between 500–700 Rs per inch of a tattoo.

There are several factors that come into play, such as the quality of the tattoo.

If you want top-notch quality, then go to a well-known parlor that has been in the business for years.

That’s not to say that newer artists lag behind in terms of quality, but if you want to rest assured about it, then an experienced artist is the way to go.

Experience plays a role in how much an artist charges.

Newer ones can ask for 200–400 Rs per inch, while established figures could charge over 500 Rs for the same size.

Final Thoughts

How much does a finger tattoo cost?

We hope that you have an idea of what it costs in general after reading this article.

Though the price matters, you should contemplate before getting this tattoo.

That’s because it has several disadvantages.

To start with, the pain could shock you even if it’s not your first experience getting this body art.

The lack of fat tissue and location close to the bones are the culprits.

And then, it doesn’t allow for an intricate design.

There isn’t much room to work on your finger, so it’s not possible to create a large tattoo.

Additionally, aftercare would be more demanding because it fades more easily than other types of tattoos.

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