How Much Does a Hip Tattoo Cost?

hip tattoo cost

Getting a hip tattoo is one way to enhance your sexiness.

While this placement isn’t exclusive for women, there’s something about it that oozes femininity.

The hip has a spacious area, so there are countless options concerning size and style.

Whether you want to go down the minimalistic route or spice it up with many details, just do it as you please.

How much does a hip tattoo cost?

Before we go into further information about prices, ask yourself if this is something you’re down for. Keep in mind that tattoo locations aren’t created equal.

Some are visible, while others can easily be covered up with clothes. In this respect, the hip falls to the latter.

If you’re not into flaunting a tattoo, this makes a good choice as you can conceal it with any outfit.

Another thing to consider is a pain as it feels different on various parts of the body.

But, we’ll touch on this later.

Now back to price, getting a tattoo can be daunting because each artist sets their own rate.

Established practitioners are known for their high hourly rates.

After completing hours of training and serving clients for years, they have the right to demand a higher rate to compensate for their dedication and skills.

upper leg tattoo price

The Average Price for Hip Tattoos

LocationAverage Cost
Small back hip tattoo$40. A small tattoo on the hip should cost you $40 at the very least. And this is with scarce details.
Side hip tattoo$50 to over $300. A side hip tattoo that extends to adjacent areas will cost way more. It all comes down to the area covered in ink.
Back hip tattoo$50 to over $300. The wide price range is because the back of the hip is quite broad, so it can range from tiny to large like a half-sleeve tattoo.
Lower front hip tattoo$100. This can technically classify as a stomach tattoo because both areas are close together.

The lady on this video said she paid $1,100 for the floral Cleopatra tattoo.

It looks more like a thigh tattoo because it sweeps down to her thigh.

All things factored in, that’s a reasonable sum to pay for that type of work.

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Things You Should Know Before Getting a Hip Tattoo

If this isn’t your first time getting a tattoo, we’re sure you know the drill.

It’s not much different from getting a tattoo in another location. Besides the pain that may leave you aback, preparing a sufficient amount of money is also mandatory.

While rates vary, the amount asked usually reflects the artist’s ability.

You wouldn’t see exorbitant prices coming from new artists because they know how to respect those who’ve been in the business longer.

By the way, knowing the average cost is a step in the right direction. This way, you can find one that suits your budget.

A. How do you figure out how much a tattoo will cost?

example of tattoo around hip

The cost of a tattoo is consistent with the size, details, and colors.

Basically, the more work put into the creation, the more expensive it will be.

A large piece, for instance, takes more time to complete. And with that, it will also cost more compared to a smaller tattoo.

The same goes for details and colors.

A tattoo with mostly line work won’t be on par with the price of an ornate tattoo, even if they’re the same size.

The use of colorful pigments further drives up the cost. Hence, to keep the cost low, don’t set your expectations too high.

Another essential factor to ponder is the artist’s resume. One with a massive repertoire of quality work on top of years of mastering artistry totally deserves a high rate.

Now to get an estimate, you can visit a local tattoo shop. They can recommend you artists available to work with along with their rates.

Some tattooists prefer to charge by the hour, while others offer fixed prices.

Budget-conscious clients usually gravitate towards the second option because a price is confirmed before tattoo work begins.

There’s no need to worry about duration, which is a major concern in hourly pricing.

B. How much would a 4 word tattoo on hip cost?

4 word tattoo cost

Quote or word tattoos are among the simplest forms of tattoos.

Simplicity isn’t something to look down upon because the taste is highly subjective. Besides, it could translate to a lower price, although size remains a key determinant of tattoo cost.

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A tattoo done in a simple manner like illustrated in the picture shouldn’t cost you more than $100.

The price will only skyrocket if it involves busy details.

Needless to say, a quote tattoo looks great simple, but it can also be intricate when there’s room for that customization. Just make sure to keep it pared-down if budget is a constraint.

C. Do hip tattoos hurt?

Do hip and thigh tattoos hurt?

The hip is one of the worst places for tattoos because it’s home to many nerve endings.

Besides, the bone is thin, which may also amplify the pain.

Consider taking a break when the discomfort is getting out of hand.

You don’t have to finish it in one meet-up, especially when the tattoo is large. Even your artist would suggest several sessions so that the pain becomes more manageable.

The part where the bone is in close proximity to the skin will hurt the most. This contrasts to areas with thicker padding (with fat and muscle mass) that tend to be less susceptible to excruciating pain.

Wondering why bigger tattoos inflict more pain?

It’s because the machine often pierces the same area repeatedly to transfer ink into the dermis layer.

The continuous contact with the sharp tool causes inflammation and severe pain.

Instead of allowing the pain to build up over several hours, having a tattoo done in a few sessions distributes it.

D. Are hip tattoos attractive?

are hip tattoos attractive?

Yes, you can allow your personality to shine through with a hip tattoo. Just be a little creative with the design.

Extending it to the thigh is the way to go if you’re fond of large tattoos.

Design-wise, there are dozens of themes to draw inspiration from, like animals, feathers, roses, and more.

Just choose anything that you see fit. Or, if the choices are overwhelming, ask for advice from your artist.

He’d love to bring your creative vision to life.

When it’s hard to put ideas into words, you’d need someone with a good understanding of tattoos to discern your intent.

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E. Where can I get a hip tattoo?

where can I get a hip tattoo?

A hip tattoo isn’t particularly difficult to do, so any licensed artist would be ideal for that.

Do you have a friend who is into tattoos?

If so, he can introduce you to his artist. This is a good way to discover other artists and shops.

But in case none in your social circle show an interest in tattoos, your best bet is Google because it’s like a huge library of information.

Give the web-mapping service, aka ‘Google Maps,’ a go.

You can just open it through a web browser, and then type in keywords like ‘Nearby Tattoo Shop.’ It will come up with relevant results.

Tattoo studios are relatively easy to find in major cities.

F. Celebrities with hip tattoos

  • Cardi B: Cardi is often spotted for wearing only minimal clothing. This shows off her sultry shape as well as her vibrant peacock tattoo, which she had touched up just a year earlier. The tattoo showcases the outstanding traits of this magnificent bird.
  • Cara Delevingne: Cara gets her hip adorned with a ‘DD’ tattoo, a nod to her friendship with Jourdan Dunn. The word is written in capital letters and sports a straightforward design.
  • Kylie Jenner: There’s a word tattoo on the right side of Kylie’s hip. Interestingly, rather than write sanity as is, she decided to draw up the pronunciation of that word. It’s quite small, which looks more like a line from afar.
  • Jessie J: The cute-looking tattoo she has on her right hip actually references lyrics to one of her songs. Have you heard of ‘Who You Are?’ by Jessie. Yep, that inspiring line can be found in that song.

Hip Tattoos Prices Conclusion

How much does a hip tattoo cost?

This question is indeed intriguing for someone who’s never had a tattoo.

The answer is there’s no definite amount as there are many factors that go into the calculation.

Besides friends, you can also rely on the internet to obtain this information. Some websites reveal cost estimates.

Yes, they rarely publish exact numbers because prices vary widely depending on size, design, color, etc.

A hip tattoo isn’t precluded from this set of rules. If you decide to scale it up, you must pay a heftier amount because more work and equipment are invested.

Ink, disposable gloves, sterile needles, there are many things you need to pay to get a tattoo done.

Remember that it needs to be performed in a safe environment to avoid contamination.

And then, there’s also an artist’s hourly rate that influences the total cost.

Well-known artists often charge the highest, but that’s fair enough given their long experience in the industry.

The bottom line is don’t rush to get a hip tattoo.

Take time to learn everything if you’re new to all this.

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