How Much Does a Inner Lip Tattoo Cost?

how much do inner lip tattoos cost

Tattoos have been around since forever, but you may notice that they have gained mainstream prominence in recent years.

Many think it’s cool to ink the skin with a tattoo.

Well, if you want one, then the first thing to consider is where to place it.

There are many areas where ink can be injected into.

You probably didn’t give the inner lip much thought before, but it’s actually possible to place it here.

How much does a inner lip tattoo cost?

There’s no definite answer to this.

The best thing we can provide is a price range because artists may charge differently.

Besides, there are many other factors that affect the price, such as size and design.

The bigger the tattoo, the more ink needed to complete it.

Hence, it would cost more. The same goes for the design in which an intricate one should cost more than a simple one.

Average price of inner lip tattoos

An inner lip tattoo is estimated to cost between $50 and $100.

And that was for a small one. If it’s slightly larger, the price can hit the $200 mark.

The inner lip isn’t that broad to begin with, so the fee shouldn’t be outrageous.

inner lip tattoo cost

What counts as small?

Anything that measures less than 2 inches can be considered small, while a 2 to 4 inch tattoo is moderate in size.

And when it expands to over 6 inches, then it’s considered large.

By the way, these are not exact measurements of what constitutes small or large.

Every artist has different opinions on this matter. Just ask yours about pricing.

This way, you’ll know in advance how much a tattoo costs.

Design is another determining factor.

It’s easy to see why a complex tattoo costs more than a simple one.

More time is invested in that, so you must compensate for the time with extra money.

Every session you have with the artist would count towards the total cost.

Starting from consultation, design creation, until application, it could be a lengthy process.

Things to know before getting a lip tattoo

It’s okay to have some fear especially if this is your first experience.

Getting it in an area that we suspect to be sensitive doesn’t help, either.

We’ll touch on it, so you’ll be more prepared before the session starts.

inner lip tattoo price

There are a few things you need to know about this placement.

First, inner lip tattoos don’t last long especially when compared to those placed on other skin areas.

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It’s because the mucosal cells in the mouth regenerate frequently where older cells are shed and replaced with new ones.

Proper tattoo aftercare is also important.

While the skin is designed to keep out harmful microorganisms, a new tattoo is still a fresh wound.

The tissue is damaged to a point where it can allow bacteria to penetrate easily.

That could be worse with an inner lip tattoo.

As we know, the mouth is a perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Infection can happen if they invade you new tattoo.

To avoid this, proper dental hygiene is a must until the tattoo is healed.

Gargle with alcohol-free mouthwash to suppress the number of bacteria in your mouth.

Note that it should be alcohol-free because it’s known for triggering a burning sensation.

A. Inner lip vs lip tattoos

The lips and inner lips are located close to each other, so the most noticeable difference between both tattoos is the placement.

A lip tattoo is a form of cosmetic tattooing in which pigment is injected into the dermis of the lip, for cosmetic or decorative purposes.

The procedure is performed in a similar manner to a cosmetic tattoo, where pigment is injected beneath the surface of the skin.

lip tattoo cost

Lip tattoos are a great way to add definition to your lips without having to wear lipstick.

They are also a great way to have an instant ‘pearl’ finish with a little more definition.

Both permanent and semi-permanent lip tattoos are practiced.

A semi-permanent tattoo may last up to two years before needing a touch-up.

The procedure is relatively painless with very little recovery time required.

However, both terms (inner lips and lip tattoos) are often used interchangeably.

Many people believe that they’re the same thing.

Technically speaking, a lip tattoo is tattooed on the lip, so it should be visible from the outside.

But people don’t want to ruin their beautiful lips it seems, so they move it a little lower to the an inner side that’s hard to see unless you pull down the lower lip.

All lip tattoos are prone to infection if not taken care of well.

For this reason, follow the artist’s instructions once you leave the parlor.

As for the price comparison, they are quite comparable.

A lip tattoo can cost $400, and that’s for a more complex design.

If it’s much smaller and simpler, it could drop below $100.

The maintenance is what makes it costlier because these tattoos fade relatively quickly compared to others due to the constant cell regeneration.

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B. How painful is an inner lip tattoo?

There are several factors that come into play.

But that aside, it’s undoubtedly one of the most painful areas to get tatted up, which is why it needs to be done by a professional.

And it’s very challenging, too, because the client should hold the bottom lip open till the artist is done working.

You can simulate the pain by pinching your inner lip.

Compare it to pinching another part of the skin with the same amount of pressure.

If you notice it hurts more, then the same should apply to a tattoo as well.

Basically, the inner lip is sensitive in nature due to the large number of endings occupying the area.

Some people describe the pain as unbearable, while others said they didn’t suffer much.

The varying degrees of severity may have to do with pain tolerance.

For someone who has a higher threshold of pain, they may go through the process without aggravating pain.

If someone is at the opposite end of the spectrum, the experience can be torturing.

C. How long do inner lip tattoos last?

The gradual color fading can happen in roughly 1-5 years since the pigments were first injected.

It may last shorter especially if the mucosal cells regenerate at a faster rate.

Thanks to this unique ability, tattoos also typically heal faster when placed here.


Normally, it takes weeks for a tattoo to heal.

But an inner lip tattoo can show significant progress in the first few days.

What to do if the colors start to become dull?

Touch ups can be a solution although this is not advised due to the increased risk of getting an infection.

Each time you get a tattoo, the healing process can be risky because the mouth is a stewpot of bacteria.

D. Can you eat after inner lip tattoo?

Yes, just make sure to rinse properly to prevent food debris.

Another important caution is spicy and acidic food as both can cause irritation.

Alcohol is another agent you’d want to avoid because it stings when applied on damaged skin.

There are some mouthwash products that don’t contain alcohol.

You can opt for one to rinse the mouth. If necessary, repeat a couple of times a day to ensure bacteria don’t proliferate on the healing wound.

Additionally, skip hot food and drinks for a while because they can also trigger a burning sensation.

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Inner lip tattoo aftercare

Your tattoo artist knows better how to care for a new inner lip tattoo.

You may be asked to keep it dry for a while.

Besides, he may ask you to fast, which makes sense because bacteria feed on food debris.

This can lead to an infection if you leave it too long in the mouth especially on the fresh wound.

The fasting time varies, please ask your artist about this to be sure.

inner lip tattoo aftercare

Eating the right food is also important.

We’ve mentioned all kinds of food to steer clear of until the tattoo is healed.

Rinse the mouth with alcohol-free mouthwash.

Some products are actually designed to promote healing.

For example, they contain enzymes that are present in the saliva.

They can also work by providing moisture and control bacterial growth.

By the way, preparation is just as crucial as aftercare.

Therefore, look around to find the right practitioner to work with.

A well-trained artist should know how to sterilize equipment properly to lower the risk of infection.

Besides, he should also know how to prepare a client for a tattoo session.

What about swelling?

Don’t sweat over it because it’s a way the body responds to damaged tissue.

As long as no infection occurs, there’s nothing to worry about.

It will go down within days without intervention.

Final Thoughts

Tattoos are a form of self-expression.

You can get one if you think it holds a meaning.

There are many locations to get a tattoo on.

Some provide broader surfaces, while others are smaller.

The inner lip belongs to the latter. It’s worth-noting that the skin varies in sensitivity.

Getting a tattoo on a thicker section of the skin would trigger less pain.

Meanwhile, getting one on a sensitive part like the inner lip will naturally cause more pain.

Surprisingly, that doesn’t stop people from decorating their lips with tattoos.

This procedure usually takes about 30 to 40 minutes.

It doesn’t take longer because the lips aren’t large to begin with.

Another thing that may concern you is the cost.

How much does a inner lip tattoo cost?

A simple one could cost around $50 to $100.

Again, this part of the body is quite small.

Even if you aim for a complicated design, it requires less pigment.

The reputation of the studio also plays a part.

It’s common for well-known studios to charge more because they have better equipment to carry out the tattoo work as safe as possible.

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