What are Black and White Skull Tattoos All About?

Black And White Skull Tattoos

Many people think that black and white skull tattoos are one dimensional.

The majority of people associate skulls with negative connotations, but they’re not necessarily right.

Believe it or not, but skulls are also believed to fend off the forces of darkness.

Skulls are actually a great way to remind us that every life will come to an end and there’s nothing we can do about it.

They also represent the cycle of life that everyone will go through.

In relation to alchemy, skulls have actually become a materialization of intelligence and judiciousness.

Despite the scary nature, many people love skulls. That’s why we can find such tattoos everywhere. This design is not particularly gravitated towards men, but it’s more popular with them.

For your information, skulls are also used widely in sea voyages. For those who have watched movies about pirates, skulls are commonly displayed in them.

They have plenty of good meanings from power to triumph.

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Why should you have a skull tattoo?

Well, if you can honestly relate to this art, then it won’t hurt to get one. Besides, this tattoo really looks artistic. It takes courage to have it tatted up on your skin. It will also be a great reminder that you will one day become one of these inanimate objects.

A skull used to be the head of a living being. Now the spirit has gone with the wind, only leaving the skull and skeleton.

You don’t fear death? Many people actually don’t and looking at skull tattoos doesn’t bother them at all.

Although men love them, women will look terrific with them as well. You may think there’s no way to make a skull tattoo look feminine, but you can always share ideas with your tattoo artist.

If he knows that you want a slightly feminine design, he would love to make it happen. Black and white, though, is very safe and kind of makes a bold statement.

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You don’t have to go with the color scheme if it doesn’t fit the theme. Just add extra colors and make it more vivid and lively.

Is it going to be big or small?

It’s all up to you. If you want a small one, maybe put it on the shoulder or forearm. It could also be much larger covering your entire arm or leg.

A sleeve tattoo looks exotic and it goes well with this spooky theme.

People think of death when skulls are mentioned, but a skull tattoo can be applied in a comedic way, too. We’re sure you have seen skull tattoos that made you cackle instead of sending you chills.

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