15 Promise Tattoo Ideas You Shouldn’t Ever Break

Promise Tattoo on Arm

The promise tattoo is a symbol of commitment and we often look this kind of tattoos at the finger. However, you can give away for many reasons: as a symbol of chastity, loyalty, friendship or even a promise to yourself to stay sober. Almost everyone put promise tattoo on pinky finger of the left hand or the forefinger of his right hand.

promise tattoo on little finger

A promise tattoo symbols can be presented to a lover or friend for any reason, not only to symbolize a future commitment. Promise tattoos can mean many things, like a promise of marriage, a declaration of love, one faith, or friendship. The friendship, abstinence, and religion are also used and exchanged, and are always used in the right finger. However, the meaning behind a promise tattoo depends on the couple involved.

Promise tattoo on pinky finger for couple

Promise tattoo on pinky finger

promise tattoos on pinky finger for girls
pinky promise tattoo designs
pinky promise tattoo example
pinky promise tattoo for girls
promise tattoo ideas on pinky finger for women
promise on pinky finger tattoo
Promise tattoo on pinky finger for mom and daughter
promise tattoo on pinky for best friends

Promise side arm tattoo

Promise side arm tattoo
Promise tattoo on side arm .jpg

Promise tattoo on ring finger

promise tattoo on ring finger for couples

Promise tattoo on shoulder

promise tattoo on shoulder

Promise tattoo on rib

promise tattoo on rib
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