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Best Makeup to Cover Tattoos: Reviews and Buying Guide 2022

It’s not easy to pick the best makeup to cover tattoos. Makeup is an instant way to cover a tattoo. By the way, covering and removing are two different things. The former needs some makeup application, while the latter uses another approach, like laser treatment.

Makeup can provide quick coverage, but it only lasts for a few hours. Meanwhile, laser treatment goes deep into the skin, reaching the ink particles.

It breaks up the particles, so that the immune system can flush them away more easily. This removal procedure takes long because you need a few sessions until the tattoo completely disappears. If you can’t wait, we suggest you use makeup to hide it temporarily.

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Best Makeup to Cover Tattoos

1. Mehron 5-Shades Tattoo Makeup Cover-Up

This 5-color concealer gives you the flexibility to create a flawless shade for your skin tone. Many concealers come in 2-pcs sets, so this easily stands out in the crowd. With so many shades to choose from, mixing could be unnecessary because one of them may look exactly like your skin.

This concealer works not just for tattoos. You can also apply it on birthmarks, scars, and other skin blemishes. For the record, Mehron Makeup has been releasing awesome products for the last 9 decades.

They are acknowledged by fashion enthusiasts around the world. Application is easy, too. All you have to do is dab a small amount on a tattoo and then pat it with your fingertips. You can also use a more professional beauty blender. To remove it, all it takes is soapy water.

2. Glossiva Waterproof Tattoo Cover-Up Makeup

This is another alternative to hide a tattoo. As with many other concealers, this product has extensive use. Any unsightly spot or area on your skin can be masked with it, including vitiligo, a rare condition characterized by white patches of depigmentation on the skin.

One of the best things about this concealer is it doesn’t contain alcohol. As we know, this liquid can be very harsh to sensitive skin. It’s also resistant to water. Whether you wear it through the rain or sweaty activities, this will hold up very well.

The shades look natural as well. However, to get a matching shade, you need to mix both creams. The white one will elevate the brightness of the darker shade.

This way, you can hide your tattoo seamlessly. The package includes a small bottle that you can use a mixing medium, so that you can achieve the desired tone.

3. Dermaflage 4-Color Tattoo Cover Up Makeup Cream

This 3 color palette has it own concealer brush. It’s better to apply a concealer with a brush for even coverage.

It gives a matte finish after application. Besides, there is no need to use setting powder before. You can go straight with the concealer to cover up your tattoo.

It also has a non greasy formula which sticks very well on the skin. That being said, a remover is still necessary to take everything off. Powder can go deep into the pores that a proper remover is the only way to clean up the residue.

Otherwise, it can stay there and cause skin problems like acne. If you don’t have a makeup remover, rinse it with water and soap.

4. Nuonove Tattoo Cover Makeup

Many of us are too self-conscious that even a few dark spots would stress us out. But don’t worry, this concealer can restore the look of your skin quickly. If you have a tattoo, scars, and other skin problems, a small amount of this is enough to cover them perfectly.

You can use it to brighten or darken your skin and balance out uneven areas. We all have flaws. It’s not to say that tattoos are a bad thing, but there are times when we feel the need to cover them up. This concealer is the answer.

With the right application, it can create the illusion of a flawless skin tone. You can’t even tell that there’s a big tattoo hiding underneath the layer.

What we like the most about this concealer is its skin-friendliness. It’s free of alcohol and hazardous substances. You can wear it without having to worry about safety.

5. Yufumei Professional Concealer for Tattoo Cover Up

There are many good concealers on the market. You should focus on finding a product that suits your needs. Think of the features before buying. Find out if it’s waterproof / sweatproof or not. This particular product has both.

If you want to swim or get wet, this concealer is perfect to wear because it doesn’t wash away easily. You may notice some grease following application, but it’s not actually greasy. It won’t stick to fabric or anything once the concealer dries up.

When it comes to safety, this product is also reliable. There is no harmful content in it. It doesn’t even have alcohol, so for those who have always had sensitivity issues, this is highly recommended for you.

The cream feels gentle on the skin. There are 2 tubes in the package that you can blend to create a matching shade. This type of packaging is very simple. You just need to squeeze it out to your fingertip and dab it all over the tattoo. It will balance out your skin complexion.

6. Forencos Waterproof Tattoo and Scar Concealer

This is another product to camouflage your tattoo. One of the most essential features is waterproof, which is pretty typical for this kind of makeup product.

Water resistance allows the cream to stick for longer. It gives enough coverage with a thin application. Of course, you can add a few more layers if your tattoo is bold to begin with.

This tattoo cover up make up is very efficient as it takes just one drop to provide the needed coverage. It also features cica care complex, which has the ability to comfort the skin.

How to choose the best makeup to cover tattoo

1. Waterproof

This is important especially for summer time. When it’s hot outside, it will be easy to break a sweat. The thing with a waterproof concealer is it doesn’t dissolve quickly. It has a unique formula that provides the ultimate protection against water.

For this reason, you should find out if a product has this feature before buying it. It’s worth-noting that there are certain chemicals in a waterproof product that make it harder to remove. You need the right remover to wipe off the remnants, so they don’t clog your pores.

2. Durable

A quality tattoo concealer can last through a whole day. While it’s important to get a product that matches your skin tone, its durability also matters. Make sure it can provide coverage for 24 hours or at least until you’re ready to remove it.

Don’t buy a concealer that appears shimmering unless you want that particular effect on your skin. Keep in mind that a concealer is supposed to hide blemishes and needs to have the same tone as your skin.

If you choose one with a natural glow, it will look striking and different from the rest of the skin. As a result, you would need to apply it on the whole body for balance.

3. Good texture

Concealers come in a few different forms, but specifically for tattoos, many of them are sold as creams. Creams are better for a number of reasons.

First, they are suitable for dry, normal, and combination skin. Even if yours is highly sensitive, just choose an alcohol-free product to avoid irritation.

Second, they are buildable. You can apply a thin layer first and then overlay a few more times to decrease the visibility of the tattoo.

The application is very easy. You just need to put some on your fingertip and then rub it evenly on the tattooed area. Make sure it’s not 2 shades lighter than your skin tone to avoid a noticeable white circle.

Wrap Up: Best Makeup to Cover Tattoos

Choosing the best makeup to cover tattoo is key to achieving smooth tattoo coverage. Regular concealers are quite potent for hiding skin imperfections, but if you want something designed with tattoos in mind, then look for a product meant for covering this skin art.

It’s not just useful for masking tattoos, anyway. You can use the same exact product to hide acne scars, dark spots, and other skin irregularities. Also, please maintain cleanliness during application.

If a concealer comes with an applicator, use it instead of fingertips because it’s more sterile. Dab it evenly on the tattoo and then blend it outwards in a circular motion.

Start with a thin layer because you need to find the right shade. Doing so can also prevent you from getting a caked-on look. An inappropriate application would draw attention to the particular area. Hence, you should learn to use it correctly.

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