78 Wedding Ring Tattoos That Will Symbolize Your Love

When planning your wedding, you will begin to consider all of the many things you can do to make your wedding truly unique.

Even if you don’t have any tattoos, you and your spouse might consider getting amazing wedding ring tattoos to express your love.

While some couples consider matching stationery or wearing “his and hers” t-shirts on their honeymoon, a tattoo of a wedding band is a wonderful gesture that will last the test of time, much like your love.

However, there are a few things to consider if you want to get your wedding ring tattooed.

Is It Right For You?

The great thing about wedding ring tattoos is that you don’t have to be a specific person or have a personality that matches tattoos.

You may design your finger ring tattoos as basic or as ornate as you like.

Those who cannot wear rings made of certain metals are among those who want to signify their love with a tattoo on their ring finger.

Some people are allergic to certain metals, while others work in jobs that prohibit them from wearing rings on their fingers due to the risks associated with the machinery and/or chemicals to which they are exposed.

The Tattoo Process

When you are considering getting a wedding ring tattoo with your significant other, it is a good idea to educate yourself about the whole tattoo process to be fully prepared for what is to come.

It goes without saying that getting a tattoo is not a pleasant experience.

In fact, for most individuals, getting their fingers or hands tattooed is one of the most painful parts of the operation.

Not only that but the finger is widely recognized for not mending as rapidly or as efficiently as other parts of the body.

When it comes to couples tattoos, keep in mind that you are forever branding your body.

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Whether you change your opinion about the tattoo wedding ring design or your position on the marriage you are in, the wedding ring tattoo will still be there.

The only option to remove or modify the ring is to undergo harsh laser treatments, cosmetic surgery, or cover it up with new tattoo artwork.

In addition to changing your mind, you should keep in mind that tattoos on your fingers fade faster than tattoos on other parts of your body.

Because your hands are used for various tasks, it stands to reason that your wedding ring tattoos will be subjected to additional wear and strain.

As a result, you should go to a tattoo artist who will create you a fantastic tattoo that will have the staying strength to withstand a lot of the elements that your hands come into touch with.

Designs For Wedding Ring Tattoos

The great thing about getting your wedding bands tattooed is that you can choose almost any design.

For instance, select the one that expresses your love for one another or maybe something that represents your family history.

You may come up with an outstanding design that can either stand alone as your wedding bands or complement your actual physical wedding bands.

Try to discuss this with your tattoo artist or do a little bit of study online.

Some couples like a basic black band, while others want a more ornate design packed with color and shading.

Despite the fact that this is a limited area to deal with, the proper tattoo artist with a degree of expertise will be able to work with the space and get your rings to be all you imagined and more.

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What A Wedding Ring Tattoo Symbolizes

Essentially, a wedding ring tattoo represents your love for one another and your commitment to one another.

This is a symbol of your love for each other that cannot be simply lost, stolen, or removed.

This is a lasting reminder of how much you love one another and how much your wedding vows mean to you.

Some tattoo lovers also make an effort to add to their wedding tattoos to convert them into a much larger artwork with a lot of meaning.

This may be accomplished simply by moving the tattoo upward onto the back of the hand or even farther onto the arm to create a half sleeve or full sleeve tattoo.

Designing Your Tattoo For Your Wedding Ring

The celtic knot and the couple’s initials are popular alternatives for a wedding ring tattoo.

If you’re going to share the last name, consider getting it tattooed across your fingers, as long as there’s enough area for the number of letters involved.

A skilled tattoo artist will collaborate with you to create a design that pleases both of you.

Furthermore, keep in mind that the rings do not have to be precisely the same.

They might be tailored for each other or entirely distinct.

Whatever you decide, it will be the thought that truly hammers home your love and dedication to one another via your wedding ring tattoos.


1. Does a wedding ring tattoo hurt?

Yes, tattoos are painful, especially on the finger, and a fresh wedding tattoo may bleed if not properly cared for.

2. How much wedding ring tattoo cost?

For a wedding ring tattoo you can usually anticipate to spend between $50 and $300.

The cost of a ring tattoo increases as the design becomes more complicated.

Please note that this cost varies from person to person due to various reasons.

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The first essential aspect is the design, and the rates of tattoo artists vary, which affects the cost of a wedding band tattoo.

Choose an artist who provides all services at a reasonable price. Examine the artist’s background.

Try to speak with at least three artists (if possible) before making a final selection.

3. How to take care of a wedding ring tattoo?

Even the greatest tattoos will fade or deteriorate if adequate maintenance is not done.

Ensure your tattoo parlor has or uses lubricant lotion since it will keep your skin hydrated and cure it naturally. The majority of parlors recommend a simple veggie regimen.

Follow the tattoo artist’s maintenance instructions and avoid letting your tattoo dry. Furthermore, keep your hands away from toxins such as chlorine and home cleansers.

Scabs may form on fresh tattoos within a few days.

Do not rub the scabs and let your skin heal normally without any interruptions.

Try to leave as much of your wedding band tattoo exposed to the air as possible.

If necessary, add a very thin coating of moisturizer. Your tattoo may fade at times, and the sun is the most common cause of tattoo fading.

In case you spend some time outside in the sun, apply sunblock (lotion) on the tattoo to make it appear amazing and appealing.

4. Is a wedding band a wedding ring?

Wedding ring and wedding band have grown nearly synonymous throughout the years.

These rings, however, have slightly different properties.

A wedding ring is a band that is set with diamonds or jewels, whereas a wedding band is a basic, simple band.

The major distinction between the two is one of taste.

Now, take your time and peruse these lovely wedding ring tattoos for ideas!

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