25 Colorful Dreamcatcher Tattoos That Are Absolutely Unique

Dreamcatchers are unique crafts comprised of a willow hoop, an interwoven web, beads, and dangling feathers.

They’re acknowledged by Native American tribes as talismans to help deliver good dreams and ward off bad dreams.

They’re often hung from the cradles to provide protection to little ones.

Dreamcatcher is usually considered a marker of Native American identity.

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However, for some years, people have been designing and creating unique, one-of-a-kind dream catchers for family and friends.

Dreamcatchers have been around for decades but started gaining momentum circa the 80s.

There are colorful dream catcher tattoo creations that are contemporary in design, with smooth, simple lines and lovely combinations of colors.

These dream catchers will add beauty to any part of your body, and make thoughtful and unique tattoos.

There is a widespread idea that bad energy is all around us, even though we cannot physically touch it.

This belief has existed since ancient times as evidenced by the variety of symbols and crafts made to protect people from evil forces, and the dreamcatcher is one of them.

You can take it as inspiration for your tattoo. To capture the wonderful beauty of this item, add a splash of colors to it.

The meaning of dreamcatcher tattoos

As mentioned earlier, the dreamcatcher is a talisman aimed to chase away bad dreams. They’re usually placed above the cradles to help little kids have a good sleep.

There’s a belief among American tribes that nightmares are present in the air during nighttime, so they created charms to hold them till the sun comes up and destroy their power.

Apparently, each element comprising a dreamcatcher has a meaning.

Starting from the wooden hoop, the round structure represents the cycle of life. It also holds significance to people who embrace the concept of reincarnation.

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Right inside the hoop is thread webbing, which symbolizes a filter to block out nightmares.

Meanwhile, beads are added to deliver a sense of vibrancy to the handmade craft.

Those beads come in various colors with each conveying a different message.

For example, blue depicts serenity, green symbolizes a profound connection with nature, and red is an alert of danger.

And there are the flowing feathers, which act as ladders for good dreams to pass through before reaching the sleeping person.

Dreamcatcher tattoo with names

image credit: tattoobloq.com

Due to the close association with protection, a dreamcatcher tattoo can have somebody’s name on it or several names if you wish to send a message of protection to several people.

The names can either be separated from the dreamcatcher or merged in one way or another.

For instance, the names can replace the string used to tie up the feathers.

Some people dedicate these tattoos to their family, so you’d see names of mom, dad, and siblings all over them.

Well, if the tattoo is large enough to accommodate many names, it would be a great idea.

The names can also be placed inside the hoop interwoven into the web or fill the empty sections.

To provide more room for the names, consider choosing a less intricate web pattern.

Now when it comes to decorative materials, different types of beads are can be incorporated into the design.

They will undoubtedly enhance the aesthetics of the tattoo.

Dreamcatcher tattoo with flowers

image credit: tattoosbag.com

With how commercialized dreamcatchers have become nowadays, it’s normal that some people sense disingenuous intention with the way they’re used.

You may also notice striking differences between modern and traditional dreamcatchers.

With that in mind, we think it’s important to respect the culture by having an understanding of its origins.

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If you want to include another symbol in the tattoo, at least you know the original meaning and find that the inclusion will be in sync with the design.

Flowers are a good option because they’ve been part of tribal cultures since forever.

The flowers could line up alongside the hoop so as not to cover up the web, which is also an important element of the construction.

Dreamcatcher tattoo with butterfly

image credit: askideas.com

The dreamcatcher isn’t only rich in symbolism but also has a tasteful design.

If it was a flower, butterflies will be enamored by its beauty and feel tempted to land on it.

That could be a depiction of a dreamcatcher tattoo if you decide to include these stunning insects.

Butterflies are a symbol of freedom and transformation, and although these messages aren’t congruent with what the charm represents, visual-wise, they’re complimentary.

Butterflies are colorful and have extraordinary wing patterns, while the dreamcatcher is stunning with a touch of intricacy.

Putting them together in a design would turn out so well especially when you want to add a bunch of pigments to the tattoo.

As we know, the dreamcatcher is quite a sight with all those adornments included. It has beads with varying colors and shapes.

It also has feathers which also come in different patterns.

Likewise, the color of the web may vary depending on the type of string used.

There are many choices, like suede, silk, nylon, cotton, etc.

How can you pick colorful dream catcher tattoo designs that are completely unique to you?

1. Determine what size you would like to use, or if you want a Double-Ring, Intertwined Rings, 3-D, or Single Ring.

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2. Have a color scheme in mind.

3. Specify what type of beads (if any) that you would prefer; i.e., natural wood, colored wood, glass, or pony. Alternatively, simply tell what colors you would like and let the artist coordinate it for you!

4. Choose your webbing: Black, White, or Natural.

5. If you want feathers as accents, let the tattoo artist know and they will add the perfect ones for your dream catcher.


Are dream catcher tattoos bad luck?

It’s quite the opposite because these charms were made in hopes that they would deter bad dreams and keep the good ones through sleep.

Hence, to say they would bring bad luck is an oxymoron.

Where can I get a dreamcatcher tattoo?

It’s better to pick a location that provides a broad tattooing area because dreamcatchers are typically longer than they are wide.

The arm, leg, chest, hip, are all good candidates for it.

What do the colors of a dreamcatcher mean?

It’s made up of several parts and each can have a combination of colors. But there are some believed to be special to depict the talisman. Blue, for instance, is emblematic of hope. White denotes goodness, black signifies authority, and green is associated with harmony.

Can a white person get a dream catcher tattoo?

The biggest problem with wearing an indigenous symbol is when it’s treated as an accessory with no respect for the original meaning.

We wouldn’t say it’s right or wrong because many people of lighter skin tones have gotten these tattoos, but if you think it’s cultural appropriation, then you can call it off.

But if you think it’s okay as long as you respect the culture, then go ahead.

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