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A Collection of Cute and Minimalist Cherub Tattoos of 2020

Who doesn’t fall in love looking at a cherub? If you find these little creatures undeniably cute, then it’s a good idea to have this tattoo. We’ll talk about minimalist cherub tattoos. Cherubs are basically baby angels who have wings. They look so innocent like our children. Despite the adorable appearance, cherubs actually possess great power, so that they can protect the heaven. They’re also part of the renaissance art.

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Interestingly, the original portrayal of the cherubs isn’t what like we see today. They’re actually portrayed as grown angels equipped with large wings, not the cute siblings that are often depicted by modern artists. Getting a tattoo with this theme sounds awesome because it’s very meaningful. Keep in mind that the cherubs have a job to provide protection to the kingdom of heaven. It doesn’t end there. They’re also sent to protect those who worship god.

Many people think that cupids and cherubs are the same. Well, they’re the same, but different at the same time. A cupid is a cherub that has a specific job to help couples find love. In other words, it’s more often associated with matchmaking, which is why people link this cute angel to Valentine’s day. Anyone can have a cherub tattoo, but given its cute appearance, women are more likely interested in the design.

When it comes to popularity, minimalist cherub tattoos can be seen everywhere. They’re up there with other mainstream tattoo designs. You can draw one as a standalone tattoo or mix it with other objects. A tattoo doesn’t need to contain a single picture. You can add other images that go well with cherubs, such as hearts, crosses, and other religious symbols. Due to the kiddy appearance, parents also love to dedicate these tattoos to their kids. They see the cherubs as their own children. This is also a wonderful idea if you want to express a mother’s love in a unique way.

There are many ways to implement the concept. For example, you can draw a cherub tattoo but replace the face with your kid’s face. What about the placement? A cherub tattoo is a very safe display. It won’t trigger negative reactions from people, so it can be displayed on any part of your skin. If you just want a small tattoo, then locations like the forearm, leg, and shoulder are suitable. If you want to draw a bigger tattoo, then consider the back because it provides the broadest surface compared to other body parts. The back gives an ample space for a tattoo, but it takes a lot of work to make a design. Make sure you like it first before wearing it as a tattoo.

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