sacred heart tattoo

Sacred Heart Tattoos are Full of Symbolism

Some tattoo designs can be interpreted in different ways, but that’s not what happens to sacred heart tattoos. The sacred heart has long been linked to the coming of Jesus. And for your information, June is heralded as the holy month to celebrate it. The design looks rather simple with only a heart being surrounded by thorns. And then, there is also a fire bursting from the top. Although there’s nothing groundbreaking about the imagery, it carries a very important message because each element represents something.

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Starting with the fire, this element is a representation of love. Meanwhile, the cross refers to the cross that crucified Jesus. There has to be a cross if we’re speaking about the real sacred heart. However, tattoos are a form of art, so every artist has their own unique approach on this design. If one or two elements are missing, that’s not because the design is open to alterations, but because the artist is experimenting with that.

As the name suggests, the heart is the most prominent part of this composition. It also sits comfortably at the center. The heart represents love and compassion. Aren’t we all thought to be compassionate towards each other? If you want to adopt the values, then we really recommend getting this tattoo. The heart on this particular symbolism is also depicted bleeding, which unveils how the Jesus Christ had to go through painful moments and still managed to show kindness.

The thorns wrapping it around actually have a positive meaning as they symbolize victory, dignity, and continuity. Others also view them as a symbol of blessing. Another substantial element is the fire, which stands for divinity. As we all know, fire exudes warmth, making anyone standing close to it feels protected and embraced. It’s also believed to defeat the forces of darkness. Now if you want to get one, the placement is a big matter. While it can be placed anywhere, you may want it on a very public area, so everyone can spot it easily.

Of all common tattoo areas, the chest is very suited for this type of tattoo especially because it looks symmetrical. Besides, the chest is very ample that you don’t have to exclude any of the elements that make up the sacred heart. Remember that all those elements are equally important. There shouldn’t be anything missing if you want maintain the original design. Another good location is the back for the same reason. The difference is when you put a tattoo on the back, it will be harder to look at since it’s out of your sight.

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