Three Things You Need to Know before Getting Tattoo over Stretch Marks

tattoo over stretch marks

Making tattoo over stretch marks is currently very popular. It is not a secret that stretch marks often make people unconfident. Unfortunately, getting rid of stretch marks can be very difficult, not to mention expensive. This is why people choose to use tattoo to conceal their stretch marks.

There are many reasons why people decide to make tattoo over stretch marks. But most people do it so that they can still flatter their body parts without having to be shy about the stretch marks. But now the question is, is it possible to conceal stretch marks with tattoos? Most importantly, is it safe? To answer your curiosity, here are some important things that you need to know about this topic.

tattoo over stretch marks
tattoo over stretch marks 1
tattoo over stretch marks
tattoo over stretch marks 2
tattoo over stretch marks
tattoo over stretch marks 3

Will It Hurt More than Usual?

It is important for you to know that stretch marks are basically damaged skins. Tattooing over stretch marks is different with tattooing over healthy skin. As a result, making tattoo over stretch marks is relatively more painful than usual. If you want to lessen the pain, make sure then you need to wait until the stretch marks are fully healed.

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There Are More Things Tattoo Can Do Than Cover Stretch Marks

Stretch marks come in different shapes and sizes. As a result, there are cases where the stretch marks are very prominent that it is hard to perfectly cover it with tattoo. But you don’t have to worry about this because tattoo can do more than covering stretch marks. With a great design, you actually can work around the stretch marks and improve its aesthetics.
The tattoo artist can mask the stretch mark while creating art around it that complements the appearance of the area. Even though the stretch marks are not able to be fully covered, the exquisite art of tattoo will be able to take the attention away from the marks you want to cover.

It Is Important to Work with A Great Artist

Making tattoo over stretch marks is highly possible and everybody can get it. However, since it is not as easy as making tattoos on a healthy skin, it is important to work with a great tattoo artist. A great tattoo artist can create amazing art following the condition of the stretch marks. Most importantly, they know how to make a great design that can improve your confidence. So, if you are determined to get a tattoo over your stretch marks, do some researches first to find the best tattoo artist in your area.

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