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Wisdom Radiating Owl Tattoos on Neck

Are owl tattoos on neck popular with the mainstream crowd? Compared to other birds, we have to say that owls are indeed cited a lot as a tattoo inspiration. They don’t favor a particular gender, which is a key to its tremendous appeal. The thing about these tattoos is they really hide positive meanings. Before we explain the meanings behind this theme, we want to tell you that the owl has become an integral part of many religious beliefs. We often hear it in various mythologies.

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According to legend, this wonderful bird was famous for its protective behavior especially to the dead. People also believed that this bird could communicate with the deceased. Its presence was often linked to the death of someone popular. You may think this is all around scary, but this just shows that owls were seen as sacred and they’re not the only one falling into this category. Other animals like black cats were also believed to carry messages from the dead.

There are many interesting things about owls. First, they have a set of very large round eyes. Despite the stigma, many people apparently find these birds cute, but when it comes to evolution, those big eyes are more to do with life survival. They’re useful for hunting especially in the dark. Unlike other birds that like to hunt preys at noon, they prefer to leave their nests at night when everyone is asleep. They also have a pair of velvety wings, which are light and flexible. They don’t make much noise while flapping, so preys will have a hard time detecting them in close proximity.

Speaking of owl tattoos on neck, an owl head is a good way to go. Of all parts of an owl, people really like the top half of its body because that’s what sets it apart from others. An owl head tattoo can be placed anywhere, including your neck. As for the colors, you can go with a black and white color scheme or be more vibrant with another combination. The design can also be realistic and mimic the real bird.

But if you need a more abstract approach, you can play with the design, like making the wings a bit stretched out. There are endless possibilities, just make sure your tattoo artist knows exactly what’s in your head. There’s likely that he has worked on a couple of them because these tattoos are well-known. Your tattoo doesn’t have to be scary like the sacred portrayal it once had. The bird can appear cartoonish and look as cute as ever. Remember that the owl is not loved only by adults, but also by kids.

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