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30 Cutest Feather Tattoos to Dazzle You

Feather tattoos with color for women

The feather tattoos cover different meanings, but one thing you see is associated with the notion of freedom. Feathers are part of birds, especially considered free animals due to the ability to fly, which is why who’s tattooed one or several pens asserts his decision to live freely or seek freedom. Since it is simple to envision, feather tattoos possess a special relationship with tattoos of wings and so are basically a less complicated form of aforementioned. Let’s please take a brief look at its meaning and get the right feather tattoos.

feather tattoo placement for girls

Undoubtedly, this is a very delicate and chic tattoo, also becomes interesting for the beautiful meaning. I’ll leave, without having a photo gallery so you can choose any design and encourage that you make one of these simple tattoos designs. We could begin by proclaiming that tattoos feathers represent, amongst other things, the ability to lift the spiritual, creative or emotional flight. As for this tattoo designs, some are quite basic, although some refer specifically to particular bird feathers, to be the Peacock of the most popular, by way of example.

Feather Tattoo Ideas

As you can tell the feather with birds tattoo are of the very watched tattoos and performed today, for the reason that that in addition to the nice that result are incredibly simple to put on any the main body. The feathers symbolize freedom. They are also associated with ideas, the intelligentsia and to be able to communicate that people, since the feathers need air to move.

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Well you are aware that with a pen you are able to show your freedom. Feathers possess a certain appeal. Look for them beautiful, but have on the centuries also presented to different symbolic meanings. This short article contains specifics of the meanings in the spring so we keep you going with several examples of feather tattoos.

Feather tattoos with words

Feather Tattoos Meaning

Just like birds feathers stand for freedom. Feathers also have spiritual meanings. The Indians believed that if you took a feather, it meant that a loved one was deceased. Another version is that finding a spring means that you are on a higher spiritual path have arrived, or progress have been made. With the Egyptians, the spring has also been associated with death, but in a completely different way.

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The origin of some of these meanings is to be found in the Indian tribes. They used feathers of the eagle to give it a brave warrior himself, had behaved courageously and honorably. When they had collected enough feathers, there they could make a headdress, giving them considerably more status within the tribe and beyond. At the same time they saw the owl as a protector against evil spirits.

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Today people choose a feather tattoo because they like it. There is nothing wrong with it. Other people choose to support one or more of these meanings. They are used to commemorate deceased loved one, or to demonstrate that they value courage or wisdom. Since there are many different types of springs, there is plenty of choice for a beautiful (and meaningful) tattoo.

Feather tattoo turning into birds

Colored feathers

colorfull feather tattoo designs on outer arm

You can give the feather colors you find yourself beautiful. The combination of, for example, blue and purple fits well with the spring, as well as the water color style. These designs are often downy feathers as a starting point. Feathers and birds come together regularly in a tattoo design. There are several types of designs in which the hairs of the spring to pass in small, flying birds. You can own a good spin on, for example by using color.

feather tattoo with quote

The associations and combinations you can create with feathers are endless. This can be a great idea if you love writing. You can also process a particular style in your spring, as the typical forms that you see in Maori tattoos. Ultimately, it is important that you find your beautiful tattoo.

Arm feather tattoos for girls

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Geometric feather tattoo design

Feather tattoos on lower leg

Peacock feather tattoo on foot

Colored feather tattoos

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Feather tattoos on shoulder blade

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Feather tattoos on collar bone

Black feather tattoos on arm

Peacock feather tattoo on ribs

Black and grey feather tattoo

Feather tattoos for women on the thigh

Feather tattoos with sayings

Tribal feather tattoos

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Feather tattoos with words in them

Feather tattoos on feet


Owl feather tattoos

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Beautiful feather tattoos for women

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