aztec pyramid tattoo meaning

Behind The Literal Aztec Pyramid Tattoo Meaning

For those searching for Aztec pyramid tattoo meaning, the structure apparently represents 3 belt stars of Orion. These and the great pyramids in Egypt point out to the same thing especially because the comparative positions go hand in hand with the 3 belt stars. When it comes to tattoo designs, the pyramid is among the most fascinating designs ever. The structure usually comes together with the all-seeing eye of providence in its center. If you don’t want to be mistakenly labeled as an illuminati worshipper, then you must be careful with the inclusion of the all-seeing eye.

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Pyramids are rich in cultural heritage. They also remain one of the best structures humans have ever created. Although pyramids can be found in various places, those situated in Egypt are arguably the most popular ones. What were they made for? The primary purpose was to protect the body of the deceased Pharaoh. In other words, they served as massive tombs where the kings were buried following their deaths. Pyramids pretty much show the great craftsmanship we’ve always had since ancient times. Back then the technology wasn’t as advanced as it is today, but people still managed to come up with such a complicated architecture.

We’re still impressed by the majestic appearance of these massive structures although many don’t have any idea why they’re made in the first place. A pyramid tattoo can be placed anywhere. There’s no exact location where the tattoo would look more fitting. But considering how sacred the structure is, it probably needs a location you consider special. Despite the purpose, people also see the pyramid as a stairway to heaven. This is not an exaggeration because if we look at the shape, it’s basically a triangle, really reminiscent of a stairway. It gets narrower as it gets higher.

Every design has its meaning, so for some picking a tattoo is a serious concern that needs careful consideration. This specific theme seems to have a mysterious aura, so it’s understandable if it takes long before you decide to get one. Some people love pyramids because they look like ladders. This makes a lot of sense, but make sure to ditch the eye sign because that’s the part that makes this design sacred.

It’s not easy to construct a pyramid as it consists of multiple layers of blocks positioned on top of each other. To achieve something, we must work hard and be patient because it can take months or even years before succeeding. A pyramid tattoo looks pretty simple, but you can add other hieroglyphics just in case. The other images don’t necessarily be religious symbols if you don’t want to.

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