semicolon tattoos look fabulous on fingers
semicolon tattoos look fabulous on fingers via

Amazing Semicolon Tattoo Designs with Unbelievable Meanings

For many people, a semicolon is nothing more than a kind of punctuation to connect two sentences, that somehow still separated as two chapters of a story. While for others, it means hope in difficult times and purpose to move forward. It uses this symbol in writing when you want to separate two parts of a sentence are interrelated. Its function is to separate the text rather than the comma but less than the point.

semicolon tattoo on wrist


Semicolon tattoo is a symbol of continuing life after thinking about suicide. That’s why the project semicolon was created. Project semicolon is an organization which in turn is also a movement that wants to raise awareness of mental health, where in April last year they encouraged all suffering from depression, anxious or prone to hurt. Also it is committed to assist and provide support to those in need, where the main theme is “your story is not yet over”.

semicolon tattoo project

Through social networks this tattoo has become a message of fighting depression, addiction, suicide and the will to follow living. It’s a way to prove to yourself that your situation may change.

Semicolon tattoo designs

The semicolon is a small tattoo that is gaining popularity in recent years, semicolon (;) tattoo goes beyond what at first might seem. It is a way of helping people, or at least I feel those who carry it on their skin. If you are interested with this cute tattoo, here are some examples of semicolon tattoo designs that you can try.

Semicolon tattoo behind ear




semicolon tattoos with words

semicolon inspired tattoos

Semicolon Tattoo

semicolon tattoos behind neck

semicolon tattoo depression

semicolon tattoo butterfly

semicolon tattoo with a saying

semicolon tattoo still breathing

semicolon tattoo idea

semicolon cat tattoo

Be happy & love life semicolon tattoos

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