How Much is a Neck Tattoo? The Price Guide for 2021.

How Much is a Neck Tattoo

Getting a tattoo is a lifelong commitment since the pigment remains permanently in the deeper layer of your skin.

And, while ink fades with time, it takes years for it to show symptoms of degradation.

As a result, take your time planning your tattoo, especially if it will cover a big area of skin.

Consider the location before searching for a parlor.

Almost every inch of your skin might be adorned with this body art.

Still, certain regions, such as the neck, require more attention because they are more delicate than others.

how much is a neck tattoo

Despite their enormous popularity, many individuals are hesitant to get a neck tattoo after hearing stories about people suffering extreme agony due to them.

One thing is certain: the pain is just momentary.

The discomfort will go away in a few days, and you will be able to appreciate the beauty of the tattoo for many years to come.

How much is a neck tattoo?

This is asked a lot by those having curious about tattoos.

Tattoos aren’t inexpensive, so having this topic on your mind is understandable.

Before going to a tattoo parlor, be sure you have adequate money.

This way, you won’t have to cancel at the last minute due to financial constraints.

Average price for Neck Tattoos

LocationAverage Cost
Small neck tattoo$60
Side neck tattoo$60 to over $200
Back of the neck tattoo$60 to over $200
Front of the neck tattoo$60 to over $300
Full / big neck tattoo$500


Side neck tattoo: It depends on the size and amount of details you wish to add. The more details would translate to a higher asking price.

Back of the neck tattoo: The cost goes up as the size increases. The artist’s expertise and popularity also play a part in driving up the cost.

Front of the neck tattoo: Adding plenty of details is a surefire way to bump up the price. Add colors into the equation, it easily costs upwards of $300.

This guy on the video has a wolf tattoo on his neck. It’s quite detailed and medium-sized.

He said it costs $200, but it’s just for reference as you may get a higher or a lower price depending on who you do it with.

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Things to know before getting a neck tattoo

The thing with a neck tattoo is that it sticks out like a sore thumb, which may be good or terrible depending on how you look at it.

For individuals who aren’t afraid to flaunt their tattoos, stunning locations like these would be fun to experiment with because they’re tough to conceal.

Those who wish to be more subtle, on the other hand, should think twice before purchasing one.

A neck tattoo does look bold regardless of how you approach the design.

As a result, consider carefully whether this is something you truly desire.

Furthermore, the pain may be excruciating, especially if you have a poor pain threshold.

A. Is a neck tattoo a good idea?

As we said, a neck tattoo is attention-grabbing.

But despite that, there are facts about this particular tattoo that may influence your decision.

Is a neck tattoo a good idea?

Apart from the higher level of pain, it’s also more prone to fading.

Not only that, it won’t look as good when the skin has gone through its natural process of aging.

The skin around the neck is flexible.

The stretchiness serves its purpose, but when it’s put in the context of tattoos, the long-term outlook doesn’t seem too promising.

We all want a tattoo that retains its quality years after its creation.

Still, it’s not a possibility when it’s not followed by an effort to stay in shape.

As the skin loses its elasticity, the tattoo will start looking dull and flabby.

And then, there’s also a risk of a mishap during the tattoo process.

Ideally, the needle should pierce the dermis layer of the skin.

Otherwise, it will lead to a blowout where the pigment is stored below the top layers.

This improper ink distribution will make the tattoo appear blurry.

This can happen when the artist presses the gun a bit too hard.

Another reason to not get a neck tattoo is that it requires extra care.


It’s one of the most exposed areas on your body.

We know sunlight is bad for tattoos because it erodes the pigment over time.

Unless you’re not bothered with frequent sunscreen applications, it’s better to just skip it altogether.

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B. How much does a neck tattoo hurt?

The neck’s sensitivity is because it is filled with nerve endings.

Even the slightest pressure on it may be felt.

How much does a neck tattoo hurt?

Think about what would happen if it was replaced with something sharp, like a needle.

People’s experiences with tattoo discomfort vary.

Some say it’s mild, while others say it’s unbearably uncomfortable.

Everyone has a different pain threshold.

However, we can’t rule out the possibility that skin sensitivity varies over this region.

The front, for example, is extremely sensitive, which is why it causes so much pain when you touch it directly.

The absence of fat in this region is thought to be the cause.

The fact that the skin is so thin doesn’t help any, either.

Not much improved is the situation in the rear, although reports of a more bearable situation in the lower back region.

Because this area is so densely populated with nerves, relocating it to the rear isn’t going to save you any discomfort.

Your body may not be able to handle the pain as well.

In terms of the side, it still stings a little bit.

Positively, it has a lesser concentration of nerve endings than the other regions, making it a better option.

C. What is the pain level (1 – 10) of a side neck tattoo?

Some people rate it at 7, which means the severity is quite high.

However, it’s also important to note that it applies to the neck as a whole.

And considering the side tends to hurt less, we’d estimate the pain level to be a 6 on a scale of 1 – 10.

It’s more of an individual experience, though.

Those with high pain thresholds are more likely to go through a session with moderate pain.

D. Is it dangerous to get a neck tattoo?

At the end of the day, expertise determines if one is qualified to do tattoo work or not.

As long as a person has had enough training, you shouldn’t be worried that they don’t pay attention to risks associated with doing a particular tattoo.

Is it dangerous to get a neck tattoo?

If this location poses a lot of trouble, none would recommend it.

But the reality proves otherwise.

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Neck tattoos are among the most popular ones, which suggests that they aren’t dangerous.

That said, please take time to find a qualified practitioner.

You can ask for advice from friends or gather information on the internet.

E. How long does a neck tattoo take?

The amount of time needed to complete a tattoo would depend on its complexity and size.

Placement isn’t the most dominant factor unless the area is difficult to reach or causes throbbing pain that you have to break into several sessions.

How long does a neck tattoo take?

If you aim for a tattoo covering the whole neck, it could take 8 hours or more if the design is elaborate.

But if it’s quite small, the artist may get it done in under 4 hours.

F. Celebrity Craze: What is Justin Bieber’s neck tattoo?

His affinity for tattoos has been well-documented over the years.

He’s got many of them in many locations, but the ones on his neck are easy to notice when he is fully clothed.

The rose tattoo is one of the biggest pieces, located next to the ‘patience’ tattoo.

He announced it via his Instagram.

The flower stretches vertically, with the petals being on top of the stem with some leaves on it.

His new hit, ‘Peaches,’ inspired the peach tattoo on the opposite side.

That celebration is justified because the song has become a major success commercially, reaching the summit in dozens of official charts worldwide.

There’s also a big bird tattoo with the word ‘forever’ next to it.

All these really solidify his status as an avid tattoo fan.

Final thoughts

So, How much is a neck tattoo?

The only one who can inform you about the exact price is the artist himself since many factors influence the cost of a tattoo.

Besides size, the amount of work put into the design also affects the cost.

A larger tattoo requires more effort, so it’s reasonable that it costs a lot more than a small one.

Even for a large piece, the cost can’t be estimated before providing further details, such as design and colors.

And let’s not forget that the artist’s popularity also plays a major role.

You can’t expect an established artist to charge the same amount as an up-and-coming artist.

The former has more experience, so they’re entitled to a higher hourly rate.

If you’re curious about the cost of getting a neck tattoo, we’ve spilled the estimates earlier in this article.

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