How Much Does a Knee Tattoo Cost?

how much does a knee tattoo cost

Deciding on where to place a tattoo can be daunting.

It’s not just about how it flatters your looks, but also how much it hurts when the gun is puncturing your skin.

For this reason, think of the placement carefully.

Different locations vary greatly in pain intensity. The knee is one of the interesting locations for a tattoo.

Does it hurt to get it on there?

Yes, and we’ll discover why.

The most interesting thing about the knee is that it’s round in shape.

Unless you want to expand the tattoo to the thigh or shin, there’s quite a limited space for it.

Due to the circular shape, consider choosing a design that corresponds to that.

how much does a 3x5 tattoo cost

It could be a clock, a compass tattoo, or something similar.

It doesn’t have to be an object that comes naturally in a round shape, though.

You can choose anything that fits in the space the knee provides you with.

Furthermore, a knee tattoo also tends to draw attention especially when there’s nothing else surrounding it.

Hence, take your time to come up with a solid design that will leave everyone impressed.

How much does a knee tattoo cost? Here’s the information for you.

The average price for knee tattoos

It’s important to know the cost of a tattoo especially if this is your first time getting it.

Tattoo prices are defined by several factors, one of which is size.

Whether it’s a knee tattoo or another, size goes hand-in-hand with the fee.

A small tattoo typically costs less than $100.

If you don’t mind a new artist doing it, then the starting price could drop to $50.

It may increase slightly depending on the minimum fee the shop charges.

Now for a medium-sized tattoo, it can cost in the $100 – $300 range.

Note that it’s a rough estimate. It can cost more if the design is complex or you want a high-profile artist to do it.

And then, a large tattoo can surpass the $500 mark.

Personal customization assigned to the tattoo affects the price as well.

Let’s say you ask for a highly custom tattoo, then the price could skyrocket.

There are no rules as to how much an artist can charge.

It depends on the level of trust the general public has in him or her.

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Someone who has been in the industry for decades should have a much higher rate than someone who’s been doing the job for only 2 or 3 years.

It doesn’t need further explanation, really.

Besides the artist’s credibility, the popularity of the studio also contributes to the price.

It’s normal for popular studios to charge higher prices.

Things to know before getting a knee tattoo

Getting a cool tattoo sounds exciting, but the experience you have to go through before the ink sets in does not.

So always come prepared and be well-informed about the tattoo you’ll get.

For the record, the knee is one of the most obvious locations for a tattoo. And it looks fascinating, too.

You may have a lot of questions on your mind regarding this, whether it hurts or not, or if it costs a fortune.

It’s okay to be that curious especially if you’ve never done that before.

We’ll provide some insight through the QnA section below.

By the way, aftercare is just as important as preparation.

How well you take care of a tattoo will define how fast it scabs and heals.

Collect information from your artist, so that you know what to do after leaving the studio.

A. Do tattoos on knees hurt?

The pain a knee tattoo inflicts is quite bad because the kneecap is directly exposed to the needle during the tattooing process.

As we know, any area lacking fat tissue protecting the bone is gonna be painful because the sharp tip of the needle works closely to the bones.

The tissue acts as padding to dampen pain.

To give you an idea, put your hand on the knee. You can easily feel the shape of your kneecap.

That said, there are different ways to describe the pain. It can feel like something sharp is scratching your skin.

Or it can feel like burning or stinging. And for some people, the pain is quite moderate.

Which one you’ll experience depends on your pain tolerance though there are some factors that equally matter.

The first one is sex. Women reportedly have greater pain severity than men.

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Weight also plays a role in which heavier people tend to be a bit more sensitive in how they feel pain from tattooing.

Is it possible to reduce it, though?

Take preparation before you visit the parlor to get inked, and this includes avoiding alcohol, staying hydrated, and following all the advice your artist suggests.

B. How long does a knee tattoo take?

A small tattoo can take around an hour to finish.

However, if you ask for finer details and more intricate work, it could take a bit more time.

On the other hand, a tattoo that doesn’t require much effort can be completed in under one hour.

how long does a knee tattoo take

A medium-sized knee tattoo may require 5 hours of tattoo work.

But again, the artist would need more time if it involves detailed line work and a lot of colors.

For your first tattoo, it’s not recommended to prolong the session to more than 5 hours.

It’s one of the worst places for a tattoo, and the pain can literally stop you in your tracks.

On another note, a large tattoo requires a long session that lasts around 8 hours or more.

However, considering the knee cap isn’t that large, to begin with, this is likely not the tattoo you’re aiming for unless you want it to expand to the surrounding area.

A knee tattoo that goes all the way to the thigh or shin looks stunning, actually.

C. Is it hard to tattoo a knee?

The biggest thing that keeps many people from getting a tattoo is usually pain.

The knee isn’t a hidden location like the inner lip, so it shouldn’t be difficult for the artist to inject ink into the skin.

is it hard to tattoo a knee

Now when it comes to pain, it’s likely why you fear a knee tattoo.

To be honest, it’s indeed one of the most painful locations to get a tattoo.

Though everyone has a different experience, there’s no denying that the kneecap doesn’t have much fat tissue, so the needle has to get close to it while working.

It can trigger very sharp pain, not to mention the loud sound of the machine also creates the illusion of a stronger pain.

Additionally, the skin in this area is quite thin, which further reinforces the discomfort.

D. How much does a 3×5 tattoo cost?

A tattoo that covers 3×5 inches of the skin is considered medium-sized, so expect to pay around $250 or more.

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It’s not a fixed price given that every artist charges differently.

Getting it in a famous tattoo shop and by an established artist, for instance, should cost higher.

It also depends on where you live.

3x5 inch tattoo price

You can’t really compare tattoo prices in big and smaller cities. They tend to be costlier in big cities.

Another thing to note is the artist’s expertise.

If you aim for quality work with fine details, then work with a talented artist in your area.

To make up for the skill and satisfying result, you need to dig deeper into your pocket.

The amount of ink used also matters, so do the colors.

Two tattoos of the size can have different prices if one is black and the other is colored.

E. How much do tattoos cost per letter?

Whether it’s a single letter or a word, size is the bigger determining factor.

If it’s quite small which covers around 4 sq inches or less, then it should cost somewhere between $50 and $200.

A larger one will cost more no doubt.

By the way, artists don’t usually calculate cost on a letter-by-letter basis.

Apart from size, his skill and experience also contribute to that.

We’ve addressed this many times before, so we believe you know what to expect from a major artist or a newcomer.

Final Thoughts

How much does a knee tattoo cost?

It’s better to just visit a shop and ask the artist because it depends on the size, design, and other factors.

In case you’re curious about the range, we’ve had it covered in this article.

Please scroll back up to read it again.

Now speaking of pain, a knee tattoo does hurt. In fact, it belongs with the armpit and rib cage in severity levels.

The thing is pain is temporary, and the tattoo is permanent. Thus, it shouldn’t stop you from getting a tattoo.

Many have actually gone through it successfully.

Don’t forget that there are a few things you can do to manage the pain better.

Besides numbing cream, dividing the work into shorter sessions also helps.

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