How Old Do You Have to Be to Get a Tattoo in Florida?

How Old Do You Have to Be to Get a Tattoo in Florida?

So you live in Florida, you’ve been a tattoo enthusiast for the past year, and you’re wondering, “How old do you have to be to get a tattoo in Florida?”

Well, according to the Law in Florida, Nobody shall perform tattooing on a person under 16 years of age unless there are medical reasons behind the procedure.

And it has to be done by someone who holds the appropriate license defined by chapters 466, 459, or 458.

tattoo age in florida

Tattooing cannot be done on anyone under the age of 18 unless their parent or guardian has given written informed consent.

However, there are other circumstances in which a procedure can be legally undertaken, such as:

  • The minor and their parent or guardian can prove their identities’ legality, which can be attained through photo identification approved by the government.
  • The parent or guardian sends their notarized consent according to the format provided by the department. The parent has to show evidence that they are indeed related to the child. And if the minor is accompanied by a legal guardian, they also have to prove that they have the legal authority to take care of the child’s best interests.
  • The procedure is undertaken by a licensed tattooist as specified in ss. 381.00771-381.00791. It’s also valid when performed by someone who holds a license to practice dentistry or medicine per chapters 459, 466, or 458.
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what age can you get a tattoo

It becomes clear that the state imposes strict restrictions regarding tattoo practice, especially when performed on a minor.

The truth is, this has become a major concern in most states. Most don’t allow it to occur when involving a minor.

Tattoo Artists are also prohibited from facilitating it even if they hold the proper license to engage in the activity.

For a procedure to legally qualify as legitimate, it needs to be done with prior consent from the child’s parent or guardian.

The parent is also required to show proof of their status as the actual parent.

The same goes for a procedure in which the parent’s role is replaced by a guardian. They also need to prove that they’re appointed to act in the minor’s interests.

Law on Tattoos FAQs

Can I get a tattoo at 16 in Florida?

It’s possible under certain circumstances, like if it serves a medical or dental purpose. In general, this practice is not permitted.

Can you be 14 and get a tattoo in Florida?

The younger the age, the lower the chances of getting a tattoo.

Minors are often excluded from demographics that are eligible for tattoos. So if you are 14 and live in the state, your best option is to wait until you’re of legal age.

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Not that it’s risky or anything, but minors are presumed to lack the maturity to make informed decisions.

As a result, they usually don’t have the same legal rights as adults.

That being said, the door is open, although specific requirements should be met before the artist can proceed. Otherwise, their action would be regarded as unlawful and punishable.

Can you be 17 and get a tattoo in Florida?

where can you get a tattoo at 16

Yes, with consent from your parent or legal guardian.

Obtaining written notarized consent will take you closer to achieving your goal.

There’s a form that the parent or guardian has to fill out to prove that they voluntarily give permission for the procedure.

It’s also important for them to accompany the kid throughout the whole process.

Once approved, it will give the artist the legal right to do what they’re supposed to do.

Can you get a tattoo at 17 without parental consent in Florida?

No, it’s the most important requirement one has to meet if one wants to fulfill their wish to get a tattoo.

A client shouldn’t deliberately try to come off as an older person because it may put the artist into trouble. Just be honest and comply with the law.

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Should I get a tattoo at 17?

It’s a bit too young to consider a tattoo at this age.

For the record, restrictions put in place by a state usually serve to protect minors because they are deemed incapable of giving valid consent.

Anyone at this age would automatically be disqualified from being a candidate for tattoo work.

What states allow 16 tattoos?

States don’t usually regulate the number of tattoos one can have. Their primary concern is to set age limits for tattooing and piercing.

Tattoo Age in Florida Conclusion

So, how old do you have to be to get a tattoo in Florida?

We believe you know the answer already after scanning through the paragraphs.

To be honest, that’s actually a positive thing to forbid tattooing on minors since they’re still growing up and tend to change their minds all the time.

Tattooists don’t just care about pleasing clients by putting in their best effort.

They’re also concerned about how clients feel after the tattoo is permanently marked on the skin.

So before agreeing with someone to make a tattoo, they’ll make sure they are mentally prepared for that.

And many professionals in this field believe that minors are too immature to make such important decisions for themselves.

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