How Old Do You Have to Be to Get a Tattoo in Virginia?

How Old Do You Have to Be to Get a Tattoo in Virginia

Wondering about How Old Do You Have to Be to Get a Tattoo in Virginia?

Per the Virginia Policy, it’s unlawful for anyone to carry out tattoo work on someone under 18 years old when they know or believe that they are still a minor.

There is, however, an exception if the procedure is undertaken under parental supervision or performed/ordered by a physician or another qualified healthcare professional pursuant to title 54.1 with regards to their practice.

tattoo age in virginia

As tattoos are gaining in popularity, the number of parlors is also increasing steadily. It then raises concerns over how the work should be performed.

Many states are on board, supporting practice that’s done in a safe environment.

Virginia is no exception.

Along with the criteria mentioned above, the state also urges practitioners to follow the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s recommendations while practicing medicine.

And as such, an artist must enlighten a client before a session begins.

Here’s some essential information that a client needs to know regarding tattoo practice:

#1. Tattooing is considered invasive because it uses an instrument to invade the body.

In this case, the instrument happens to be a needle driven by a tattoo machine. The needle grouping has to puncture the skin to inject ink into the dermis layer of the skin and create a lasting effect.

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#2. Clients run the risk of contracting diseases if the procedure doesn’t meet the required safety standards.

It has to do with the fact that tattooing may involve an exchange of bodily fluids.

That’s why artists are advised to use individual instruments for every client and dispose of them when the session has ended.

This way, the risk of exposure to harmful pathogens can be minimized.

#3. It’s also important to inform them that allergic reactions can happen to those developing sensitivity to substances in the tattoo ink.

Even if severe cases aren’t too common, taking safety precautions remains critical.

People with sensitive skin are more likely to experience adverse effects from tattoo dye.

By the way, that’s not the only potential irritant. Tools used during the procedure may also cause similar reactions, especially the ones that contain metal.

#4. Tattooing can cause pain or discomfort.

The severity would depend on the client’s pain tolerance and where the tattoo is located. It turns out that many clients know about this before they make an appointment.

However, you still need to explain the different pain levels associated with the other placements.

And then, it’s also necessary to point out that anesthesia is rarely considered, be it administered by the inhalation or intravenous route.

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As for numbing creams, though people love them to get through a pain-free session, they don’t always work effectively.

For some, the loss of sensation is just mild, and pain still persists throughout the session.

Tell what you know about numbing creams in the tattoo field, especially if they come up with such questions.

Tattoo Law in Virginia FAQs

Can you get a tattoo at 16 in Virginia?

The law sets the minimum age for getting a tattoo at 18, meaning that someone needs to be this age or older by the time the procedure occurs.

Can you get a tattoo at 16 in Virginia?

That said, it’s still possible in some scenarios, like when there’s parental consent or if it’s performed or ordered by a doctor.

Despite parental involvement, many artists choose to not serve anyone below the legal age.

To them, it’s not just about complying with the rules, but it’s also based on the notion that people around this age are too young to make such a big decision.

Can a 15-year-old get a tattoo in Virginia?

If a 17-year old can’t get it, then a younger one definitely wouldn’t meet the legal age requirement to access this sort of stuff. So the answer is no, 15 years old can’t get it and should wait for a couple more years.

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What states allow 16-year-olds to get tattoos?

There are some, like Florida, Louisiana, and Kansas. However, parental consent is still legally required in a notarized statement and or physical presence during the procedure.

Can a 17-year-old get a tattoo in Virginia with parental consent?

Yes, parental consent is what makes a difference to someone’s chance of getting a tattoo.

Can a 17-year-old get a tattoo in Virginia with parental consent

A young client needs to obtain and show proof of it to be eligible for a tattoo.

Can you tattoo babies?

No, it’s inexcusable to even consider this on a baby. No parent should put their baby through that suffering for no reason.

Can a minor get a tattoo in Virginia?

Yes, but only with consent from the parent, as addressed before. It can also be done with supervision from the doctor.

Tattoo Age in Virginia Conclusion

So, you should have got the answer to how old you have to be to get a tattoo in Virginia.

One has to be 18 or older to have this performed on them.

Artists are also required to obey the rules because any violation would be regarded as a misdemeanor.

Getting a tattoo can be a life-changing decision, so it’s reasonable to expect one to abide by the age requirement before it’s made available.

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