What Tattoo Should I Get? 6 Things to Think About as Beginner.

What Tattoo Should I Get

What tattoo should I get? Picking a tattoo design is indeed overwhelming, especially when this hasn’t been planned before.

There are literally innumerable choices. It also doesn’t help that a tattoo is a permanent mark, so once the ink sets in, there’s little you can do to reverse the progress.

The only viable way to revert to your clear skin is through tattoo removal technology, which is not instant as it can take several treatments to get rid of all the traces.

what tattoo should you get

Before getting a tattoo, please contemplate if this is something you truly want. It’s not unheard of that people develop an aversion to things they originally adored.

The same thing can happen if you’re not really keen on a design but proceed to get it, anyway.

Things to consider when deciding what tattoo should I get

A. Purpose of Getting Tattoos

What’s your intent behind the creation of the tattoo?

A tattoo can be a special reminder or a display of passion. Well, it can mean anything, even as a way to show your sense of humor.

Not every tattoo has to be deep or personal. It can also contain words that would make people laugh.

Only the owner knows exactly what they’re trying to convey through a tattoo.

The message is either explicit or implicit, and all we can do is interpret it in our own way.

Some people use tattoos to channel out pent-up sadness. Coping up with the loss of someone is never easy.

But instead of fighting the negative thoughts, directing them to something positive will help you heal, and tattoos are perfect for that.

They can teach a thing or two about letting go and acceptance.

B. Get opinions

There are many benefits of getting outside advice.

First, it can broaden your horizon about all the diverse tattoo ideas. Second, it can keep you from getting in a situation where you deeply regret what you did.

Rushing to get a tattoo is one of the reasons why one may end up with utter disappointment.

Therefore, don’t get inked before you’re certain of the design.

Ask friends and family for their opinions, and then meet up with tattoo enthusiasts who surely have interesting insights on this matter.

You can also lookup an online community that allows users to conduct a poll to gather feedback from other members.

C. Tattoo Placement

There are many factors at play that account for the longevity of a tattoo, and placement is one of them.

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Placing a tattoo in a high-traffic area may cause it to fade sooner. Do you like to rub your tummy, forearm, or another part of the body?

consider tattoo location on your body

If so, getting a tattoo in that location isn’t a brilliant idea. The more frequent the friction, the faster the ink will lose its crispness.

You should also consider whether the tattoo would be put in a visible location or not.

Some people hide them under the garment because they want to keep a low profile.

Others like to make bold statements with tattoos covering visible parts of their skin.

It’s not just about expressing confidence, though. When a tattoo is noticeable, it’s also prone to sun exposure and UV damage.

Aftercare does go a long way towards preserving pigment quality but avoid locations that sunlight can reach easily if you’re not bothered by that.

D. Tattoo Size

Size is inextricably linked to many things, including pain, cost, and maintenance.

Smaller tattoos don’t take much time to complete, so they don’t inflict as much pain as larger ones.

That being said, size isn’t the only common denominator of tattoo pain.

The position relative to the bones also plays a part. For instance, if a tattoo is in close proximity to the shinbone, it would hurt bad that you’re unable to stay calm during the session.

In terms of prices, small tattoos are more affordable. There’s no room to cram a bunch of details, so regardless of the intricacy and color, it shouldn’t cost a fortune.

Meanwhile, big pieces cost considerably more, especially when they cover large regions of the skin.

Tattoo sleeves are a prime example. Other areas that allow for gigantic tattoos include the back, thighs, and chest.

While it’s cool to have a big tattoo, extra maintenance also goes with it. Remember that UV rays are a damaging factor to this body art.

So anytime you go out on a sunny day, please apply sunscreen to prevent blowouts and premature fading.

E. Tattoo Style

It’s also important to decide on the direction a tattoo takes, or call it the style. Each style is represented with unique traits that make them distinguishable from others.

Take blackwork as an example. Tattoos that belong in this category are created solely with black ink.


You can tell that a piece is a blackwork just by looking at its appearance.

There’s no hint of another color; if you notice other areas having other shades, that’s just how the ink is distributed in different concentrations across the tattoo.

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Neo-traditional is another interesting style consisting of defined lines and vibrant hues.

They tend to be more expressive in exploring the frull range of colors.

Another popular style lauded for its sophistication is realism.

Tattoos taking this style are depicted identical to how they appear in real life. Thus, they don’t need extravagant embellishments to amp up the aesthetics.

The 3D representation alone already gives them so much depth and strong aesthetic touch.

There are other magnificent styles apart from the ones above, such as the new school, tribal, watercolor, abstract, and geometric.

F. Artistry

In an artistic pursuit, the creative skill of an artist makes a big difference to the outcome.

Anything that falls under the umbrella of art requires artistry. And the amount of fine details a tattoo can have, the artist contributes substantially to that.

For the record, not all artists excel in producing fine lines, which is why it’s important to be straightforward the moment you have a conversation with one.

Ask whether they can deliver detailed work if that’s what you wish for. If not, maybe just look elsewhere.

There are many talented artists out there, all having unique skill sets and preferences.

One thing for sure, this kind of work isn’t cheap. Detailed tattoos take more time to finish, which eventually drives up their prices.

Not only that, but aftercare also requires more attention since fine lines are more susceptible to blurring.

Back to artistry, it’s clear that this has become a concern to many. The degree of attractiveness of a tattoo is influenced by how well it’s presented visually.

We’re visual creatures who will be spellbound by the sight of images that capture the essence of an idea.

The following are some frequently asked questions that newcomers may have.

How do I decide what tattoo to get?

Do some research to gain knowledge of tattoo ideas. Just don’t quickly go to a shop for inking before you click with a design.

That’s to save you from future disappointment. There are many sources and people that can show you all the different types of tattoos.


Social media is the right place to start your search because artists often set up social media accounts and publish their works there.

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter are some popular platforms where you can discover gazillions of tattoo designs.

Should I get an American traditional tattoo?

If you appreciate it, then why not? This style is mainly characterized by the use of strong lines and vivid colors. Colors that are typically incorporated into the work include black, yellow, and red.

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However, you may need to be cautious with symbols that reflect indigenous cultures.

There’s no denying that tattoos are stunning, but they could cross the line when containing symbols seen as markers of identity.

What tattoo should I get for my first one?

We’re not gonna recommend any design since there are too many to name, but it’s always good to look into yourself to figure out what you’re passionate about.


A tattoo can be made in commemoration of a special moment in life. It can also serve as a direct reflection of your character.

If you love and live for things, integrate them into the tattoo and let the world see your true self through it.

What tattoo should I get (male)?

Men usually prefer tattoos that look intimidating and masculine. But then again, not all people are the same.

Just because some men are into bold tattoos doesn’t mean we should generalize the whole group. At the end of the day, tattoos are an individual choice.

We shouldn’t put people in boxes regarding what they can or can’t do with their lives. Let’s appreciate how people choose to present themselves.

What tattoo should I get based on my personality?

What kind of personality do you have, though? If you’re a tough and hard-working person, a bee or an anchor tattoo would be fitting.


If you consider yourself courageous, then consider getting a lion or a wolf tattoo.

If you dream of limitless freedom not confined to spaces, a bird tattoo would be terrific to illustrate that. A bald eagle or a broken chain tattoo can also be an alternative.

All in all, you know yourself better than anyone else does, so you’d know what tattoo would match your personality.

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