35 Stunning Lotus Flower Tattoo

The lotus flower springs forth from muddy and murky waters, eventually rising to float on the surface. The most beautiful things in life don’t come easy. It’s hard, dark, and you really have to fight through the muck, but it’s that fight that makes the good times that much better and your spirit that much stronger!

The original flower Asia is mystical and full of meanings -Great choice for those who want to get a tattoo that unites personality and delicacy

The lotus flower unites style, personality, meaning and femininity, and can be marked on the skin with lines and colors of the most diverse, adapting to the personality of each. Aquatic plant native to Asia, the flower is famous for its longevity – experts believe that its seeds can germinate over 13 centuries!

The beauty of the flower with many petals and an air of mysticism, is a nifty tip for those who have not yet decided which design tattoo. See more information gathered by the site Woman tips:

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Lotus flower tattoo meaning

The lotus flower is related above all to life. Because it is a flower born of mud, swamp, it also symbolizes the resilience, the strength, the ability to go through difficulties and see the positive side of the situation. In Buddhism, it is also associated with purity and awakening of spirituality, unborn perfectly in an unexpected location.

There’s no place specific body to tattoo the lotus flower. What better place to get a tattoo any design, regardless of whatever it is that has a good aesthetic and value area of the body. An aesthetically perfect design can be beautiful without clinging to the image.

No matter what part of the body, but that the tattoo is done very competently, there is no better place to tattoo particular design, but the sensitivity and perception of the artist make it fit and flow with the body of each. So always worth the advice: look for a good tattoo artist, know their work, know the studio and where he works. This is all determining factor for you to have a beautiful job and tasteful, you will want to show to everyone. If you feel like getting a tattoo, but has not yet decided on the design, it is worth checking to these awesome lotus flower tattoo designs below:

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best lotus flower tattoo on back

lotus flower water color tattoo designs

lotus flower and elephant tattoo


lotus flower tattoo arm

lotus flower tattoo design on back

lotus flower om tattoo designs

lotus flower tattoo tribal

watercolor lotus flower tattoo

dot work lotus flower tattoo sleeve

lotus flower tattoo tribute to family on back

lotus flower tattoo thigh

lotus flower tattoo cover up

lotus flower and elephant tattoo

lotus flower tattoo with koi fish

neo traditional lotus tattoo

lotus ohm tattoo designs

lotus tattoo small

lotus tattoo with names

lotus flower tattoo henna

black and grey beautiful detailed lotus flower tattoo

lotus purple tattoo

lotus tattoo behind ear

lotus flower tattoo buddhist

lotus tattoo with words

little lotus flower

lotus flower yin yang tattoo

lotus tattoo arm with om symbol

geometric lotus flower tattoo

lotus tattoo lower back

lotus tattoo upper back

egyptian lotus flower tattoo designs


lotus flower fairy tattoo

japanese koi and lotus flower tattoo designs

lotus flower tattoo rib

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