10 Dandelion Tattoo – What is behind Dandelion Tattoo Meaning

People who have tattoos choose their own symbols. Each symbol they picked to be drawn on their skin has meaning that sometimes relatable with their life experience. One of the popular tattoo symbols is dandelion. Dandelion tattoo meaning can be interpreted in so many ways. It has particular religion aspect, spiritual, or even emotional related to it. Everyone who sees this flower usually thinks it is indeed a one of a kind flower. It is because its seedlings that form together beautifully to create one flower. Did you know that a lot of interpretation about dandelion tattoos sometimes as equal with the amount of its seedlings? Or, we can say that the reflection of dandelion can be as many things in life which happen together and make our life more meaningful.

Dandelion and human’s past

Talking about dandelion symbol as a tattoo, some people relate it with someone’s past. It can be about reconnecting with human’s past that we can’t do anything about it. Meanwhile, it is also about connecting the future that promises humans of all our wishes. This is the relation between dandelions with human’s past. This meaning probably is one of the deepest meanings of dandelion tattoo. This symbol is the perfect symbol for those who want to have happy live in the moment and let go of the past behind him or her. Dandelion tattoo will fit for those people who have freedom personality.

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Dandelion and the bird

Dandelion and the bird is quite popular tattoo symbol. This popular design is related to seedlings of dandelion which transform into flying birds. It shows that sometimes even all the things that blow which is something that can take you down, they can give you freedom that makes you free emotionally from people around you. It is more about finding the true identity of yourself by going somewhere higher just like the birds. If you feel like one of those people who want to take risk in finding yourself, to free your soul from people’s cage, and to have the chance to see you grow in the process, this design will be perfect fit.

Dandelion and human’s wishes

Before we have failure in our life or something that didn’t go as we expected, you should see when a dandelion is blown. The seedlings which are floating in the air are the important reflection that sometimes we send our wishes to the sky until God hears it. This could be another meaning of dandelion tattoo. Many people are certain that dreams and wishes are essential in our part to keep us alive and never stop giving up.
So, after you read dandelion tattoo meaning, have you decided which dandelion symbol is the best one for you?

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