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Best Tattoo Power Supply: Reviews and Buying Guide 2022

There’s a lot that a professional tattoo artist should prepare. Apart from a design, he should also pick quality equipment to work with. Of all tattoo supplies, a power supply is one of the most essential components.

The thing is they come in different variants. You should get one that corresponds to the machine being used. Before getting the best tattoo power supply, please familiarize yourself with the way it works.

While doing a tattoo, you’re supposed to step on a foot pedal connected to the machine. This allows you to adjust the power that the machine exerts. And it also has a direct impact on the strength of the needles hitting the skin.

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The Best Tattoo Power Supplies

1. Pirate Face Tattoo – Digital Tattoo Power Supply with Foot Pedal

Pirate Face Tattoo Dual Digital Tattoo Power Supply with Foot Pedal and 2 Clip Cords, Black Color 5 Count (Pack of 1)

This product is made for those in need for an ease to use power supply. The construction is high quality and would make a perfect fit for any type of machine. It can work with a shader or a liner. Just with a simple switch you can send power to your device and starts tattooing.

This one has a digital design, so accuracy is one of its strong points. It also comes equipped with a foot pedal which looks distinctive thanks to the stainless steel construction.

If you’re wondering about specs, the output levels are from DC 1.5 to 18V. Another thing you’d find appealing is the versatility. You can use it in multiple countries. Just make sure to choose the matching power cord.

2. Bronc – Professional Tattoo Power Supply

Remove the unit from the box, so you can see the design up close. The screen has a protector that you can get rid of to have a better view of the screen. By the way, the output voltage levels are from 3V to 18V.

This unit has memory modes as well as presets for different types of machines, including shaders and liners. This is important especially if you often switch from one machine to another. There are maintained and momentary modes on the foot switch.

To get started, connect everything together and then push the power button for a while. Press on the same button for a bit longer to switch off.

The foot pedal also has indicator lights, allowing you to switch between modes with ease. For instance, if you want to work with a liner, just switch on the corresponding light.

3. Aurora – Tattoo Power Supply

New Aurora Tattoo Power Supply

One thing you should look for in a power supply is compatibility with different types of machines. We aren’t just talking about shaders and liners, but also rotary machines which have become increasingly popular.

This unit can work with any of the aforementioned machines. It’s very user friendly. Even those with moderate skills should be able to operate this device. There are switch modes, which are quite typical for such devices. It allows you to change voltage without missing a beat.

As with the previous model, this has 2 foot medal modes. The first one is momentary, and the second one is maintained. This unit offers great rigidity due to its anodized aluminum construction.

It also comes with magnets along with silicone grips which further boost its versatility as you can use it on any surface. Weighing just 300g, the unit has output voltage ranging from 1.5V – 17V. That’s broad enough for doing all kinds of tattoo work.

4. Yuelong – Tattooing Power Supply Kit

Tattoo Power Supply Kit - Yuelong Professional Tattooing Power Supply Kit Intelligent Digital Dual LCD Tattoo Machine Gun Power Supply Foot Pedal Clip Cord Tattoo Supplies

When it comes to reputable tattoo suppliers, Yuelong has earned a spot in that list. There are many awesome products that the company has made. If you’re looking for a power supply, please consider this one.

Let’s dig deep into the specs. First thing first, it can be operated with rotary and coil machines. It has a solid LCD display to show you the voltage and other important parameters, like amps and duty. It’s also loaded with a stop watch to make tattoo sessions more fun to monitor.

As for voltage levels, they are controllable though the up and down buttons. Don’t worry about assembly because putting things together is not as difficult as it might seem. Just read the instructions in case you have trouble installing the magnets, adaptor, and other items in the package.

The versatile construction allows you to place it on any surface. Besides, it’s light in weight. If you need to take your tattoo equipment with you, this shouldn’t be a problem.

5. Mast – Tattoo Machine Power Supply

Mast Halo Tattoo Power Supply Box LCD Digital Display for Tattoo Machines

Coil machines come in two types, liners and shaders. We often have to use both simultaneously since they do different tasks. For this reason, make sure a power supply is compatible with both machines. Rotary compatibility is another big plus.

Well, glad to hear that this power supply supports all three. Not just that, it has such a versatile design. It delivers a stable current for continuous tattoo work. The unit is compact, which means it’s perfect for travelling.

From the outside, the device looks solid with its aluminum housing. Meanwhile, the bottom part has a unique design to make it resistance to slip. The push knob can do a lot of things from turning on/off to switching modes.

The indicator lights are pleasant to look at because each one is attributed to a different voltage level. The output is 1.5v–12v with 0.1v increments of voltage adjustment.

As for operation, this power supply doesn’t demand that much skill.

6. Tazay – Multifunctional Tattoo Machine Power Supply Kit

Tattoo Power Supply, Tazay Dual Digital LCD Design Tattoo Power Supply Multifunctional Tattoo Machine Power Supply Kit for Tattoo Machine Gun Foot Pedal Tattoo Supply

This power supply offers easy operation through the turn knob. You can adjust the voltage to your needs. It also comes with digital display to show you the current voltage. And then, it works for coil and rotary machines.

The foot pedal has two modes, momentary and maintained. As for outputs, it starts at zero with an upper limit of 18V. It offers so much flexibility in case you want to work on a sophisticated tattoo design. If you have face technical difficulties during operation, feel free to contact the supplier.

Picking The Best Tattoo Power Supply

1. Voltage

This is the most important of all. As said before, tattoo supplies are available in various voltage outputs. Choosing an incorrect unit could potentially harm your machine. Besides, your machine may not work as it should.

For your information, voltage directly affects how a machine works. A bigger output indicates that the machine can hit with more power.

Some units can operate at lower voltage levels, while others need higher ones. This information is stated clearly in the box, so you just need to read it to find out the specs of the unit.

2. Type

Unless the power supply comes in a bundle with the machine, you need to know whether you want a digital unit or an analog one. Each one has its distinct characteristics, but it should depend on your skill and your knowledge of the particular type.

Digital power supplies usually provide more accurate readings. They are also generally easier to read, which means they are suitable for novice users.

Unfortunately, these devices cost more compared to the analog ones. Well, if you don’t have an experience with this kind of device, you should get the digital type even if that means you have to pay more.

3. Compatibility

Do you need a power supply for your existing tattoo machine? For one reason or another, you may need to replace the old power supply. In this situation, compatibility should be the biggest concern.

If possible, you should get a power supply that’s identical to the old one. This aims to avoid compatibility issues.

But how about if you can’t find the same unit?

Then you should look for one that’s close to it in specifications. It’s worth-noting that some power supplies are only intended for use with rotary machines, while others are more compatible with coil machines.

Please find out if the unit has this requirement, so that you don’t end up buying an incompatible product. A universal device can also be a solution. These type of supplies are designed to be compatible with different types of machines from various brands.

4. Portability

Do you plan on carrying it around?

If so, then you should choose a compact unit. A compact power supply may be somewhat limited in performance, but it has compactness to make up for it. The information about dimensions is also stated in the specs of the product. You just need to read them carefully.

Good Tattoo Power Supply Conclusion

Finding the best tattoo power supply could be a taxing job, too, especially if you need a replacement part for your existing machine. You must compare different products to find the most fitting one.

And there’s a lot to think of. For example, you must be sure about the compatibility of the product. If you end up buying a unit that doesn’t match, it may end up in your garage.

Next, calculate the budget. How much do you want to spend on a power supply?

Are a hundred bucks out of reach? Or this isn’t even a question since you’d be willing to pay any sum for the best quality. Just be deliberate before you come up with a budget.

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