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Best Color Tattoo Ink: Reviews and Buying Guide 2022

It takes more than just a tattoo gun to do a tattoo. There are other supplies that also take part in the process, one of which is ink.

Before we reveal our list of the best color tattoo inks, let us explain to you a couple things about this equipment.

First of all, you should know that tattoo ink has two different components, a carrier and a colorant.

As the name suggests, a carrier is a substance that allows pigment molecules to seep into the skin.

Meanwhile, a colorant is the actual pigment. It can be made of mineral or organic sources.

Choosing quality ink is important because it determines the durability and color quality.

High-end ink produces vivid and vibrant colors that don’t fade easily. Remember that for a tattoo artist, clients’ satisfaction is the uppermost goal.

If you choose low quality ink just to save a few bucks, it will cost you more in the long run.

A quality machine means nothing when the ink can’t match up in terms of quality.

For this reason, always choose quality ink colors to make sure that they meet your expectations.

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Best Color Tattoo Inks

1. Solong Tattoo Ink Set 54 Complete Colors Pigment Kit 1/6oz (5ml) Tattoo Supply for Tattoo Kit TI1001-5-54

Have you tried tattoo ink by Solong? This supplier offers a wide variety of tattoo supplies, not just ink.

If you haven’t had ink, yet, you can consider this especially if the machine you already own is manufactured by the same brand. This set consists of quality pigment colors. They come in 5ml bottles.

Apart from having good vibrancy, the water soluble pigments also seep into the skin without a problem. Besides, they don’t fade quickly after the completion of a tattoo. In terms of safety, they are excellent thanks to the gamma ray sterilization process.

2. Skin Candy Bloodline Tattoo Ink Set Best 7 Selling Colors 1/2oz + Free 20 Stable Ink Caps Bundle

There are a few different colors in this package, among others, black, red, blue, and purple. You’ll also get 20 ink caps. This package has earned many happy customers. You can read the reviews on the product page. Here are a few benefits of buying this ink lineup.

First, the colors are good. They are not only bright, but also vivid. You can create any tattoo design you desire and add life to it. This set is suitable for both beginners and professionals.

By the way, the package already includes 20 ink caps, so you don’t have to buy them separately before starting your tattoo work.

3. Millennium Mom’s Tattoo Ink – 41 Color Set – 1/2 oz

Millennium Mom’s is one of the most reputable brands when it comes to tattoo ink. If you want ink colors with guaranteed quality, you should buy a set by this brand. There are a few benefits of buying this specific package.

First of all, the colors are smooth in the sense that the pigment and carrier mix very well. The color quality is also impressive. It’s true that safety should come first, but quality is still a big deal. All inks in this package have vibrant colors.

A tattoo made with a mixture of these shades will appear very lively and beautiful. Another area where it shines is consistency. As we know, consistency is essential to define ink quality.

Fortunately, this set doesn’t disappoint here. There’s no problem with durability, either. You’ll notice it long after finishing a tattoo because the colors don’t diminish in quality quickly.

4. One Tattoo World Premium Tattoo Ink Set (15 Colors, 15 ml bottle)

This set has 15 bottles of varied color inks. From the top portion of the product page, the company has made it clear that this product is safe to use. So if you’re highly concerned about safety, this would be a good pick.

Now let’s discuss the quality. All these pigments have vibrant colors. There is a fascinating array of hues to choose from. They have unique names, too, like rose pink, baby blue, snow white, bamboo, and much more.

While the set delivers good quality, the way of doing a tattoo also affects color durability. In this case, you should make sure that the ink gets into the dermis layer of the skin to make it last. This can be done by using the right needle.

5. StarBrite Colors Sterilized Tattoo Ink – 7 Bottles Starter Set 1/2 oz

StarBrite is another brand that many tattoo professionals would recommend. Its products are popular for a number of reasons.

This specific set includes 6 colors (red, green, blue, yellow, and white, as well as 2 black bottle inks.)

Well, these are more than enough to create beautiful, colorful tattoos.

Speaking of quality, it’s easy to create vibrant tattoos with these inks because they’re that good.

The same goes for durability. You can compare them to black and white pigments by other popular brands.

The colors are resistant to fading as long as you inject the ink correctly.

Another thing we like is the consistent ink flow, which makes tattooing feel like a seamless experience.

What about safety? If this has you worried, we’re happy to say that the colors have gone through a strict sterilization process to eradicate any unwanted microorganisms.

6. Tattoo Ink Set – MOM’S Nuclear UV Blacklight Colors 9 Primary 1/2oz

This is another offering from Millennium Moms. This brand has been around for so long. What’s not to love about this brand?

The tattoo ink lineup consists of diverse and luscious colors. People also love the consistency of the ink. Whether you’re new or a professional, Moms will always be a brand to rely upon.

The eye-popping colors are the reason why people can’t stop using inks from this brand.

It’s hard to not notice a tattoo when it’s composed of vibrant colors. This is the kind of experience that this brand has to offer.

By the way, this package is slightly different from the previous one, both in quantity and color assortment.

The good news is they all have the same quality traits. The inks in this package are homogenized and formulated perfectly to make them flow smoothly.

The ink consistency of the other package can also be found here.

Basically, don’t expect this set to lag behind other Mom products in terms of quality. They are all equally good.

The only difference is the ink counts and colors, which are a matter of preference.

Tips for choosing the best color tattoo ink

1. Double check on the ingredients

The pigment will get stuck in the skin for years. You wouldn’t want harmful substances to be part of it. There are many different ink products by different brands.

You should read carefully the chemicals that an ink is made of before making a purchase. Be sure none of those compounds are toxic to the human body. Toxins in any form should never find their way into the body because they can trigger health-related issues.

2. Ask from another tattoo artist

Perhaps, the best way to get a safe ink is by asking someone who has been in the business for a long time.

Professional tattoo artists usually know color inks that are considered safe and high quality. You can use the same products as them.

3. Test for an allergic reaction

In case a pigment triggers an allergic reaction, please stop the use right away. Avoid buying a large set of inks if you’re uncertain about the safety of the pigments.

They may not cause any reaction to someone else, but your immune system can react differently to those tiny particles.

To find out if you’re allergic to a pigment, you can apply some of it on the skin and wait for a few minutes.

If the skin turns red or feels itchy, it shows that the pigment isn’t right for you. Don’t use it for tattooing because it may trigger even more severe reactions if you keep going.

4. Consider vegan ink

Vegan tattoo ink is perfect for those who put safety on top of their priority list. It’s also suitable for sensitive skin.

If your skin type doesn’t allow you to experiment with a variety of inks, just go for the vegan type. It has many advantages.

First, it doesn’t have traces of animal products. Being a vegetarian is more than just refusing to eat meat.

It’s also important for some vegans to avoid products made from animals.

Vegan ink has this benefit for you. Besides, it’s also claimed to be better for immunity. In terms of quality, it still looks very vibrant and bright.

Top Color Tattoo Inks Final Thoughts

You need to be careful in choosing the best color tattoo ink.

That’s because ink comes in direct contact with the skin and stays in the dermis layer for years.

For this reason, quality should be the top priority.

Don’t buy an ink solely based on its vivid color and good consistency.

Many products easily meet the criteria, but when safety is added to the equation, some of them won’t make the cut.

Trustworthy ink brands have rigorously tested their products before sending them to the market.

These are the brands that many tattoo artists usually use and recommend to others. You should buy from them to ensure the best quality.

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