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Best Tattoo Ink Brand: Reviews and Buying Guide 2022

You can’t choose tattoo ink randomly because it may pose health risks.

Remember that the chemicals in ink will be deposited in the dermis layer of the skin for a long time.

If those chemicals are toxic to the body, they can trigger various health issues.

To prevent them, please use only high-quality products. The best way to do it is by focusing on the best tattoo ink brands.

Allergic reactions are just one problem associated with the use of harmful tattoo ink.

There are many other complications that you should be aware of.

Don’t be fooled by the appearance of ink because it has nothing to do with safety.

Just because ink delivers a vibrant color doesn’t make it safe for skin application.

The only way to measure that is by knowing all the ingredients.

If it sounds too much work, then your best bet is on reputable brands.

These brands have been around for years or even decades and have received rave reviews from customers.

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Best Tattoo Ink Brands

1. Intenze

Intenze’s products have high-quality manufacturing standards.

The company has been registered as a cosmetics manufacturer.

As we know, there are strict guidelines imposed in the cosmetics industry.

Tattoo inks are no different from cosmetic products because we apply them directly onto the skin.

One of the reasons you should trust this brand is because it works with biochemists to produce goods that are totally safe for skin application.

The inks have gone through rigorous tests to ensure their sterility.

There are a lot of concerns when it comes to choosing ink, one of which is hygiene.

The company strives to give its best in this area by ensuring that every bottle sold is properly sterilized.

Hence, there’s no risk of infection as long as the seal remains intact.

Another important fact about this brand you need to know is the whole lineup is vegan-based.

If you’re worried about products being tested on animals, just cut it out because it’s all vegan.

2. Millennium Mom’s

This is another brand whose products you’ll come across a lot while searching for an ink set. There are many reasons to put your trust in this brand.

Firstly, it promises a good concentration of pigment in every bottle.

Concentrated ink is good because it helps you achieve the brightest and long-lasting color.

The inks also deliver good consistency. This has always been a big factor in defining quality.

While hygiene is important, a good product shouldn’t be lacking consistency.

What about the selection of colors?

Well, Mom’s has a vast catalog.

You have to check the official Amazon store to see all the colors this brand offers.

It started with just a few colors back in the day. And now, the company has successfully added a lot more to its lineup.

3. Bloodline

Some of these ink brands have the coolest names ever.

If you want an ink set with lasting quality, then this can be an option.

Not just quality, but the packaging is also excellent. They make sure that every product is individually tested before it’s rolled out to the market.

For the record, the products receive good feedback from customers.

Safety is something thing that becomes their primary concern.

It’s not really surprising, though. The immense popularity of this brand is not without reason.

It never stops innovating to address industry challenges and demand for safe ink products and deliver top-of-the-line quality.

So far, the brand meets the most important requirements of a trustworthy brand.

4. Starbrite

Starbrite is committed to creating ink products that meet the basic safety standards.

If you’re on the lookout for a tattoo ink set that has bright colors and is safe to use, this is another alternative for you to consider.

The products are sterile thanks to the gamma radiation method that helps get rid of every living organism.

This is one of the brands that many tattoo artists encourage using.

Not just quality, the wide selection of colors also gives you the flexibility to create the most intricate tattoo designs.

Another thing we find appealing is the durability of the hues. They retain the original looks long after application.

5. Kuro Sumi

Kuro Sumi derived its name from an ancient warrior named Kuro Sumi.

This tattoo ink brand has dramatically evolved since the day of its inception.

It has crafted a lineup of high-quality tattoo inks that plenty of tattoo lovers adore and endorse.

Apart from amazing quality, the choice of colors is also quite diverse.

There are more than 40 different hues to choose from.

The black turns out to be very black and does not fade easily.

There are some cases where blacks change to another shade years after the first application.

This is not the case with black by this brand. It stays the same year after year.

Besides, it also promotes quick healing after the completion of a tattoo.

Meanwhile, the use of organic materials speaks volumes about the safety of its products.

And for those worrying about animal products, there are none of those contaminants in the inks. They are totally vegan-oriented.

6. Dynamic

Some companies specialized in making ink products have been around for decades.

Having years of experience in this business is a big matter and can be used to measure quality.

Dynamic has existed since the nineties. People love its products for their perfect vibrant colors.

In fact, some people think they are too strong to the point that they have to cut them.

It’s not really a problem to work with bold colors, though.

You can tone down the intensity by mixing them with other colors.

The brand also boasts a wide assortment of colors.

We need more than just black to make an interesting tattoo design.

With this brand offering so many different shades, you can take your tattoo work to another level of creativity.

By the way, you should still be cautious of knockoffs because this brand is very popular.

Expect to see some of its replicas out there.

Thankfully, the company has anticipated this by adding proper labels to its products, complete with expiration dates and lot numbers.

What to Expect from The Best Tattoo Ink Brands

1. Safety

Safety remains a huge concern when it comes to tattoo ink.

You should at least know the most common ingredients to make the tattoo equipment.

There are a few examples, such as nickel, chromium, lead, and titanium dioxide.

Certain colors like black also have rather specific ingredients. For instance, black inks are often made of benzopyrene.

Why does getting a tattoo to pose health risks?

The pigment that gets into the skin doesn’t stay there forever, which is apparent from the way it fades from time to time.

You know what, some of those tiny particles may escape into the lymph nodes. This is when the pigment could cause serious health issues.

2. Vivid colors

Quality inks can produce colors that look vibrant.

A color ink can look slightly different before and after application.

You would want ink that remains consistent after it has been applied to the skin.

That’s why you should refrain from buying a large set if you have yet to know the color quality.

That would be disappointing if the colors don’t meet your expectations.

Some ink brands also have a wide selection of colors.

You don’t have to buy all of them, though. Just get the basic ones and then do some blending to create new shades.

While not easy, it’s not impossible to develop new dazzling colors out of the pigments you already have.

If you want a darker shade, just add some black to the mixture.

On the other hand, add some white ink if you need to bump up the brightness a few notches.

3. Hygiene

Hygiene is another huge concern about tattoo ink.

There’s no way to tell the sterility of ink just by observing it through the naked eye.

We can only tell if the ink is contaminated when it gets into the skin and our immune system reacts.

Microorganisms living in a pigment can provoke health problems when they manage to penetrate the skin barrier.

That’s why a high-standard sterilization process becomes necessary.

Every brand has its own way of doing this.

One of the popular methods is called gamma radiation.

This refers to a sterilization technique involving high-frequency electromagnetic radiation, which serves to eliminate harmful microorganisms.

Top Tattoo Brands Final Thoughts

The best tattoo ink brands produce quality products for their customers.

They are also acknowledged by professional tattoo parlors.

If you don’t want to shop around to get a quality ink set, just buy it from one of the reputable suppliers.

Remember that the safety of ink is no joke. It’s not the same as choosing a machine or another tattoo supply.

It’s crucial because ink directly contacts the skin and stays inside the deeper layer for a long time.

If a pigment isn’t sterile or contains toxic ingredients before application, it can cause trouble in the future.

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