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Best Temporary Tattoo Paper: Reviews and Buying Guide 2022

In choosing the best temporary tattoo paper, the most important to remember is how to use it correctly.

As the name suggests, this type of paper can be used to make temporary body tattoos.

All you have to do is print a design on the paper and then transfer it over to any surface you want.

It can be the human skin, a mug, a candle, or another.

There are 3 things you need to create a temporary tattoo this way.

The first one is obviously a piece of temporary tattoo paper.

The second one is a printer. And the last one is a medium where the tattoo will be placed onto.

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How to Print on Temporary Tattoo Paper

  1. First, you must create a design. Or if you don’t want a new design, you can use a family photo or a selfie.
  2. Next, you can add the picture or design to a program like Microsoft Word. It’s also important to mirror the image as it affects how it will appear on the medium.
  3. Once you’re done selecting a picture, you have to print it onto the tattoo paper. Remember that this paper comes with 2 sheets with different colors. That’s why you must read product description carefully, so that you know which sheet that the design should be placed onto. It’s usually the glossy side of the paper.
  4. Once you’ve transferred the design / picture over to the glossy side, set it aside for about 3 minutes until the ink dries up.
  5. Peel off the front plastic layer of the adhesive sticker sheet, and then apply the adhesive on the tattoo paper. Make sure there are no bubbles trapped inside.
  6. Now you already have tattoo paper with a design on it. The last step is to transfer it over to a medium.
  7. All you have to do is remove the adhesive sheet once again and then apply it on the skin or whatever surface you want.
  8. Press on it for about 30 seconds using a wet cloth, and then remove the paper. The image will appear on the medium.

Best Temporary Tattoo Papers

1. Silhouette America Temporary Tattoo Paper

This tattoo paper has a decent price tag. One of the unique features is water-activated adhesive.

All it takes is water to transfer a design from the glossy paper over to your skin.

Everyone can have fun with this paper. It’s not just for adults, but kids, too.

Another thing we like about it is the easy cleanup.

You just need a wash cloth and a bucket of warm water.

Dip it in and rub the tattoo with the cloth. It will wash away in no time.

In terms of durability, it can last up to 2 days.

Well, they’re called temporary tattoos for a reason.

If you want something that’s more permanent, then you should get one created with a tattoo machine.

2. Sunnyscopa Printable Temporary Tattoo Paper for Inkjet Printer

You can print anything on this temporary tattoo paper.

When it comes to quality, it’s very good. The high price is quite telling of its quality.

It offers an easy and fast application. You just need a laser printer to make a tattoo.

Removing is also easy. If other products use water, then this particular product uses baby oil.

Apply some on the tattoo, rub all over it. It will disappear within seconds.

Don’t worry about safety. This product already meets the FDA’S safety requirements.

As usual, there are 2 pieces of paper in the package.

Only one is actually the temporary tattoo paper, while the other one is an adhesive sheet.

You can see the difference in their thickness with the adhesive being thicker. Besides, it also appears glossier.

3. Epoch Tattoo Paper for DIY Temporary Tattoos

Normally a tattoo paper package consists of only 2 pieces.

This one has 10, which means you can create a lot more tattoos.

Five of those sheets are the actual tattoo paper, while the other 5 are adhesive sheets.

Apart from the large number of sheets, versatility is another thing that adds to its appeal.

It’s originally designed for inkjet printers.

But if you have a laser printer, this can also work with this type of printer.

However, expect to see some difference in quality because it works best with inkjet printers.

For beginners, the package includes usage instructions.

You can read them before creating a design to avoid any mistake.

Since the product is water-based, to transfer a tattoo from the paper to a surface, you’ll need a wet towel or sponge.

4. Rolurious Laser DIY Temporary Tattoo Transfer Paper

The title of the product pretty much sums up the specifications.

This package includes 20 sheets of paper, but only 10 are for printing.

The others are adhesives as usual because you need them to make the tattoos stick.

The size of the paper has been stated in the listing of the product. It’s A4, which is pretty typical for this type of paper.

As for directions of use, you can read them on the page.

You can open the design using Adobe and then adjust the paper size to A4.

Another crucial step is mirroring the image or design.

If you skip this step, chances are the final outcome will be the opposite of what you expected.

Keep in mind that this is laser paper, which means you need to print with a laser printer for the best results.

5. SANGI Printable Tattoo Paper

Upon reviewing temporary tattoo paper, pay attention to the safety of the materials.

Not all products include this information for everyone to see.

If a product specifies that it’s made of non-toxic materials, you should give it the highest priority.

Apparently, this Sangi paper offers this benefit. Not only safe, it is also easy to use.

Besides, the quality is incredible because designs can easily move from the paper onto any desired medium.

Speaking of durability, it does its job very well.

Any tattoo can last for approximately 5 days as long as you don’t toy with it too much.

Removal is also easy because soapy water will do the trick.

6. Printable Temporary Tattoo Paper for Inkjet Printer

This package includes 5 sets of adhesive film and temporary tattoo paper.

Creating a tattoo with this paper is very easy. It doesn’t need a high-end printer.

In fact, you can do that with a regular desktop printer.

There are quite a few brands compatible with this product, including Canon, HP, and Epson.

Just remember to print a design on the glossy side of the paper.

Learn the difference between the tattoo paper and the adhesive film given that they aren’t interchangeable.

Another point of consideration is safety.

From the product page, we can see that this paper is safe for skin application because the used materials are all natural.

How to Choose The Best Temporary Tattoo Paper

1. Price

This can be the very first step in choosing temporary tattoo paper.

Just like many other tattoo supplies, tattoo paper also comes in a range of prices.

You can buy an affordable one just for practice.

If you want better quality, then go for the high-end ones.

2. Application

Another important consideration is the application.

Read the instructions carefully, so that you know how the paper should be used.

Also, learn how easy it is to peel off a tattoo.

High quality paper not only allows you to print a design easily, but it also lets you remove a tattoo quickly when you no longer need it.

Removing it can be as simple as rubbing it with warm water.

3. Durability

Every product varies greatly in the way it creates long-lasting tattoos.

Even if a tattoo is temporary, the quality of the paper would affect how long it will get stuck on your skin.

You should also read what kind of printer it should be paired with.

Inkjet and laser printers are two common types of printers to use with this paper.


a. Does temporary tattoo paper work?

As long as you follow the instructions, it should work.

The process of selecting an image and transferring it to the skin is lengthy but not necessarily complicated.

Simply print an image onto one of the provided sheets, overlap it with the adhesive paper, transfer it to the desired medium, and rub it with something wet to detach the ink or design from the paper.

b. Can you make your own “DIY” temporary paper?

No, although you can try to make it yourself, we believe the outcome will be poor.

Temporary tattoos necessitate the use of a special type of paper known as tattoo transfer paper.

It comes with an adhesive that allows you to print any design onto it before applying it to your skin.

c. What kind of paper is used for temporary tattoos?

It’s kind of glossy paper. For the record, when you unbox the tattoo paper, you’ll find several sheets.

Each one serves a distinct function. You may also notice that their textures differ.

However, only one of the sheets will be placed on the skin, and it is usually the master sheet, which is placed on the topmost layer.

d. How long does temporary tattoo paper last?

Temporary tattoos done using this technique don’t usually last more than a month.

Some suggest that it typically sticks for about 2 weeks, but could be slightly longer if the tattoo isn’t toyed with too much.

e. What is the best brand of temporary tattoos?

There are so many out there. But, please bear in mind, temporary tattoo only lasts a few days or weeks.

Even if the paper is of high quality, the tattoo will eventually flake off because it is not intended to be permanent.

As a result, any of the aforementioned products would be fantastic for creating tattoos with designs you like.

Just make sure to read the instructions because they may differ from one product to the next.

f. What is the best temporary tattoo paper for an inkjet printer?

We’ll recommend Sunnyscopa and Silhouette America because the ads specifically state that they are meant for use with inkjet printers.

It’s not difficult to learn if a paper requires designs to be printed using an inker or a laser printer.

This information is included in the description because it’s vital and helps buyers make the right decision.

g. What is the best temporary tattoo paper for a laser printer?

Sunnyscopa once again is one of the better options available. It’s a multipurpose paper that can be printed on with both inkjet and laser printers.

If you need to make temporary tattoos in bulk, you can purchase a 5-piece bundle or a larger quantity.

Forever is another brand we’d recommend based on our research for similar products (although we haven’t tried it ourselves).

It is available in a variety of packages. It is said to be compatible with the majority of CMYK laser printers.

Temporary tattoos can be applied to surfaces other than the skin.

The designs can be used on any flat surface, such as mugs, tumblers, doors, Smartphone back covers, and so on.

Conclusion – Tattoo Paper

Temporary tattoos can be an option to those who want a tattoo, but aren’t yet ready with a long-term commitment that comes with a permanent tattoo.

Fortunately, the best temporary tattoo paper can help you with that.

Just buy one and then print a design onto it, and then transfer it over to your skin.

It’s not just for the skin, though. It can also be used to decorate candles, wood pieces, plates, and so on.

However, be sure to choose a product that has a good adhesive as it will determine its durability.

Despite all the drawbacks, temporary tattoos are still fun to have. Besides, they’re pain free because there’s no machine involved during the application.

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