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Best Tattoo Trays: Reviews and Buying Guide 2022

A tray is a shallow container to carry food and drink. We see these things a lot in restaurants and other establishments. But the thing is they are not exclusive to food preparation. Any business that needs something to carry things around would need these items, including a tattoo shop.

If you don’t have it, yet, you can consider buying one. A tray usually has a raised rim surrounding it. There are various materials used to make them, such as wood, metal, plastic, etc. Since the choices are endless, please choose the most appropriate one for your business. Having one by your side will make things easier.

As a tattoo artist, you would need to mix inks and do other things that require high mobility. For this reason, it’s important to equip the shop with necessary furniture. A tray is not the same as a workstation. A workstation has several components and it can also include trays. Meanwhile, a tray is a standalone container without a base and caster wheels.

So, which is one is the best? There’s no comparison because they serve different purposes. Even if you already have a workstation, having one or two trays wouldn’t hurt. You will still need them to carry tattoo supplies. Remember that the best tattoo trays are more lightweight than workstations, so they aren’t really replaceable.

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Best Tattoo Trays

1. Tattoo Stainless Steel Tray – Yuelong 13.5” X 10” 3 Pack Stainless Steel Tattoo Tray Dental Medical Tray Piercing Instrument Tray Flat for Tattoo Supplies, Tattoo Kits

Yuelong is one of the brands you can trust for quality. If you need a tray, you can consider this product. It’s made of a high-grade material, making it ideal not only for a tattoo shop, but also medical applications.

The rim is pretty high, so it can prevent the inks from tipping over and causing a mess in the room. Trays vary in height. You should choose one that has a decent lip to secure the things inside.

Since it’s made of stainless steel, it inherits all the good traits of this material. It’s strong, durable, and corrosion-resistant. Besides, it’s also easy to clean with hand wash and water.

2. Tattoo Stainless Steel Tray, CINRA 3 Pack 13.5″ X 10″ Stainless Steel Tattoo Trays Dental Medical Tray Body Piercing Instrument Tray Flat Tool for Tattoo Supplies, Tattoo Kits

This doesn’t look different from the previous model. The tray is multifunctional, which means you can use it everywhere. We often see these kind of trays at retail stores, beauty clinics, and even restaurants.

It’s understandable because these items are versatile. Stainless trays look quite identical with each other, but they’re more about functionality than looks. Not just having a solid construction, this tray is also very lightweight. That’s one of the advantages of steel. It’s known for being sturdy, but at the same time lightweight.

Maintenance is easy because it’s not prone to rusting. The rust-resistant properties are one of the reasons why steel trays are widely used in various fields.

The height of the tray is also decent, so you can avoid spillage mess while working on a tattoo. This is an important consideration in choosing a tray because ink can leave stains on surfaces if you’re not careful.

3. Tattoo Stainless Steel Tray – BoChang 4 Pack Stainless Steel Tattoo Trays 13.5″ X 10″ Dental Medical Tray Body Piercing Instrument Tray Flat Tool for Tattoo Supplies, Tattoo Kits

Is there anything that separates this from other products? We’ve said that stainless steel trays actually look quite similar. The same goes for these 4 trays. It’s easy to mistake them for other products because the design isn’t exclusive.

Well, this shouldn’t be a problem knowing a tray is a tool to hold supplies. It has never been about beauty although it can also sport a well-crafted design. The trays in this package are rectangular in shape. You may think the package is a bit too large.

If you don’t need that many trays, you can opt for another package or simply store those you don’t use. Remember that steel trays are subject to wear and tear. They will be damaged, eventually. And when it’s time for replacement, you don’t need to search around because there are some left in the storage.

Being made of steel, these trays can tolerate extreme temperatures. Well, this feature may not be useful in the context of tattoo service. We just felt the need to share the information to you.

4. Romlon Tattoo Stainless Steel Tray 3 Pack Stainless Steel Tattoo Trays Medical Dental Tray Piercing Instrument Tool Tray Flat 13.5” X 10” for Tattoo Kits Tattoo Supplies

It’s a commonplace to see packages containing multiple trays. Is it worth it to buy a package with multiple items?

Yes. It’s likely that you will use all of them because you have to serve different clients. Instead of cleaning a tray each time you’re about to work on a new tattoo, you can use all the trays one after another. This package has 3 trays in it.

They are also made of quality stainless steel, meaning that durability isn’t a concern. As with the previous models, these trays also have pretty high lips to prevent ink from spilling all over the place.

In terms of functionality, they are suitable for different settings. Whether it is a tattoo shop or a beauty clinic, this would make a good addition thanks to the non-absorbent material.

5. MAXGOODS 2 Pack Stainless Steel Tray,Square Tattoo Medical Dental Surgical Tool Lab Instrument Piercing Lab Instrument Supplies Tray,8.8×4.5×0.78in

If you’re wondering about the size of this tray, that’s stated in the title already. These trays have a rather unique design especially the round corners. Some of us are not into common designs that everyone else uses.

Well, if design is a big concern to you, this product can be an option. In terms of quality, they are just as solid as other steel trays. The raised rim on each tray is useful to prevent bottles from falling over.

However, we suggest you pay close attention to the dimensions. We just want to make sure that the size is what you’re looking for. If it wasn’t enough, you can consider another package.

6. Grafco Metal Mayo Tray for Medical Instruments, Dental, Tattoo and Surgical Supplies, Stainless Steel, 13-5/8″ x 9-3/4″ x 5/8″, 3261

This tray has a pretty broad surface and it has that industrial appeal to it. This is a unique vibe that stainless steel has. We wouldn’t say it’s a drawback or anything because all materials are awesome in their own way.

Since it’s made of metal, you can count on the strength and durability. Besides, it’s not easy to tarnish, which is not surprising at all. Steel has been one of the top picks for those needing materials with resistance to stains and corrosion.

Things to consider in buying the best tattoo tray

1. Design

Trays come in various designs, but the ones used in medical settings usually have simple designs. Well, a tattoo shop is reminiscent to a medical setting because the place needs to set high standards of hygiene.

What matters more is the material because it will influence how well it is to deal with potential cross contamination. There’s no problem with a simple design. You should focus more on functionality, instead.

2. Material

As said before, material is a bigger factor when it comes to choosing equipment for a place that demands good hygiene. Now that there are various materials for trays, which one is the best? We should say that metal is still the top choice.

Of all metals, steel still becomes a favorite for a number of reasons. Firstly, it’s corrosion resistant. It handles oxidation better than many other materials.

It’s also non-absorbent, meaning that ink won’t stain it easily. The same can’t be said about wood. Although wood could challenge steel in terms of beauty, the latter does way better in keeping its appearance intact. With wood, ink would easily tarnish the look.

3. Size

A tray is a container to carry small items, but how many items would you move at once? This will determine the proper size for the tray. If you own a shop with a vast collection of items, a larger tray will be better.

Don’t rush your purchase before you’re sure about size. Each product comes with details about its dimensions. That’s how you know if a tray meets your needs or not.

If possible, it needs to feature an anti-skid surface. This is especially important if you’re going to use it to carry ink or items that tend to slip easily.


Have you made up your mind on what to buy? Choosing the best tattoo tray is not as complicated as choosing a tattoo gun or ink. You should be focused on the points we’ve explained before. By narrowing down the search, it will be easy to decide what kind of tray you should buy.

Trays may not be the most important things in tattoo service, but they still have significance. Therefore, you need to be careful in choosing the right one. Make sure it’s made of a quality material as it has a direct influence on strength and durability.

It shouldn’t look fashionable, but being functional is a must. After buying a tray, don’t forget about maintenance. A steel tray, for example, needs regular cleaning although this material is pretty low maintenance.

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