Best Portable Tattoo Workstations

Best Portable Tattoo Workstations: Reviews and Buying Guide 2022

A tattoo workstation is an area where you should organize all your tattoo supplies.

You’re supposed to place it around for easy access of the supplies.

In setting up a workstation, hygiene is the utmost importance.

Remember that inking has the potential to spread germs when not done properly.

For this reason, you must keep the area clean and disinfect it regularly with anti-bacterial soap.

Since you will work with multiple clients, you should also ensure their safety by using disposable needles and meeting all the safety standards.

What is the best portable tattoo workstation?

There are many products that you can find in stores. Some offer more features than others, but the more complete ones usually come with high prices.

However, you shouldn’t hesitate to invest in quality furniture because it will directly affect hygiene and your clients’ satisfaction.

First of all, make sure the unit is made of a nonporous material, like metal.

Metal is hands down the best choice for environments that require good hygiene because it doesn’t absorb liquid.

Besides, it’s also very strong.

You won’t have a hard time finding metal workstations because it turns out to be the most popular choice for this type of furniture.

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Best Portable Tattoo Workstations

Moricher Tattoo Workstation Heavy Duty Mobile Tray Portable Adjustable Table

When searching for a tattoo workstation, you should consider the size.

The countertop needs to be broad enough to hold your essential supplies. This one has a top with a moderate size.

It’s spacious enough to organize ink bottles and other stuff.

Meanwhile, the tray is removable, making it easy to do regular cleaning.

The height on this item is also adjustable. The highest it can reach is 42.1 inches from the ground up.

As for the quality, metal can be seen all over this product, so it’s not up for debate. It lends its sturdiness to this product.

Another thing we like about this table is the compact design.

You can fold it down for easy storage or transfer it to another location.

Apparently, this is such a versatile piece of furniture.

The universal design makes it suitable not only for tattoo shops, but also other businesses like clinics, beauty salons, etc.

Mr IRONSTONE Adjustable Desk with Rolling WheelsWhite MDF & Steel Frame

This doesn’t look like your typical tattoo workstation where you can see sections for bottles, paper towels, power supply, etc.

Well, it’s understandable because this product wasn’t specifically developed for this purpose.

But, the good news is the design is versatile that you can also use it for arranging tattoo supplies.

Remember that one of the requirements of a tattoo workstation is metal based, so as long as an item is built using this material, it could be a substitute to the average workstation.

Another advantage that this product has is adjustable height.

In terms of durability, there’s no doubt that it will last for years. Steel can withstand wear and tear better than many other materials.

GHP Home/Industrial Stainless Steel Workstation Prep Table

Design shouldn’t be the top priority when it comes to purchasing a tattoo workstation.

Functionality is a much bigger factor aside from a robust construction.

At a glance, this product exudes strength due to the metal construction.

It’s also galvanized, so it can prevent rusting effectively.

Another selling point is the adjustable feet. While this workstation doesn’t look like it has adjustable feet, it does, anyway.

It allows you to place the table on an uneven surface.

For those still bothered about the simple design, please see the bigger picture.

At the end of the day, a tattoo room needs to be sterile.

Using sophisticated furniture will make it harder to clean and organize items. Hence, you should stick with compact and simple furniture.

DuraSteel Stainless Steel Work Table 24″ x 12″ x 34″ Height w/ 4 Caster Wheels

Tables that look like these are kitchen staples.

We’ve often talked about how a tattoo room isn’t that different from a kitchen or a clinic. They all require high standards of hygiene.

The kitchen is a place where cross contamination is likely to occur because bacteria thrive in raw food.

A tattoo room is the same in the sense that some supplies can also provide a good environment for microorganisms to live in.

When hygiene practices are not followed carefully, clients could be at risk of post-procedure infection.

This workstation can help prevent that problem because it’s made of metal.

The loading capacity is also high, amounted to 300lbs. And then, there are caster wheels for easy mobility.

ROCKPOINT Stainless Steel Table for Prep & Work with Backsplash 60×24 Inches

This is another table we suggest for spaces that demand high levels of hygiene.

Since it’s constructed using metal, cleaning is easy.

Metal is superior to other materials for a number of reasons. It’s very sterile due to the non-absorbent nature.

You can spill a lot of ink on this table, it won’t seep into the deeper layer because it simply doesn’t absorb liquid.

Thus, bacteria won’t survive and you can easily wipe them out with antiseptic soap.

The legs are also adjustable to give you more convenience.

A tattoo workstation should be all about simplicity, which is what this table has to offer.

Besides the simple yet effective design, it’s also easy to assemble. You can take components apart or put them together without breaking a sweat.

Royal Gourmet Commercial Stainless Steel Double-Shelf Folding Work Table

This is for anyone looking for a working table with a folding design.

It comes with two shelves, which means you have more space to display tattoo supplies.

The top can be used to store ink bottles, while the bottom can be used to store items that you use occasionally.

It can hold up to 583 lbs of weight. This is a bit too high knowing tattoo supplies aren’t usually heavy.

Well, the table is a versatile piece. It can be used as a working desk to place heavier stuff like a desktop computer, books, etc.

It comes with two tiers just like the previous unit.

In other words, there’s more space for you to display essentials. Durability isn’t a problem for furniture made of steel.

You can put a lot of things on the top of each shelf and they won’t bend easily.

However, you need to place the most used items in the lower tier, so that you can reach them more easily.

Another advantage is the surface is designed very smooth.

Don’t worry about it tearing your skin because there’s no sharp edge in sight.

Picking the best portable tattoo table/workstation

1. Feature

Firstly, you must observe the unit to find out how much it can hold.

Workstations vary in size and features. Some have broader surfaces, while others are narrower and only able to handle limited stuff.

If you have plenty of supplies to organize, then make sure the unit has space for ink cups, bottles, paper towels, etc. Also, find out if it has a place to contain a power supply.

2. Material

It’s important to read the description of a product to know what it’s made of.

Metal is a widely-used material in medical applications, but metal itself is a broad term.

There are many varieties that fall under this umbrella, like cast iron, aluminum steel, etc.

Each material has its own characteristics. You should know if a material is porous or non-porous, corrosive or non-corrosive, and so on.

While metal is generally tough, there are varying degrees of toughness between different metals.

3. Mobility

You may have to move a lot during a tattoo session if you place your stuff on an stationary piece of furniture.

If you don’t want any hassle, then you should pick a workstation with wheels being attached on its base.

This way, you can easily move it around to access different items on its tray.

Are these variants expensive?

Not really, the addition of wheels doesn’t drive up price that much normally.

Wrap Up: Portable Tattoo Station

Do you have any idea of the best portable tattoo workstation?

No matter what product you end up buying, the biggest concern should be keeping the area clean and sterile.

And this goes beyond purchasing a quality workstation.

You should also do practices that can help improve sanitary, like cleaning the area regularly with disinfectant agent, sterilizing the needles, or you can also replace them regularly.

Tattoo needles are now packaged in sterile individual packs. This shows that companies are aware of potential cross contamination from tattooing.

Furthermore, it’s also important to set up the room in a minimalist way.

You don’t need extravagant décor in the room because it is mainly a place for you to provide tattoo service.

Supplies on the workstation should be those you only use. If there are things you never use displayed there, move them somewhere else.

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